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For my Chikalicious outing, it's easiest to look at the flickr photoset. Here's a quick pictorial tour:

The storefront is mostly unmarked besides a review in the window (the white rectangle in the huge window) and the name of the restaurant on the door (which you can't see unless you get really close).
saucing the cheesecake
The dessert chefs work right in front of you (if you're sitting at the bar) and serve you as well. It's a cozy operation. ;)
the amuse
The amuse that came before the main dessert was a star anise ice cream over black tapioca pearls.
tiny chocolate tarts
Making lots of little chocolate tarts!
banana salad
My "main course" was banana salad on kataifi with bourbon-molasses ice cream and ginger froth.
petit fours
The meal ended with petit fours (this was for two people).

Overall, it was a fun experience, even more so because I didn't have to foot the bill. I think it's a good value for $12 considering how nice the restaurant and the food is. It was like sitting at a sushi bar and seeing the sushi chef do his work, except with desserts (which makes it better). However, I didn't like my dessert as much as I would have hoped (I really liked the ginger froth though) and since everything is so small it just makes you hungrier for more. It's nice to not feel like you want to puke from eating too much though. Your stomach may not feel full upon leaving but at least it'll feel comfortable.

I can't say the same about today, during which I overate at Win49. I just realized that all week I hadn't eaten any "full" meal (I'm not going to count Chikalicious). I've been eating snack type stuff and when I got a bento box at Win49 I though my stomach was going to explode because the food was so yummy and ...I suppose I wasn't hungry enough. But I still ate at a Chinatown bakery after that. Guilt is starting to set in...methinks I should try the honey diet again.


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