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Holiday Announcements and Things

I hate pushing a long, somewhat well though-out entry down the page, but I have a few time sensitive announcements to make. FOR YEW! I LUV YEW?

The folks at the Well Fed Network thought my blog was humorous enough to nominate it for a Best Food Blog (Humor) award. And I didn't even pay anyone off! While I am very flattered to have been nominated for an award, I'm not sure I deserve it. I've read my writing, you know, a number of times (okay, I read it every night before I go to bed, and when I wake up, and maybe 10 times in between), and lately it's only been fractionally amusing (like 1/8th or 1/6th). Check out the other nominees and vote for whoever strikes your fancy. I won't be offended if you choose someone other than me—I'll just ban your IP or something.


By the way, Serious Eats (aka the best food website to work for, ever) was nominated for Best Food Blog (Group). Vote for them! No one else! That's an order!

Food Apparel

To help you out with your gift giving this holiday season, I wrote an Food Apparel Gift Guide for Serious Eats (also check out the full list of SE gift guides). Get your loved one some comfortable shoes! Or a t-shirt featuring a drawing of a sweaty steak! There's something for everyone!!! Did you hear the part where I said "sweaty steak?" Just checkin'.

Charles Chocolate

Chocolate also makes a lovely gift, as long as it's not being given to someone in the 0.34% of the population who don't like chocolate. Charles Chocolate gave me a 15% off promotional doo-dad for my readers; just enter the code GIRLATEEVERYTHING during check-out, usable until next Monday, the 17th. I don't usually (or ever) post promotional offers, but I think their chocolates are nice. Also, they were one of the more generous vendors at the Chocolate Show this past November (which I have yet to post about, unsurprisingly). I don't get anything out of this, by the way; I just thought it was a timely suggestion in case anyone needed to buy a last minute gift.

Hooray for consumerism!

Menu 4 Hope

Finally, check out A Menu 4 Hope, a charity raffle organized by food bloggers where you buy tickets for the chance to win awesome prizes with all proceeds going to the U.N. World Food Program. There are books, chocolate, baked goods, ALL KINDS OF TASTY SHIZZ. A bit of ass (or a lot of ass) was busted at Serious Eats to get this stuff together, so you should take a look.

My next entry will be a real one, I promise. It might even be funny. I haven't decided yet.


Marvo / December 11, 2007 1:54 AM

Dude, I am so voting for you! Actually I already voted for you. I need a blog that I actually enjoy reading to win.

Plus, I enjoy backing up my Asian sistahs.

jinius / December 11, 2007 10:18 AM

I echo Marvo's sentiments! Go funny Asian female bloggers! (that sounds like a facebook group waiting to happen)

keep up the good writing!

N / December 11, 2007 11:21 AM

I voted for both you and your employer. I hope you win in the Humor category. To be fair, I checked out ALL the contenders and, honestly, your blog truly is the funniest of all the nominees.

" I won't be offended if you choose someone other than me—I'll just ban your IP or something."

Blackmail humor!

Jeanne / December 11, 2007 8:24 PM

Heeeeyyyyy! My old roommate just started working for Charles Chocolates! Good luck in the contest. Also, Bacon is a Vegetable! I'm there!

Steph / December 12, 2007 6:43 AM

You have this fellow Chinese NJ/NY pastry girl's vote as well! But I must admit, I love, love, LOVE my Poofy shirt so much more than any of the other ones displayed on SE. In fact, have you considered donating something in that vein to Menu for Hope? Like, a personalized Poofy shirt? I'm sure everyone out there in the Internets will agree with me: we heart us some Ro and some Poofy. Think about it.

- S

BRS / December 12, 2007 6:34 PM

Only Robin deserves to win. Now I'll go read the other blogs. Yours will still be the funniest. Biased, no not me, no way...;-)

Jorid / December 13, 2007 2:34 AM

Aaaw, the Chocolate-store ships to Europe for $40. Thats way too expencive.

But! I voted for you! Happy Holidays! ^_^

roboppy / December 13, 2007 8:18 PM

Thanks for the votes! I feel the loove!

Steph: Oh noo, I didn't think of donating...or I did, but I couldn't think of a good prize. :( Poofy shirt printing takes more effort right now than I'm willing to put in (gathering orders and whatnot), but someday I hope to unlazify. So I can spread the pancake joy.

I'm glad to hear that the poofy shirt love continues to live on!

Jorid: Ahh yes, overseas shipping = fail. I mailed a package to Norway not long ago and it was $20-something (and took a few weeks to get there?..euh). Cheaper than flying though! (I WILL RETURN, OH YES.)

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