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Back from Charlottesville

on the way to DC
My best friend while driving


2. This is just a heads up to say that I got back from Charlottesville on Tuesday night and HELL, I'M TIRED.

Of course, I want to write about my adventures—which ended up being less food-filled than I had planned—but I may not have time for a while because I'm working and Tristan came back to NJ with me to hang out. I am slowly updating my flickr page in case you want something to look at and read in Robyn-speak.

Why did the weekend not end up being a gorge-fest? A combination of places not being open as late as we would've hoped and New Year's Eve being a good time for restaurants to close. Oops. Oh well, I wouldn't want to work on New Year's Eve either.

I didn't even go to the Downtown Mall and I was something like a 10 minute walk from it. I KNOW, I SUCK. However, I did get to go to Spudnuts! Oh, The Blognut would be so proud. But I didn't get to go to Chaps. And thus the proudness recedes...

Eating kind of took a backseat to just hanging out and...yes, mostly that. My most awesome meal was at Aqui Es Mexico. Because anything with horchata and pupusas is awesome. Don't you known it. (I also had awesome Ethiopian food and gelato in Washington DC.)

Annnnd that's my little update. Hope to have a real one soon.


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