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things that help decrease asthma

A little list:

  • lose weight - I was about to say that maybe this was why I didn't have asthma as a raw foodist, but I had asthma when I was younger and not overweight.
  • remove carpeting - I don't see this happening--my doom is carpeted and most of the house is carpeted. However, we are moving so I suppose that's good.
  • don't eat dairy products - I guess this is easy to cut out, although I don't think I'm allergic to them.
  • don't eat mucus forming foods - I guess that goes with the dairy thing. Mucus forming foods include refined flour products, which sugar, chocolate, and probably other things.

I don't feel like exercise has much effect on my asthma as I probably exercised the most in Taiwan, which was also where I may have had the worst asthma. Of course, the air sucks as well. Hm. Well. Something that doesn't trigger my asthma is cigarette smoke, which might be surprising. If the smoke makes me cough I think that's a different story, but I recall attending many concerts before the cigarette ban in NYC and not getting asthmatic. I hated the smoke, of course. Why is it that so many musicians smoke (besides the audience members)?

I had doubts about my weird raw food (ish) diet until I sneezed, thus sending my lungs into wheezing mode. I could taste the mucus (or the essence of it), which you can imagine is not very fun. From what I'm reading right now, water loosens mucus, so maybe it's not such a bad thing. I'm not coughing it out though, it's just...inside me. Eeeuh. I suppose it's better than the mucus is in my lungs than clogging my nasal passages though.

Here's what I ate over the course of the day (in maybe 4 meals; yup, I still manage to overeat even when I cut out most foods):

  • 5 navel oranges
  • about 4 (or more) ounces of honey
  • half a seedless watermelon (a small one, the kind you can hold with one hand)
  • lots of water

...yum. I picked the worst time to eat my dinner as that was the time my brother decided to eat dinner as well. He had pasta and tomato sauce and two slices of cake (two different cakes, that is). He didn't even notice that I was on a diet, even though it's been four days of me not cooking anything or eating anything cooked; he's that unobservant. Or rather, he figured I was "starving myself." Uh huh, definitely. That's why I ate a gazillion oranges.

(Sidenote: I hate it when my brother tells people that a good way to lose weight is to stop drinking soda. No shit. So what about those of us who already don't drink soda? I guess we're just doomed or something.)

My mum acknowledged that compared to her and my brother, I have a greater tendency to gain weight and my lungs are less cooperative with letting me breath properly. Alright. So I guess that means I shouldn't eat most of the things they eat? Yup. Which means I have to cut out most things from my diet? Yup. So no more wheat? Probably not. I have free reign in the vegetable kingdom, which isn't very exciting seeing as the only vegetable I really like, carrots, isn't friendly to my digestive system.

I do like lots of fruits but apparently bananas are too sweet. Also, I can eat craploads of them; once I ate eight (or was it more?) bananas in one day (they were free). If I am to cut out sweet fruit, that also leaves out dried fruit, which was actually my grain replacement while eating raw food. Why? I guess it was the chewiness and dryness factor; it kind of resembled bread. Okay, not really. I guess nuts were more for that but I'm way too prone to overeating that. Nuts can be addictive, like most foods..

Oh well, all this isn't driving me insane. It just kind of sucks. And it means no food photos in the near future.


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