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Koo Sushi, massive fooding, oh god the cookies

I ate a lot. Let's start with Friday night...

two sushi rolls
two sushi rolls

I met up with Wei, a fellow reader of this blog (AND ALL OF YOU ARE ALSO WELCOME TO STUFF YOUR FACE WITH ME!), for some Japanese food at Koo Sushi to keep the "I'm gonna eat japanese food every day this week for no good reason while simultaneously cleaning out my bank account" theme. I ordered a Mexican roll (tuna, cucumbers, spicy sauce & crunchy) and spider roll (crispy soft shell crab, cucumber, caviar & avocado). Both of them were good, although I'm personally not a big fan of tuna (don't ask me why I got it; I WAS JUST CURIOUS). The spider roll was good too, but Izumi is still the top with that one.

sushi/sashimi combo
sushi/sashimi combo

Wei got this big hulkin' platter of raw fish. YUM! I think he ate all of it, so it must've been good. The pieces were huge.

And for the finishing touches on our fish gorging, we had FRIED BALLS OF ICE CREAM!

au naturale
ice cream tempura

I had first asked for vanilla ice cream but when they told me that the ice cream was too soft to fry, I went for red bean. It took a while to get my ball of fried wonderousness (Wei had almost finished his by the time mine arrived) but good things come to people who wait, and by "good things" I mean "ice cream wrapped in a layer of dough fried in a vat of hot oil". And I mean good in the sense that my taste buds highly enjoyed eating it, even if my heart and brain cells could care less. This ice cream tempura was better than the one at Izumi. If you want me to describe it to you...dude, just imagine it. A spoonful of soft, while at the same time crispy, crust mingling with a big splodge of soft red bean ice cream, living in HARMONY! And then you eat it. And then it's gone. Cos you ate the whole thing.

The restaurant is very dim, perhaps to create a relaxing atmostphere, but the bathroom is even dimmer. Odd. The service was fast, probably because there were hardly any people in there (we went in at 7 PM), but they were making deliveries also. People like to eat at home.

After that, we went to Amy's Bread on Bleeker Street. Wei ate a slice of carrot cake and I...didn't. Believe it or not, I was too full of indulge in anything! Someday I will try their cupcakes.

halloween cupcakes
Halloween cupcakes

...but not those, because Halloween will be over. Unless I get one tomorrow. Oh..boy. That's tempting.

On Saturday I had to prepare roasted potatoes and lemon-butter green beans for my Food Production & Management class, in which our main project is catering a department event. My group got a luncheon in mid-December, so thankfully we have a lot of time to plan for it. I met up with my group members for recipe testing. We met up in the lower level of the library, where there's a room/pod where people are allowed to eat without the possibility of destroying books and causing a rush of bugs to invade the library. We probably looked a little weird around all the other students that were studying, but...whatever.


table o food
table o food

Here's everything we had in convenient bulleted list form:

  • vegetable lasagna (very good)
  • corn bread (oooyum)
  • cranberry punch
  • hot apple cider
  • biscuits (mmm)
  • cranberry sauce
  • spinach salad (turned out a bit weird)
  • herbed roasted potatoes (what I made, and caused my fire alarm to go off)
  • lemon buttered green beans
  • hazelnut chocolate chip cookies (I think I ate three of these, oops)
  • pumpkin pie
hazelnut chocolate chip cookies
hazelnut chocolate chip cookies, oh yes
vegetable lasagna
very good vegetable lasagna

Yeah. I think I waddled out of there.

Today I had an apple for lunch because I wasn't very hungry. Dinner, which occured 8 hours later (not that I felt especially hungry during those 8 hours; I swear I must have the slowest metabolism ever), was a different story.


No, this was fine. I blanched some green beans while sauteing onions, then I dumped the green beans and leftover roasted potatoes into the pan. VOILA: bowl of herby, potato, onion, and green bean goodness.

My roommate had a little Halloween party in the room while I took a brief sabbatical at the library. The result of the part was leftover chocolate covered M&Ms, pumpkin pie, Whole Foods chocolate chip cookies, and other things I didn't feel like eating. Uh. UHOH! Yes, I ate pie. Yes, I ate two (or was it three?) cookies. Yes, I ate some M&MS.

...that wasn't all. I ate a third of a milk chocolate bar of Nirvana Chocolate (for a simple score, I'd say it's around "very good", worth getting again at least) and another apple. Yeah, the apple doesn't do much for your health when you've gorged on pie, cookies, and chocolate.

The end. Unless I get hit by a freak meteor, I'm going to Momofuku tomorrow. Eating so much tonight was probably a bad idea.


Augustusgloop / October 31, 2005 5:23 AM

Your current obsession with spider rolls reminds me of my recent insatiable need for green papaya salad. I understand. Especially the deep-fried crab bit. Mmm...

Beth - The Zen Foodist / November 1, 2005 4:43 PM

Beautiful sushi! You ate well this weekend, girl!

My sister is visiting NYC right now and she just told me that the latest rage in sushi is a place called Ono and it's across the street from Pastis and a lot of celebs go there.

Just thought I'd tell you that! :)

Natalie / November 1, 2005 5:16 PM

I need to get a spider roll some day. I have yet to try one since I don't usually eat sushi because I don't like the taste, but there's no way I could turn down crab.

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