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I want you to have cavities

Ice Cream Man is giving away FREE CANDY! Craploads! DON'T YOU WANT CANDY? YEAAAH!

That reminds me, I need to call my orthodontist.

This almost never happens (maybe once or twice a year), but I just remembered a dream/nightmare last night due to its relation to teeth and the destruction of them. In my dream, my top two front teeth were...not there. It had something to do with part of my jaw being aligned incorrectly. For some reason, I could push my teeth and pop them back into the right position. That would've made more sense if they were fake teeth, but no, it was just my mouth.

Creepy. I wouldn't have remembered this if I hadn't been thinking about teeth.

Yesterday I went to NYC for a night of walking around and eating too much food. I skipped lunch so I didn't feel overly guilty about eating a lot, but I spent almost $20! Which is a lot. I can do better than that...just need to leave out Shake Shack.

First off, I roamed around midtown for a bit (ie, 15 minutes) around the Port Authority terminal. On 9th Avenue, I came across a Mexican bakery. I'll mindless go towards any sign that says "bakery".

stripey bun thing
stripey bun thing

They had lots of bun things like stuff you'd find in a Chinatown bakery. SWEET! I didn't try anything since nothing was labeled and ...well, I figured that shouldn't be my first meal of the day, but maybe another time when I'm roaming around the area I'll drop in.

inside the buns
vegetable buns

Diana and I went to Tien Garden for dinner and shared three dim sum: vegetable buns, spinach dumplings, and tofu crepe rolls.

tofu crepe rolls
tofu crepe rolls

The tofu crepe rolls were my favorite, but everything was good. The restaurant is inexpensive and their menu has a lot of stuff that I want to try so I'm sure I'll go back. It was the first time I went and I had been meaning to try it out all year since I kept passing it on the NYU bus to school. They had a large selection of desserts (including some enticing cookies) but I didn't try any; yet another reason to go back!

While roaming around Chinatown, we came across a new bubble tea place on Grand Street and Bowery. I can't remember at all what used ot be there even though I've walked around there a bunch of times in the past. OH WELL, I guess they weren't doing well.

watermelon shake
watermelon shake

QUICKLY! DAMMIT! I guess that's an appropriate name, as it is...quick. I got a watermelon shake for $3.25. You can choose whether to have your drink with tapioca goo or not, and I soon regretted agreeing to having chewy black blobs plopped into my cup. While I like having tapioca in my drink so I won't chug the contents of the cup in 5 seconds, it''s. It sits in your tummy. And it's annoying to chew after a while. I don't think I'll get that included in my drink any more. The watermelon shake was very tasty (ie watermelon-ee) and if you have a student ID, everything is $0.50 off. WEE!

After hanging out in the park at Christie Street and roaming around the East Village, Diana and I went to the Shake Shack per my request. I had enough of passing it over and over again without trying anything. The time to stuff myself with a super chocolatey dairy-based dessert had come.

Shack Attack
Shack Attack!

It turned into soup.

At around 9:30 at night, the Shake Shack is a hoppin' place. Many people were eating their burgers and fries, while all I wanted was a concrete/chocolate soup (well, the soup wasn't an intentional result). The menu describes the Shack Attack as "chocolate custard, hot fudge, chocolate truffle cookie dough and vahlrona chocolate chunks, topped with chocolate sprinkles". For $6.25, it's a nice combination of yummy things was too much. I can't tell you the last time I paid that much for any kind of ice cream dessert; maybe I never have. And I don't meant to say it was too much in general, just too much for me. My first bite was of a chocolate chunk and brownie. Exciting? Yes! But after a while it was like chocolate and brownie swimming in chocolate soup, which wasn't as exciting. I might get another one someday but I'd try a different flavor.

On a totally unrelated note, I passed a place called "Plumpling" on West 3rd Street yesterday, near 6th Ave. NEW DUMPLING PLACE? I need to check it out.

Lastly, check this out:

pancake machine

Deli Pancake! Wow. Damn.

NONO WAIT, that other lastly was fake. The REAL LASTLY: Beck serenades burrito eaters at Pancho Villa. [via brooklynvegan] Does that place serve magical burritos? I can't even remember the last time i had a burrito, but I've probably never had a "real" one. In fact, I've rarely ever had "Mexican" food in my life--I could probably count them all on one hand.


Allen Wong / July 21, 2005 10:19 PM

I've never tried the ice cream based items in Shake Shack other than the shakes. There's no way I can eat so much ice cream at once. I go into comas will refuse to eat the rest of the day.

I need to drag people along with me. No one I know wants to eat food all day though. :/

I'll be wandering Manhatten for a while tomorrow. I need to hit Broadway Panhandler for a cherry pitter. Of course, I'll need some cherries to pit. I better get out the sunscreen. Ninety degrees and humid. Yipee.


carol / July 22, 2005 12:57 AM

where on 9th ave? i was just there!

btw..hell's kitchen is my new fave place.

Bottom Feeder / July 22, 2005 10:35 AM

Things are going to get really expensive around here really fast if I have to start going to New York every weekend just for the food. And it's all your fault. I'll send you a bill.

Astrid / July 25, 2005 5:32 PM

What was in the tofu crepes? Was it bamboo shoots and mushrooms? Those look really similar to something I had in Hangzhou last fall.

Lori / July 26, 2005 8:44 AM

That Shake Shack sounds like my kind of place! Grrr, I'm envious.

BTW, we used to have Quickly here too in the Philippines. A few years back, the city experienced a kind of bubble tea explosion where everyone and their mother was selling bubble teas. Now you can hardly find even one store. Personally, I love the tapioca balls. Yummy fun to chew!

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