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I know Japan has some strange commercials, but...24 + Calorie Mate? It's unintentionally hilarious. I can't imagine how much Keifer Sutherland got paid to do it. Oh, and why would anyone NEED Calorie Mate? I've seen it in stores, somewhat intrigued by its rather nondescript square yellow box. It's usually around the snack section surrounded by Pocky and chocolates, which are things I'd rather go for if I were really in need of calories. [from tokyo times]

I ate too much today. Many times I thought about how I wasn't hungry but ate anyway. Why? Cos. I'm a. GLUTTON! Also, CJ may have died; we never got our pancakes. Hm. Here's a list of things I ate:

  • italian bread (god knows, maybe half a loaf? MORE? I ate it with honey or olive oil)
  • 4 figs: OH MY GOD, FIGS ARE THE BEST EVER! EVER! EEVVERRR!!!!@#$#@%!! Better than cake!
  • a mango nectarine (or NECTAGO)
  • two oranges
  • a bowl of some Chinese veggie and half an onion, cooked in butter and salt and some olive oil...whoa
  • a bunch of potato chips (DAMMIT)
  • some chocolate (an ounce maybe?)
  • a little bit of a donut (free sample from Market Basket; oh lordy, their donuts are just wrong. No wonder I never liked them as a kid. Their donuts are likering-shaped cakes but not good enough to be cake and not donut-y enough to be satisfying donuts. They don't seem like they're fried but why would you want a baked donut? The taste is okay but I wouldn't buy em.)
  • I feel like I ate more, but maybe I didn't? Huh.

Just a weird eating day because I ate THAT MUCH FOOD (aka a crapload) without being very hungry. If I could, I'd just eat fruit and bread all day. Actually, I do that sometimes., I feel fat just thinking about all that food. I told my mum that we probably eat too much (I'd dare say we ate almost the same amount of food. My mum is quite little, by the way. I was semi-appalled when she informed me that she just wants to eat a lot today (it's past midnight) so I asked her if she really thought that was a good idea.

"Well, we don't get to indulge in anything else. Why not?"

I guess by indulge she means buy anything else. We're upper-middle class which means we're by no means anywhere near poor, but maybe she feels like it sometimes. Or not that she feels poor but that she feels like food is the main way to have fun. She indulges in more things than food but ...ah nevermind, it's kind of complicated. Basically, food is our main source of fun.

Damn, I need to go to a concert. Does anyone in NYC like Kaiser Chiefs? I like them enough to see them at Webster Hall but not enough to go by myself. If you're interested, let me know!


carol / July 4, 2005 11:30 AM

hmm...i dono about figs.

your mom is very wise.
sometimes when i feel guilty bout over *ahem* indulging i just spend 5 minutes running around and doing jumping jacks and pat my tummy and feel better.

keyword: sometimes.

Ur gorgeous when ur happy ;)

Allen Wong / July 4, 2005 7:43 PM

Play MGS3: Snake Eater. You'll love Calorie Mates. You will LOVE THEM TO DEATH!

Speaking of figs, I have a quite a hankering for one. I'm not even sure I've eaten one.

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