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NYC, but not food related

sayonara art exhibit
Sayonara art exhibit

Sorry for not being FOOD related, but since a bunch of you live in or around NYC I'm making this announcement that if you're not doing anything tomorrow night (haha...right, only people like me don't have anything to do on a Friday night), go to the Sayonara art exhibit to And plushies. Including a shy Poofy. You can also get free booze is that's what you want. IS IT? HUUUH?

I'll be there, probably. I don't know for how long but if you go and I see you there I'll give you a pancake button! HOW ABOUT THAT?

Last night my mum was telling me how I'd look better if I lost weight. No duh, most people look better when they lose weight! BECAUSE WE ALL WEIGH TOO MUCH! I'm supposed to diet, or "eat like a Chinese person", which if you ask me doesn't work because I've been to Chinatown and I've seen what those people eat. ...they seem to eat a lot. It's not fair! What she also meat by eating Chinese is not eating loaves of crusty bread or lots of cake. Dammit.

Well. (sigh)

The example she used is that when she was in school in Taiwan, a girl of my weight (over 50kg, if you're curious) would be considered very overweight. She was also perplexed by my ability to keep all my weight seemingly compact. Maybe I'm really dense. Shove me into the Dead Sea and I'll sink.

Lastly, Kim left this interesting link in a comment: Five Desserts You Should Never Eat.


Allen Wong / August 4, 2005 6:07 PM

You know, after browsing the site, I still don't know what it's about. Plushies are - uh, nice?

What time are you going to be there? Friday nights are terrible for me. My mom just plays Mahjong and makes a lot of noise while I do nothing. :/

I could use something interesting tomorrow.

janet / August 7, 2005 11:34 AM

my mom told me the other day that i looked like a pregnant mother to be. geez, that does a lot for weight-morale. and then compare to your comment above about korean food quantities. i say MIXED MESSAGES.

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