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So much pudding

So much pudding
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Oh sweet pudding from Sugar Sweet Sunshine, how you mock me! The deliciously untouched by grain pudding has been infiltrated with vanilla wafers (because they taste yummy) making it very hard for me to eat without ingesting some wheat at the same time. I actually felt guilty when my spoon failed to evade a glob of wafer as I quickly shoved a last bite (although I only managed to eat about a third of a cup) into my mouth. Something is wrong with me...oh well, I wasn't even planning to try the pudding but I didn't want my night to end too quickly and I wanted somewhere to chat with a friend. My initial thought was, "Picking hrough the pudding is not truly eating the pudding, thus I will not pick at it!" yet I did. It felt wrong. No more pudding with wheaty things in it for me! :(


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