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Burger-Loving Army, Send Me Your Reviews, Plz

bulgogi burger with rice patties
A rice bun burger from Lotteria.

For those who don't know, one of my major tasks at Serious Eats is editing A Hamburger Today, our hamburger-centric blog. I recently put up a post by Lee Anne about burgers in Taipei, which got good feedback. Overall, I'd like to increase coverage of burgers around the world, whether or not the burgers are appealing to an American palate, assuming they're popular with the locals. I'm interested in documenting how the idea of an American burger is translated around the world, like the rice bun burger I ate from Lotteria in Seoul or the burger I ate in Iceland.

And that's where you come in. Methinks I have a good number of readers outside of the US, and out of those, a bunch of burger lovers. If you find a great American-style burger in Vietnam, I'd like to hear about it. And if Vietnamese people have made their own version of a burger, I'd like to hear about that too. Stuff like that. Etc.

If you're interested in contributing, whether you're in the US or not, please email Burger reviews don't have to be as long as the ones linked above; they could just be a photo with a short description. But if you want to be more complete, here are some guidelines.

Another note: I'm trying to round up "atypical fast food burgers in Asia" for a possible post (akin to my Top Ten Crazy Asian Pizza Crusts post). If you have any suggestions, please let me know!


Ezra / November 10, 2009 9:15 AM

As you may know, I'm in a small Tibetan town in Western China. I've been here for about a month and a half, and I leave in a couple weeks. There's a little restaurant I've sort of been meaning to try (but also trying to avoid) that supposedly is a Western-style fast food burgers 'n fries kind of place. It's name? "Manhattan." I guess I better go before I leave, and I better take pictures and write a review.

roboppy / November 11, 2009 12:24 AM

FN: Oooo...that sounds good. Thanks for the rec!

Maggie: ME TOO! far I haven't gotten much, but YEEEAH I'm gonna stay positive. [sits in a corner and sobs]

Sandy: Ahh, that looks good! TOASTY BUNS! FRIED EGGS! Deliciousness.

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