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How fat is fat?

Crazy Happy Lunch! is a collection of haikus about Japanese kid's lunches. Awesome. I'm not surprised by the level of detail and effort one (a Japanese mum, for instance) would put into making a kid's meal look like Pikachu, but I'll always be in awe of it. (And somewhat frightened.) Here's a good one:

Merry broccoli decorated with peppers oh, gaseous Christmas.

Maybe your x-mas be gassy.

So, moving on. I came across The Judgement of Paris, a website dedicated to "plus size models and timeless beauty", and while looking at these galleries I thought about how fat the women in the models are by today's standards. Which is kind of ...alarming, maybe. I know nearly nothing about history so I don't know what the average sized woman was during the Renaissance or what they ate. And since I'm too lazy to do research (hence my ever increasing girth), you should tell me if you know. Whatever people ate back then couldn't have been nearly as bad as what we're eating today.

People weighed less decades ago than they were now though, for the most part. I think the separation between underweight and overweight has increased. I keep wondering what my optimal weight is and...I don't know, but I'm sure I'm at least 10 pounds over it. (pokes self) Right now I'm probably about ten pounds heavier now (or more) than I was a year ago and I've hovered around the same weight (in a 20 lb range...wait, that's not hovering is it?) since 7th grade. I haven't gotten any taller so I guess it makes sense.

This morning I woke up at 7:30 due to backed up nasal passages. Ugh. For the next hour I tried blowing my nose as much as I could without feeling like my brains would expel through my nostrils and trying to get my mind off of the breathing difficulty, which isn't something one is likely to be able to ignore. I must be coming down with something, but I don't know what; can't say I'm nauseous or especially tired. Unfortunately, I ate too much today.

left side of French toast plate
French toast

My brother and I went to the Country Pancake House for a late lunch. Three slabs of French toast is definitely better than 4 satellite dish sized pancakes. I tried the cinnamon apple walnut raisin French toast, which I didn't like as much as the banana almond ones I got before, but they were still good. Our server forgot to give us corn bread and I had never been so thankful in my life to not get complementary food. I ate one and a half slices of the toast (and all the apple) and saved the rest for dinner, at which I ate one slice and gave the other half to my mum. I also had two oranges, a small piece of chocolate, some chocolate babka (er, more than some, a few slices) and some bread and oil. And a few thousand milligrams of vitamin C.

Nope, not that healthy. That's like 1000 times the amount of carbs I "need" in a day. Hm. Well. Maybe I'll do better tomorrow.


jswansails / May 14, 2006 1:02 AM

You are great! A woman that eats and enjoys her food, how refreshing instead of all these women cutting themselves away and starving themselves to death. After reading your blog I realized I DO NOT EAT ENOUGH! I cannot wait to dig in like you. Keep on eating!

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