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Since I hadn't gone outside in more than two days, I went to Mitsuwa with my mum. I hadn't been there in ages and it changed a bit since the last time I went, such as the removal of Kinokuniya by another book store that doesn't have as many music magazines. :( I wanted to get Korean food but that vendor (along with the Chinese vendor) have cleared out to make way for a ramen place that hasn't opened yet. Part of the food court area was being prepared for a Hokkaido festival thing that's going to happen next weekend.

Japanese fake food displays rock
I haven't had soba in's quite good

I got soba and my mum got ramen. There were lots of veggies in mine, but I didn't know the name. My mum said it was some kind of mountain vegetable. Hm.

Japanese pumkin pie
Freshly made oobanyaki

My mum would always buy oobanyaki when I was little, usually a box of five. Today we bought one taiyaki, which is like a fish-shaped oobanyaki that is slightly larger. Since they had just made them, it was deliciously crisp on the ouside and soft on the inside. The two sides never seem to splodge together perfectly but it doesn't matter because it tastes SO GOOD. YES. If you like red bean paste and pancakes, you gotta find oobanyaki or taiyaki.

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