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mm, bass

After finishing up at the MoCCA Art Festival, Diana and I went to Spring Street Natural, one of our favorite restaurants that we hadn't been to in more than two years. I'm not sure how we even came across this restaurant in the first place but I suppose we were just walking in the area one day and needed a place to eat. Besides that the restaurant is huge, our favorite part of the restaurant was the complimentary bread basket in the beginning of the meal that came with ridiculously good tomato bread. I haven't even had tomato bread anywhere else!

Alas, I'm still on my no-wheat thing. Yes, I have stuck to it, believe it or not! And yes, I'm eating other grains (say hello to my good friend, Rice), but I think I'm avoiding all the gluten-y ones. So while I didn't get to enjoy the bread, Diana said it was still tasty.

mm, bass
mm, bass

For some reason I was in the mood for fish and when provided the choices of salmon, cod, and bass, I went with bass because I can't recall ever having eaten it before, at least not within the past few years. What you see above is the "pan roasted wild striped bass with roasted lemon butter, poblano pepper-sweet potato gratin and grilled asparagus." Oh. Boy. This was good. If I'm supposed to complain about anything, I don't know what I could complain about (keep in mind, my standards probably aren't that high, but I'd know if something were terribly wrong). Fish tasted perfectly cooked, skin was very crispy but not dry (mm mm, taste that fat), the butter sauce felt light but oh so buttery, sweet potatoes were...well, sweet potato-ee, and the portion was almost perfect (I should keep in mind that since I'm smaller than a normal human being I should eat less than a normal portion, but when 1/4th of the fish still lay on myplate, I decided there was no point in wasting the $19 price tag). I probably shouldn't have eaten the entire thing but at least I didn't eat bread. Diana and I ordered desserts but it turned out they didn't have mango cheesecake so I didn't have dessert. I guess it was a blessing in disguise.

Of course, my sugar quota for the day was left unfulfilled so when I got home at around 10 PM, I immediately went for juicy navel oranges, honey, and sesame seeds. Mmmmm. See, even though I didn't eat lunch, I think I went over my caloric quota for the day. OH WELL!

As for the not eating lunch thing, I probably went about 18 hours without food in between meals without feeling uncomfortable at any moment. My tummy didn't grumble at all during the 7 hours I was tabling at MoCCA. Is that strange? I'm starting to think that I really do process/handle food differently than most normal people who "need" food in order to not feel like a pile of poop. If I feel bad from lack of eating, it's usually a psychological thing, not physical. The detrimental effects of eating too much are more noticeable (time wise) than the effects of not eating enough. The latter takes longer, for one thing...

So fish is yummy. The end.


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