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Taipei 2011, Day 3: Taipei 101 Food Court and Dim Sum Dinner

I took a trip to Taipei from October 3 to 9...2011. Um. Yeah. Why am I writing about it over two years late? Because better late than never? Not because I've been wasting away on a diet of Netflix and Candy Crush? Sure, let's go with that. Read my introduction about the trip, a recap of the first day, and a recap of the second day.

Taipei 101
Taipei 101, lording over its people.

This is a bit of a cop-out, folks. Not much happened on this day of my Taipei trip, so I'm going to focus on the photos and pair them with forgettable blurbs. It'll be like I'm showing you a slideshow of my vacation! People looove vacation slideshows!, wait, vacation slideshows are commonly reviled for being long and boring. But I'm not forcing you to watch, so do as you please. You're your own woman. Or man. (Or neither. Or both.) And you have the power to do what you want. ...[puts on serious face]...Within the law.

If you want to read more of my words with fewer photos, you can check out my recent posts on Serious Eats, published for your mild enjoyment (and because Max made me write them, which is good because, as you can see, without someone telling me what to do I do very little). Here's me talking about my love of stewy foods with rice and rambling about bringing Kåre to a Chinese buffet.

Continue for photo splodge time:

IMG_2342 copy
Human/bald eagle hybrid dressed in an American flag-themed tank top giving a thumbs up? An English school mascot you can trust!
City bikes with cute logo
Taipei has a bike share program called YouBike. THE SMILEY IS A "U" ISN'T IT CUTE? Seriously, I love it.
Walk sign
As the crosswalk signal counts down to zero, the little green dude picks up the pace.
It is tall Up close Entrance is quite large
Here's Taipei 101. It's huge. I didn't need to tell you that.
Damper Baby
Behold the Damper Baby, because the world's largest and heaviest visible damper should have its own mascot. ...Actually, four mascots, because Damper Baby comes in four colors and each one has its own unique personality, dream, and catchphrase (really, it's all on the website). Oh wait, there's also a green, eco-friendly one. So many Damper Babies with gaping mouth holes.
Escalators Walkin around Open area
The mall is pretty fancy-pants. I passed all the clothing/accessory/beauty/jewelry shops for the bookstore.
Food court
But I wasn't there to shop; I was there to EAT.
Omelette rice station
I wish there were a food court here with a wide array of omelette rice combo dishes.
Floating chopsticks
Mm, gravity-defying fake food.
Gettin' food Menu Noodles
My dad and I tried out a few stalls. First up, this noodle vendor, Hong's Noodles, that I can't remember much about.
Another stall Menu Pork and rice
Second up, this vendor I can't find on Taipei 101's website. Hm. We got a pork and rice/vegetable/soup combo. If I could read Chinese I'd tell you more.
Soft tofu Menu Tofu with peanuts and jelly goo
My favorite was this dessert of soft tofu (douhua) with peanuts and jelly goo from Xiao Nan Men.
Taipei 101Buildings
After Taipei 101 my dad and I visited one of his old colleagues in a nearby office. Here's the view from the office.
Bust Roller
I helped my dad do some shopping at a Bed Bad and Beyond-type store. This is what I deemed worthy of shooting with my DSLR: Bust Roller. The top corner says, "Let's care for your bust in the everyday with bust roller!" I...uh...huh.
Chicken Rib things dumplings Turnip cake Dumplings Roast pork Rice noodle rolls Asparagus Tripe Buns Duck Jellyfish? Beef Seafood soup Sesame glutinous rice balls, my fave!
For dinner we met up with Lee Anne and her grandparents for all-you-can-eat dim sum at Chiao Yuang in Shilin. (That's the spelling my Dad gave me; I can't find anything by googling it.) Dumplings, turnip cake, roast pork, roast duck, tripe, steamed buns, steamed pork rib tips, and more.
Dad and Lee Anne's grandparents
My dad and Lee Anne's grandparents.


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roboppy / February 5, 2014 1:16 AM

Chungwan: Happy CNY! Hope you're having a fun time in Pingxi! I just got tickets to visit Taipei at the end of March. :)

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