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Going to Charlottesville this weekend

Update (12/28): I managed to drive to Charlottesville in one piece! No crashing! No death! It's awesome! Just wanted to let you know! Yeah!

OH YES, and thank you so much for your recs! You guys are awesome. I don't know why I'm always baffled when people come out of the woodwork to recommend things to me. Of course you would, because you're awesome. I just keep forgetting people read this blog. Seriously.

Come on in!

I wanted to write a restaurant review post before I left for Charlottesville this weekend (Friday to Tuesday) to visit Tristan and his friends (and hopefully eating a lot in the process), but I totally failed. Hell, that I'm still awake even though I'm supposed to get up at 5:30 AM (or earlier) is already an indication of FAILURE.

I'm driving down. 6 1/2 hours. Alone. With my iPod. Fuxored. But it'll be fine. Unless I crash.

I'm sure a handful of you have suggestions for me. And I will fail. BECAUSE I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO EAT THEM ALL! So here's the list that Tristan came up with:

korean: the korean house
mexican/salvadoran: aqui es mexico
gelato/coffee: milano
dumplings: marco & luca
southeast asian: monsoon
sushi: miyako
vietnamese: saigon cafe
chinese take away: taiwan garden
vegetarian chinese: ming dynasty
pizza: christian's, some other fabled place my boss was telling me about
ethiopian: Mesob
mediterannean: basil, cafe europa
burgers: chap's (we've been there already)
24-hour sandwiches, pizza, vegetarian food for super cheap: little john's
tea/vegetarian food: twisted branch tea bazaar
bakery: albemarle baking company
indian: maruthi (never been here, but looks great)
italian: mona lisa (never been here)
himalayan fusion: himalayan fusion (really, that's its name)

I'm also adding Spudnuts to the list. If anyone remembers when I went to C-ville last year, here's a list of the recs you guys gave me. Woot woot!

Oh, if anyone reading this is actually in C-ville and doesn't have New Year's Eve plans, Tristan is having a party at his apartment. And...I suppose everyone is invited. The Internet is invited. Yes, please come. Just hit me up for more info.


Viola / December 28, 2007 9:20 AM

Having lived in C'ville for 4 yrs, I thought I'd provide a few siren warnings. Given your precious time in a quaint town, I can tell you that Milan has NOTHING on Splendora's. Yup, you've been there before, but do you really want to be disappointed? In GELATO?? Didn't think so.

Basils. One of those places that look good on the outside but are lacking on the inside. If you do go, don't order the hummus. It makes me sad.

Himalayan Fusion, on the other hand, is awesome!!! The delicious combination of Tibetan and Indian food is something to remember. Forever. In fact, I still pine for the naan even today. Oh how I wish I still had an excuse to go back there....

Happy New Yrs! Your blog keeps me entertained at work (which is where I am as we blog).

blognut / December 28, 2007 11:22 AM

Just got back from Christmas in CVille. And yes, you really need to hit up Spudnuts. I know I recommended it to you last year but they have my all time favorite glazed so I can't stop myself from doing it again! Plus their cherry roll is a must. And definitely check out Chaps' new line of Donuts. This dude named Nelson recently reintroduced their homemade Donuts which, after Spudnuts, are the best in town. Especially the pistachio and banana flavors.

Also, my CVillian friends tell me that this new French Bistro Zinc is pretty good. But I can't confirm. Happy New Year's!

danny / December 28, 2007 11:48 AM

six and a half hours! wow, you really are a trooper. that plane picture is the best thing ever too. i thought eva air was supposed to be pretty decent too.

Laura / December 28, 2007 1:39 PM

I think you and Tristan should think about visiting Richmond! It is a town very well known for some great restaurants. Akida for sushi is amazing, then Joe's Inn, their meatball sandwiches are sooo good, and Can Can in Carytown has some delish brunch.

Also other places of note are: The Village (diner recently visited by that blonde dude from food network's diners, drivebys, yada yada), Comfort (higher end comfort food), Buzz and Ned's (barbecue, was on that Throwdown show with Bobby Flay earlier this year), umn.. Capital Ale House (yummy burgers, but I like their veggie sandwich best), Five Guys, (East Coast version of In N Out), Millie's Diner (also AMAZING brunch), and Sticky Rice (funky americanized sushi).. There's so much here, and it's only an hour's drive.

ps. I've been reading your blog for a long time now, and I love it. Haven't commented before- hell I'm normally just a lurker, but you're so close to my neighborhood, I figure I should say something... Good Luck!

janet / December 28, 2007 2:40 PM

please take picture of mysterious korean chewy dish that tristan asked me about if you guys get it. i think it is ddukbokki (so many double letters!) but i've never seen it served with noodles. so over the top starch palace!

have a happy new years!

Nancy / December 28, 2007 9:52 PM

I don't have any additions to the huge list that you already have. I just wanted to send a note of thanks and appreciation for all the fun that your blog gives. You are so funny! I could not possibly eat a fraction of what you and your friends eat so I get a lot of vicarious pleasure in reading and looking at your photos.

Laura / December 29, 2007 4:55 PM

BTW, if you guys do decide to come to Richmond, let me know, I would love to show you around.

Plus I think your friend Tristan is hot. He must have a gf, right? Never mind, ignore that. And don't tell him cause that would be weird... wait this is the internet. Okay never mind, I'm confusing myself.

Have fun!

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