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too much

I ate a lot today, but I don't feel like I did. That's what happens when instead of eating a loaf of bread you eat lots of smaller things. I'm too lazy to get into the details but here's a rundown of today's fooding:

  • 8 AM: a lemon blueberry muffin ($1.75) from Connecticut Muffin on Prince St
  • 11 AM: vegetable curry ($5.50) from Curry House (part of JAS Mart) on St. Marks Place
  • 4 PM: half of an egg bagel and a third of a carrot raisin muffin ($2.15 together) from Bagel Bob's on University Place
  • 7 PM: shanghainese (or something) noodles with vegetable wontons ($5, REALLY yummy) from Wonton Garden on Mott St
  • 8 or 9 PM ish: the rest of the bagel and muffin

Overall, that's a CRAPload of food. And I spent almost $15. I know that's not a CRAPLOAD but that's a lot more than I would've spent if I...weren't impulsive. Bagel Bob's was totally impulsive. I was walking to 30th Street and it was on the way. Ha ha. I sat in Union Square along with a gazillion other people to soak in the rays and nosh a bit.

I dunno why I'm not obese yet. I'm indulging too much though. Do I eat anything with nutrients? Mrrh? I didn't even eat fruit today. :(


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