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the wheels, how they turn

I don't know about you but my brain seems to work best before fall asleep (or while trying to fall asleep) in bed. I can't actually do anything but god help me if all the thinking doesn't burn some calories or exercise stagnant brain muscles. So what great idea popped into my head last night/this morning at 5 AM?

Chinatown bakery ratings webpage! Or something! I need to think of a name and decide if I'm going to go through with this. It will be like A Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down but about common pastries found in Chinatown bakeries. There are loads of them but have you seen this list of biscuits? How many biscuits had to be consumed? How many biscuits gave their delicious, wheat-filled lives to be a part of that website? I'm apprehensive about going through with my idea because it means I'll end up eating CRAPLOADS OF PASTRIES (which is a bad thing, although I did a blood sugar level test and I'm actually fine and non-diabetic...for now) for the purpose of telling the good pastry-lovin' public the parties held in my mouth as I ate CRAPLOADS OF PASTRIES.

I need help. Granted, I need help in more ways than one, but if I want to make this site I'll need people to help me eat the pastries. My opinion is a bit worthless as I like ALL FOODS. ("This bun was good. Oh, and this one. This one too. Oh my god, it's like eating baby angels.") I'll pay for all the pastries of course since most of them are dirt cheap to begin with, but you'd have to eat it with me.

I bet I'm not going to make this website, but it's an idea. I think the first step would be to make some kind of list of all the pastries you normally find in Chinatown bakeries. There are enough of them to keep my sweet bun consumption level at a Guiness Book of World Records high. But it can be done (at which point I'll have turned into a sweet bun myself). And then keep a tally of what has been consumed, where it was bought (we could rate bakeries too), prices, taste, what the thing is actually made of, take photos, blah blah blah. There don't seem to be many nice websites (or any) about stuff in Chinatown and the bakeries are one of the best things in my opinion. I'm sure for many people the cheap crap you can buy in Chinatown is the highlight, which I don't understand. Come on, you totally want cheap food!

This is what happens when I stay up past 5 AM.

Semi-related thing: I was up late because I was reading Toast. I'm really enjoying this book even if I don't know the foods Nigel is talking about. Next time I go to England I'll make it a point to eat more British food (during the summer I accomplish the amazing feat of eating an obscene variety of biscuits and chocs).

Oh, today I drank spiced grapple juice from the Union Square Greenmarket. Grapple = grape + apple, for those unaware of grapple. Grapple. That's a funny word. Oh, it tasted good. That and and half a slice of unsweetened banana bread (the taste was obviously unsweet but still very good) was my lunch. I made it up at dinner with 6 dumplings, snap peas, an apple, and pumpkin spice cookies.


misoponia / January 15, 2005 12:22 AM

Yum, baby angels!

If shipping didn't cost so much (and anyhow the pastries would probably be stale by the time I received them), I'd be up for helping you "test" baked foodstuffs anytime. ;9

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