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Interns Wanted + I Haz Infekshun

Hello nice readers in internet land,
Are you web savvy? Do you live in the NYC area? DO YOU LOVES THE EATINGS?! Then apply to be a Serious Eats slave intern! Please, we need them. For the love of god. In all that is holy. Here are the reqs:

  • An interest in food and/or blogging (or better yet, blogging about food!)
  • Available 2 to 5 days a week
  • Ability to commute to Manhattan (Chelsea)
  • General knowledge of the Internet and computers
  • Knowledge of HTML, Photoshop, photography a plus
  • Good grammar, writing skills, and a decent command of the English language is a plus

I interned here during my last semester of school and hey, they hired me! YOU TOO CAN BE A WINNER! But really, it'd be good if you knew HTML. Please? .__. Check out Serious Eats for more info.

Thank you for voting for my blog! I am all kinds of flattered. That you are still reading this.

This is kind of how I feel right now

Unfortunately, this is not what I would call a "real" entry. Physically, it exists, but it doesn't fulfill the purpose of this blog. Which is to bombard you with food porn and meager commentary.

The major reason is because I have the flu, along with some kind of bronchial infection that is causing all my phlegm to be painfully coughed out in shades of yellow and green. It's a rainbow of disease! Yeah. I sound much more chipper in this post than I do in real life, trust me. It's so easy to pretend on the Internet...that I am not a homicidal maniac.

I assume I'll be better on Monday. This is my third day at home, but I did go out this morning to get a doctor's opinion ("You have the flu!—now give me $110!") and pick up some recommended drugs.

Anyhoo, that's the update on Robyn's health. It's not so good. But I will get better. Unless these antibiotics don't work.


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