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Latest Gothamist post is up

hold the vowels

My latest Gothamist post is up. Contribute to the burger madness!

Also, as Doug pointed out, yes, having my survey linked from Serious Eats skews the results a bit. 63% of the people who've taken it are members of SE, for instance. But it wasn't a very thoroughly made survey to begin with. So! [insert shrug, smiles] I've gotten more than 700 responses so far, which is amazing. Anyway, even with just my blog I'm targeting a food community conscious crowd to begin with, so I think the results are still valuable to my essay. Which is currently very far away from completion.


I'll have a real entry coming this weekend, promise!


e / May 9, 2007 4:35 PM

If you get at least 1500 responses, it won't matter that such a large percentage came from SE readers, even with a skewed distribution, 1500 responses is enough for the Central Limit Therom to take effect and give you reasonable statistics.

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