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Check out Lea's many photos of Japan (involving lots of food) starting with Osaka Part 1. I love Japan but the choice of Japanese food outside of Japan isn't that stellar. Mitsuwa is a great example of a place outside of Japan with a wide variety of Japanese food. Otherwise, is it just me or do most places have the same stuff? Of course there are different kinds of sushi and stuff but nothing really compares to the craploads of fake food and little noodle shops by the train stations in Japan. I remember getting takoyaki from a small stand before and there is a place in NYC that sells it (Otafuku) but I have yet to try it again since going to Japan. Since it has flour I guess I won't at this rate, unless I go back to Japan. :( I'd also love to try okonomiyaki.

So yes, I'm still doing pretty well on the no wheat or rice thing. Except i'm just eating more of other stuff, like yogurt. I had two cups of yogurt today! :\ One for lunch, one for dessert, and I also bought macaroons for another dessert. I ate snow peas and an egg for dinner, and will probably have more fruit later. Lunch was an orange and the cup of yogurt. Dinner drags on and lunch would drag too if I didn't have to go to class. I eat too much, not necessarily that unhealthy (although I'm eating less healthy now that I was before) but I feel screwed no matter what. I know it's not hard to lose weight but I don't have many friends who are as heavy or heavier than me. And of course, in school most people are pretty slim. It's hard for me to think of much else during school besides comparing myself to my classmates. And what I should or should not eat that night/the next day/the day after. I don't know if people have any idea just how much the thought of food plagues me...

Oh well. I'm still writing in this thing.

Interesting documentary: Hamburger America. I wouldn't mind seeing it even though I hardly ever eat hamburgers but I have a class that night. After watching the trailer my desire to eat hamburgers has dropped. Hm.

Oh, back to the Japanese theme, here are beautiful photos of Japanese desserts. God, I wish I could eat those and not...die!

Interesting page: Ethnic restaurants in Virginia. I never thought of just getting appetizers for a meal, but that's a good idea. And yeah, desserts usually suck. Gotta go to a Chinese bakery for good desserts. It's healthier to not really be into desserts of course...maybe that explains something. Yet I'm addicted to desserts. My mum said it has something to do with balancing your yin and yang, not that I have any idea what she was really talking about but OKAY, I'm terribly imbalanced as always.


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