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eeuhhh, hello

I got to sleep in late today! HOORAY! HOOO—

—and I get to wake up early tomorrow. Doh.

It’s probably a good thing that I’ve started using my laptop in my bed sans power cord since that means I have no choice but to leave my computer once my battery runs out. But my battery lasts four hours. Haha. Whoa.

If anyone’s curious, I feel fine today. I don’t mean to make people worried about my eating habits. Not that this is supposed to make you feel much better, but I’ve done worse stuff in the past, whether I fasted altogether for a day or two, ate only honey and no fruit for a few days, did that raw food thing (which wasn’t that great since I found out I could easily eat a pound of nuts in two or three days, which by the way isn’t very healthy) and …well, I guess that’s it. The first time I fasted when I got off my raw food diet, I ended up feverish. OOOPS. When you’re a raw foodist, it’s easier to fast.

This may not make you feel much better, but I don't take any drugs. I figure that'd be worse. Jeffrey Steingarten wrote a chapter about the wonderful properties of Fen-Phen and I can't imagine taking anything like that. If I had no concern about my health or were massively obese then I'd speed things along with some kind of drug. And when I say speed things along, I mean it'd probably kill me faster. Hmmm wait, maybe I do want that...JUST KIDDING! Yeah. I don't take any diet related medication (or ANY medication), hooray.

I know, the exercise thing. Why don’t I do it? Well. I thought walking for a few miles a day in NYC was a good idea (which is why I picked to live in the dorm farthest from campus for the second year in a row) but I don’t know if that exercise did much. Actually, it didn’t, but I felt like maybe it did. Exercise depends on who I do it with. Overall, the most fun I ever had exercising was during my two years living in Taiwan, but the most fun I had doing most things was in Taiwan because I was surrounded by the coolest people and went to the best school ever. That’s not something I can duplicate anywhere else. Actually, I must’ve disliked gym class in Taiwan but it must’ve been less so than in America. Gym class in Taiwan was purgatory but gym class in American was…(taps head)...Level 5. If it was worse than Level 5 I probably would have skipped class. I’m not a class-skipper.

And overall, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t exercise, I just hate it SO MUCH that I’d rather not eat. When you think about how much I like to eat, that’s a lot of hate, eh? I actually went to the gym for a short period of time during freshman year at Vassar but I obviously didn’t enjoy it very much or else I would’ve went back. My nutrition teacher told us that we should do an exercise that we like to ensure that we actually do it. As I dislike most forms of exercise (figuring stretching is not an exercise), walking is the onle reasonable thing I can think of.

However, last time our story picked off (what story, I don’t know), I was living in NJ and not NYC. As I look out my window, I see a huge ass evergreen tree and grass and pavement and more trees and wetness from the rain. Sweet. ...yeah, I’m staying inside.

I don’t think I belong in suburban NJ. I don’t MOVE, for one thing. The problem with NYC of course is that I’ll walk nearly an hour just to eat pancakes. It kind of defeats the purpose, no?

I guess it’s no surprise that people do this, but why do people get so concerned when I don’t eat a lot yet don’t mind if I eat way too much? I mean, the type of concern is different for each situation and I would act the same way too, if I actually knew anyone who didn’t eat much. I can’t think of anyone that eats too much or too little in a way that would badly affect his or her health (most people eat too much in this society, but they seem to be alright). I just want to know other people’s views about eating too much versus eating too little. In my mind, it seems more detrimental to health to eat less…actually, maybe not. It takes more EFFORT to eat less, especially in my case. It’s a conscious effort. It’s easy to eat lots of food so I guess it’s not very alarming. Or something.

Ahh I don’t feel like thinking about this for the time being. I had two oranges for lunch and I couldn’t eat much more than that even though I wanted to. It’s a good thing. I have this friend who said he can’t eat much because he’ll feel sick. I told him it was a lot better than NEVER feeling satisfied—he said it isn’t. He also drinks alcohol. I won’t get into that.


janet / May 26, 2005 11:41 AM

i think we hold different standards for eating too much vs. eating too little because over-eating seems like a less regular occurrence and because eating too little is perhaps a bit more in tune with what we've known or have experienced with eating disorders and the like? i mean, good point though. it's not about 'too' anything, whether that's more or less; it's about balance and moderation.

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