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let me be ignorant

Because I'm super unproductive (although I did finish a website today, quick and dirty, weird header, could've been better, blah blah OH WELL too late), I found myself looking at Johnny Rockets' Meal Calculator. It's neat: type in what you want and it'll spit out the nutrition (or lack thereof) facts. I put in fries and a burger, then hit "Calculate", mulling over my impending caloric doom as the food stats appeared on my screen.

Doh. Not that the facts were surprising, but it's really hard to enjoy what you're eating at a restaurant if you actually know all the nutrition facts. Irgnorance is bliss. And impending coronary complications. I was thinking of trying out Johnny Rockets since I've never been there before but my brother and I are meeting up with a friend at Cheeburger Cheeburger. Yeah, that's not an improvement whatsoever, but I'm thinking of not getting a burger. WHOA.

Um. I also want to go to Coldstone to try their wasabi ginger ice cream, if that's the flavor of the month. I'm doomed, right? Yeah. Doom. Coldstone is RIGHT next to Cheeburger Cheeburger at Palisades Center. On the same floor you've got McDonalds, Macaroni Grill, The Outback, Stir Crazy, Legal Seafood, TGIFridays, and other stuff I can't recall. Pretty much a crapload of big chain restaurants, the best being Legal Seafood and Stir Crazy (I've only been there once though, been to Legal Seafood...a bunch of times).

DOOM. Okay. You know what's bad? When after eating dinner, you keep thinking you're going to puke. No, I wasn't nauseous, didn't eat anything that made me feel ill; I kept feeling like I had to burp, the problem being that there was FOOD in the way of the air that wanted to escape, except I didn't really want it to since THERE WAS FOOD IN THE WAY. Good lord, how quickly did I eat? For dinner I made a sammich with cheese and onion and eggs (uh, no, I don't EVER eat that but my mum was making an omelette and there were two slices of bread left), a huge-ass cinnamon muffin from Demarest Farm (really good, maybe a little too dense but I'd get it again), a bunch of sugar plum, and an orange. I probably ate a mini stroopwafel at some point. And. ...a bunch of potato chips...

OH JESUS! Yes, I eat too much. I'm sure I'm gaining weight, but I like being irgnorant, remember? So instead of stepping on the scale and feeling like a hippopotamus with a penchant for sweets disguised as a human, I'll just ...not do that. Yup!

But I have been thinking more about health lately. No one's invincible, especially if you live in America. I can't blame my ill-health on America but seriously, aren't we guinea pigs to the lack of food regulation our government imposes on the food industry (well, there are worse places but they could do better). Whatever, I'm no spokesperson for eating good food.

But I did eat this wonderously ripe white peach from Demarest Farms. The skin peeled off almost effortlessly, and the pinkish white flesh was saturated with the juicy products of...rottening. "Ripening" is a better word, eh? Oh. Good peach. I'm lucky to have local farms with peaches and plums, but Demarest Farm is almost a 30 minute drive, I think.

I found out that yesterday was EEL DAY. There's a day! FOR EEL! Actually, it's supposed to be the hottest day of the year (it was cool in NJ, compared to previous days). What does that have to do with eel? "Everyone is supposed to eat eels since eating eels helps that metabolism, accelerates perspiration, makes up for the loss of energy and renews strength in the summer heat. Ri-i-i-ight" says 3Yen. Yeah, my metabolism and perspiration pretty much stay the same when I eat eel. Take a look at eels being grilled. Lovely, eh? [rubs belly]

On a totally unrelated topic (but related to my last post), my mum was telling me how some parents will have a second child in order to provide organs for their first child who's sick. I find that...sick. That's worse than being an "accident": "We had you so you could give your little brother your kidney. Not like you need both!" Does that show insane love for the first child? Or. Huh? I don't know. I mean, the parents would probably want another child too but it still sounds wrong...

My mum told me about one of our old family friends who passed away more than a year ago. She had kidney problems (she had lots of problems, unfortunately, and she died in the hospital somewhat unpeacefully from what I heard\) and could've used a new one, so her daughter offered hers. Her mum refused, saying her daughter was young and would have more use for it. My mum said she wouldn't give a kidney away unless she had three of them. Haha.

I don't know what the point of that last paragraph was. I just wanted to talk about kidneys.


Bottom Feeder / July 29, 2005 11:43 AM

Funny that you mention that about having 3 kidneys - I actually had a really good friend back in college that had 3 kidneys. The third one was smaller than the others, but it was definitely functional. The only side effect she ever had from that (and the only problem the doctors said she'd ever notice because of the third kidney) was having to pee quite frequently. Three kidneys can really process that liquid fast.

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