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Crazy Asian Pizza Crusts: Give Me the Love!

Indeed, I am proud of this hideous collage!

So I wrote this Top Ten Crazy Asian Pizza Crusts post on Slice with the hope that people would love it and cherish it and coddle it like a Gund teddy bear, but so far it's kinda just sitting there and silently dying in a dark corner of the Internet. The length of time it took to write the post was around "really freakin' long," mostly because it required cutting out 99% of the East Asian pizza data I had accrued over the past week. There's a lot of it out there, dude.

If you want to make me feel less like a bucket of fail, please check out the post (the kind of post I would never write here) and Digg it. And if anyone is willing to airmail me some pizza from Japan or Korea, I'm open to that as well.

Update (2/27/08): Woo, I noticed that you guys have been clicking through and sometimes commenting! Thanks for the loooove!


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