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I'm eating a leftover pancake right now. Should I be eating a leftover pancake? No. Should I ever eat pancakes? Probably not. As usual I'm back to that idea that I shouldn't come home because I eat too much, and that's what happened. There are two jars of plain dark chocolate in the frige and I ate some last night in addition to a leftover pancake. That plus chugging more than half a liter of water and eating...probably something else left me feeling sickly. Retreating to my bedroom I thought, "Remember how badly you feel right now and hopefully you won't eat like that again," but I'm eating my pancake now. Because it's there.

I can't be around a LOT of food. When I'm in my dorm I only have honey and fruit, pretty much. I can overeat those but it's not as bad as overeating...chocolate. I shouldn't keep any food in my dorm but I guess that's a bit unreasonable.

Anyway, not super depressed at the moment but the food thing is going to keep me from coming home more than i have to. And I don't see why I'd have to come home next month since I don't have a vacation. And I have to deal with this when I go back to my dorm...

I hate how I'll feel fine one moment and then be so conflicted the next about eating that it just brings...everything down.

I'll be fine later.


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