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bread is dangerous

Bread is dangerous! Tell me something I DON'T know. I need to live in a bread-free zone, seriously. [via grow a brain]

I think my bread obsession has waned a bit over the last week. In its place has sprouted A COOKIE OBSESSION. HOLY F***K, I'm screwed. I'm way behind in my food photos but trust me, I've got enough of them to fill several grain silos. Here's a list of yesterday's fooding, everything except for the last two hit up with my mum:

  1. New Green Bo - All the hype I read about theis scallion pancakes is true. They're the best scallion pancakes I've had so far in Chinatown, not that I've had a lot of them, but the outside was like a thin and crispy wrapping around the soft, chewy insides. The insides would fall out if I wasn't careful enough. Damn, that's good. DAMN. The soup dumplings are great too (my mum and I got pork) and the chow mein my mum wanted (we weren't planning to finish everything, don't worry) was yummy too. The service was friendly, as I had heard before, but the people we were sitting with at a big table became frustrated with a long wait and left in a huff. It was unfortunate because a few moments after they left, their food came out. Come on, restaurant customers, don't be such jerk-offs. Their indignation wasn't complete unfounded as my mum and I got out food before they did despite ordering similar food, but I think people should be more accomadating in Chinatown. It wasn't like their food wasn't going to come out at all; they knew that!
  2. Le Pain Quotidien - My mum got some cookies and a box of Charlemange chocolate, which I've never seen anywhere else before. I enjoyed the six different flavor of their 0.3 ounce chocolate squares (actually, I think one flavor is no flavor, just chocolate), my favorite one being "violette". Good stuff, go try it.
  3. Marie Belle - This store specializes in chocolate but my mum bought honey and tea. I think I could eat one of their jars of honey, all the more reason for me to not take one of my mum's jars liek she offered!
  4. Sullivan Street Bakery - My mum and I shared a Tortino di Cioccolato. Deeelicious. Like an intense brownie with minimal flour. The only problem was without the flour it was messy to eat but it wasn't mean to be eaten with your hands.
  5. Balthazar Bakery - I got a sticky bun and my mum bought a bag of chocolate nut cookies and biscotti. The taste of the sticky bun was great but the texture was too hard in my opinion. I mean, it was ...crunchy in some parts. The center was deliciously soft and the caramel and nuts tasted so good. I can't describe it, you'll just have to try it yourself. But the outside layer of the bun was hard and I don't know why...hohum. I want to try their scones at some point. The little chocolate cookies my mum got were awesome, really intense chocolate flavor.
  6. City Bakery - I wanted to try one of their famous chocolate chip cookies before heading to see a Beck concert. I thought the cookies costed more than $2 but nope, $2 will buy you a wheaty disc of chocolate chip goodness. I was very satisfied with my cookie; believe the hype! Actually, it can be dangerous to believe the hype about food, but it was a really good cookie. At first I thougth "Hm, it's good but I'm not feeling it yet" and then after getting to the center of the cookie I found that it was awesomely soft and crunchy but not too much of either one. From the taste I feel like it must've had good ingredients, like MM TASTY BUTTER but I don't actually know. The crunchy bits reminded me of extremely thin crunchy buttery cookies and the soft parts were...heavenly.
  7. The Donut Pub - I went here after the Beck concert because I knew it was nearby. I was afraid that I wasn't going to find it even though I was sure it was on 14th Street and lo and behold, I ultimately found the awning proclaming "THE DONUT PUB" in large glowing white sans-serif letters. I was just planning to get a donut seeing as it is a donut shop, but they also had scrumptious looking chocolate chip cookies. For research purposes (cough), I got a chocolate chip cookie ($1.75) in addition to a apple cinnamon filled donut ($0.90). I enjoy cookies more than donuts, it's no contest. The donut was yummy, but as someone who rarely eats donuts and has had a jelly filled donut perhaps once in her lifetime, I don't know how this one compares to others. I'm not really into jelly filled donuts since I don't like..jelly, but this was like apple-sauce jelly and I do like me some apaplesauce. Oh, the cookie was AWESOME! Really! No, not like City Bakery (the flavor didn't have that same kick) but taste-wise I thought it was excellent. Soft although not falling apart, gooey chocolate chips...oh, it's yummy.

...don't tell me this list isn't somewhat insane. It is. I must be really fat right now.


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