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pancakes and Japanese food

I haven't had pancakes in ages. I thought of going to Kitchenette this morning with Diana this morning but due to the craptacular weather (snow balls were being pelted down by sky demons) and laziness I opted to lie in bed for longer than I had planned. (I also need to check out Clinton Street Bakery's pancakes.)

Country Pancake House

Going home to New Jersey means I take the bus to Ridgewood. What's in Ridgewood? Country Pancake House! There are more reviews here and even though I've only had pancakes there three times, they were never remotely undercooked and the service was fast and not rude. I wonder what happened when these people were there, it's a shame. I can't remember what the food at IHOP is like so I can't compare, but the portions at this pancake house are ridiculous.

four pancakes that could engulf babies

Pancakes cost about $6-$8 so it's not like you're getting cheated out of anything. Just take the extra pancakes home (in my case, I ate 1 and 1/4th pancakes, but I also ate two pieces of complimentary cornbread and some of my dad's food) and eat them FOREVER. I got coconut and carrot pancakes, which are damn tasty if you like coconut and carrots, and the pancakes themselves are...well, you can see the photo. They're light, thick, fluffy, and not too sweet (I generally don't put syrup on my pancakes because i don't like my pancakes soggy). I would've liked for there to be more coconut and carrot in the pancake so I suppose I can try making them myself.

When I got home my mum ate the other 3/4ths of the pancake I started eating and I just ate another pancake as a midnight snack! While fresh, warm pancakes are lovely, cold ones are addictive as well and you can easily eat em with your hands. I have no willpower. :( That leaves just one pancake for tomorrow, dammit.

Oh, I ate a lot for dinner as well. [sigh]

okonomiyaki from Mitsuwa

I didn't finish it, at least. That was one HUGE okonomiyaki from the always awesome Mitsuwa in Edgewater. I've been going to Mitsuwa for most of my waking life (it used to be Yaohan) and I had never tried the okonomiyaki until now. Mm. I pretty much spent all day eating pancake! I have a feeling I'm going to break down in a few days, if not sooner, for the sin I have commited. But I feel alright now. Except that my organs are going to explode...


Ani / December 28, 2005 12:49 PM

Hah so funny. My husband hails from a Ridgewood but a Ridgewood New York. In the borough of Queens. Mmmmm pancakes.

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