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The camera.

THE CAMERA! My camera. It's kind of sickly. As in, when I turn it on, it says it's looking for my memory stick and returns the message, "ERROR BEEP BEEPOO NOW YOU DIE!" I don't believe it's actually looking for my memory stick, or else it'd find it. RIGHT THERE! Jammed up the camera's butt.

It's one of those murderous Sony cameras. Anyhoo, the point at which it stopped working was odd; I was taking a few photos and then *click*...nothing. It wasn't like I turned it on and it stopped working, rather I had already been using it and it pooped out turing the photo-taking process. It turns on and such, but it can't find my memory stick. I haven't tried putting in another memory stick yet, but before that mishap, it actually wouldn't turn off correctly and I'd have to take out the batteries. This all happened today while I was at Cheeburger Cheeburger. Maybe the restaurant had bad vibes.

So...I went to Cheeburger Cheeburger and got a portabello mushroom melt instead of a cheeseburger. I just wasn't in a burger-y mood. It would've been really good if not for the super-vinegary taste of the mushroom. WHYYY? I couldn't really taste mushroom, more like eating a mushroom textured vinegar thinger. Weird. For the toppings I got onion, guacamole, and grilled peppers (in addition to the cheese) and the onion was too much for my taste. By the last 4th of the sandwich I was just eating a sandwich with condiments because I had eaten the mushroom already. Oops. So...pass the mushroom burger, unless my vinegar mushroom was an isolated incident. Othewise, I do like portabello mushroom burgers (the last time I had one was about a year ago at the Beech Tree Grill by Vassar, very yummy!).

My brother, Bert, and our friend, Jesse, finished their burgers. I think they got the serious or delirious burgers. I find this hard to swallow (that wasn't supposed to be a pun...damn, too late) as "The Classic" seems big enough already. Then again, my brother only weighs 10 pounds more than me (roughly), which is JUST SAD because THAT MEANS I'M TOO HEAVY. My brother isn't necessarily skinny, I'm just...fat. If he were skinny, we'd probably be the same weight. And then I'd cry.

We also got a half order of frings (fries and onion rings) and I really don't want to know what a full order is like, seeing as a half basket easily fed the three of us and would be fine for four people. The onion rings weren't as good as the last time I went. I'm going to assume that the onion rings hadn't completely changed, so maybe if we go another time they'll be better. The fries were good, nothing to complain or shout home about (at least you could tell they're from real potatos, They had salt and pepper on em, which I liked.

Before seeing Wedding Crashers, we went to Sweets From Heaven since i wanted to get some candy for a friend. ...and then I ended up getting candy FOR MYSELF. It's a nice store, with a good selection of UK goodies (they had PENGUINS, in the same kind of pack that my friend and I had so unabashedly plowed through last summer...mush weight was gained, many lungs were asthmatic, but it resulted in good times) and American stuff like Mallo Cups and Abba-Zaba (peanut butter in taffy doesn't sound so good, but maybe I'm disillustioned?). I bought a Wonka Bar (chocolate and graham cracker isn't terribly exciting but IT SAYS WONKA, OKAY!!!), a Skybar (four flavors in one bar, for the girl who wants it all, or eats it all and isn't allergic to anything), Kit Kat Kubes (aw, teaching the kiddies how to spell cubes incorrectly!), and Cadbury Fudge, which I got because Iv'e never seen it before and...the package is shiny! Also, the package says 15p, although it cost $0.75. 15p is mega cheap, although it does only weight 25 grams (about .9 ounces). ...that's still cheap. The ingredients are a bunch of sugars with different names, so you know that'll taste good!

During the movie, Jesse made me share his chocolate bar. I forgot the name but the wrapper was yellow and it was just milk chocolate with peanuts in it. Jeez, good way to buy a BORING CHOCOLATE BAR! I mean, it's not that bad but I'm not a fan of peanuts in chocolate, thus explaining why I lean towards non-American chocolat bars that tend to have more hazelnuts and whatnot/anti-peanut. I don't mind if other people like peanuts, but gimme hazelnuts! Or fudge! I dunno. I thought it was funny that Jesse couldn't finish the whole bar because 1) it wasn't that large, maybe 1.5 ounces, aka something I would inhale and 2) Jesse eats a lot. At lunch he drank three glasses of soda, ate a huge ass burger, a bunch of fries and onion rings, and he met his match with a weeny chocolate bar that was a quarter of a inch thick? DOOD! What is that?

After the movie, we went to Coldstone. I wanted to go thinking that they might have ginger wasabi but NOPE. I settled for oatmeal cookie dough with a Kit Kat mix-in. Kit Kat = good mix in. The oatmeal cookie dough ice cream was unfortunately NOT OAT MEALY ENOUGH, and I'm not even sure I would've been able to tell it was oatmeal if I didn't know what it was supposed to be. But I guess it was, kinda. Basically, it was just...tasty. Some people say they don't like Coldstone and while I wouldn't say it's the best ice cream out there, it's not bad. I like the texture; maybe other people don't? The ice cream doesn't melt quickly and it''s. I don't know how to explain it, but it kind of stretches. That makes it sound gross...

I got the small size, aka "Like It". God, I hate stupid names. IT'S CALLED SMALL, DAMMIT! SMALL. "Love it" is MEDIUM! My brother said "I'll have the 'like it'" and Jesse said he was a tool. Even though the small looks kinda...small, it's definitely enough for one person, if you're my size at least (er, short girl). I could finish a larger one but that would be a bad idea. Jesse got the medium because my brother had a $1 off coupon that could only be used on a medium or large (what's that one called, "gotta have it"? LARGE! LARGE, DAMMIT!).

So. Um. I consumed around 2000 calories by that point. For dinner I ate fruit and a salad sandwich (with some cheese) on Whole Food ciabatta bread (it was freshly warm and my mum and I couldn't resist not buying a loaf). Yum. That's one way to get me to enjoy eating a salad; wrap it in bread.

Boy, I eat a lot of crap.


Allen Wong / July 30, 2005 2:02 PM

Have you tried plugging in your current memory stick into a card reader? If you don't have one, you can sneak into a drug store with a photo-printing thing. It could be that your card is corrupted or at least needs a good formating.

I always go for a digicam with at least 16MB of internal storage. Emergency storage!

Natalie / October 28, 2005 11:05 PM

I think Jesse's chocolate bar was a Mr. Goodbar. They have yellow and silver wrappers (well, last time I checked) and it is just chocolate and peanuts. But they're good, though. I will eat anything with chocolate and peanuts together.

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