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mm, non alcoholic John nom noms take some pork...TAKE IT TAKE MOAR POOORK FAIL FOCUS CAKE NUB!!

On Monday I braved the roads of Jersey City and blindly followed my GPS to the pork-filled haven that was Michelle's and Brian's Memorial Day Smoke-A-Thon. I didn't eat nearly as many ribs as I should've (should eaten like 20 of em, you know), but it was a most satisfying way to spend a hot afternoon: with pork, soda, and friends. Not necessarily in that order. Besides the pork overload, there was also Marc's fire and ice opera cake to partially fill my belly. That's another thing I should've eaten more of. OH GOD, IT'S NEVER ENOUGH.

Thanks so much to Michelle for inviting me and my pork-loving friends to her home to help decrease her pork supply. That's one of my most favorite activities!


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