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The Bottom Feeder reviews foods that I'll probably never eat, but it's fun to read. The reviews are funny but for those who reel at the idea of reading paragraphs (in which case, you're probably not reading this), there's a summary of the foodstuff in question with a handy little 1-10 rating. A simple number would suffice, but there's even a bar graph to represent the number in case you don't feel like reading numbers either. This week is "Dollar Store Week", so while you probably wouldn't eat a $1 can of lychee anyway (I hope), you never have to becuase the bottom feeder already did it for you.

Jesus on a potato chip: I would've just eaten that sucker. Who gives a crap?

Long article about the chocolate revolution. [via a full belly] My mum's and my obsession with good chocolate began maybe three or four years ago when her friend brought her to Richart. Never having seen or tasted anything like their miniature heart-shaped caramel filled chocolates before, I thought they were one of the best things I had ever eaten. EVER. Their caramel is really good, but soon after trying Richart my mum decided that La Maison du Chocolat was her favorite high end chocolate. It's pricey of course, but if you're female (hopefully I'm not being too judgemental in thinking this mainly applies to women) and barely spend any money on clothes, accesories, or bags, then it's not the worst thing in the world to blow it on chocolate. I think. We don't buy nearly as much chocolate as we used to (especially after going the whole raw food phase; yes, we both did it) but we noticed how more and more good chocolate starting becoming available, for better or worse (we became overly excited by the opening of "Le Jardin du Chocolat" in nearby Ramsey a few years ago).

I haven't tried Sharffen Berger many times but I remember buying a solid dark chocolate bar of their's last year in a desperate hunt for something chocolate. Of course, it was good. The last chocolates I've had were Pierre Herme's chocolates for Wegmans about a month ago and I'll list them under the perks of living in NJ (a very short list, I might add).


Bottom Feeder / June 9, 2005 5:54 PM

Thanks for the shout, roboppy! Stay tuned - in the coming weeks, we'll have Asian Snack week, Generic Brand week, and Battle of the Brands week, as well! Lots of good stuff.

How long do you think until that potato chip goes on ebay?

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