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I do have fooding things to speak of, but ...later.

  • Mei Wah - Eating in Chinese: I can hardly remember any of this stuff, but if I learn ANY Chinese, this should be it! [thanks Susie]
  • Lobster Ice Cream - Oh my god, NO. That's. WRONG! NO! I recall a newspaper article about weird Japanese ice cream flavors that sounded worse than lobster, but
  • Aliment: The Definitive Food Film List - I don't watch many movies but I'd watch these. Out of this list, I've only seen "Eat Drink Man Woman", "Chocolat" (loved it...for all that chocolate, of course) and "Supersize Me".
  • Synthesizer Cake - AWESOME! [via music think]
  • Basil-Ham-Tomato-Parmesan Bread - Oh man, if only I knew how to make bread. I know it's not the most difficult thing in the world, but...well. It's not that easy either. If you don't know, I barely cook anything! You'll see lots of weeping here when I start my cooking class next semester.


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