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latest Parisist post is up

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My latset Parisist entry is up...a few days late.

Trust me, I so so sososo want to write a real entry, but I'm overwhelmed with material to the point that I can't devote a decent block of time/concentration to writing what I want. My past week has went something like this:

Yesterday: Didn't do well on computer programming final, went chocolate shopping, stayed home for dinner, attempted to study psychology.

Monday: Met up with Kathryn, old roommate from freshman year who's in Paris for her vacation, roamed around aimlessly for a few hours and ate lunch, went home, went back out for dinner with two school mates, Callie and Whitney.

Sunday: Met up with Janice, Adelyn and Mare for lunch and Christmas market browsing at La Defense, also chatted over hot chocolate and coffee, braved the overcrowded Fnac in attempt to find books I wanted, went home very sleepy, possible took a nap, went back out for ducktastic dinner with Yann.

Saturday: Full day of Belgium hopping in Brugges and Brussels with Val, started out with craptastic weather, found out that Brugges and Brussels are really really crowded, had a good time but would rather not go back to either place unless I had a better plan or knew someone who lived there.

Friday: Spent maybe 5 hours working on that crappy Buddhism paper, went out to a crepe dinner with Alex, said goodbye, felt sad.

Thursday: Went to the Basilica of Saint Denis with Annie, ate a gyro lunch, went out for dinner with Val and her friends to Saint Michel and got more gyro action and a crepe, worked on crappy essay.

Wednesday: Had crappy history quiz, met up with Adelyn to go kitchen supply and cook book shopping, saw "Flushed Away" with Alex and ate gelato afterwards.

[deep breath]

So that's what I've been up to. Along with attempting to study. Which isn't working, seeing as how I'm in the school computer lab right now with my psychology book open and I'm not exactly taking notes on it. I wouldn't even remember what I did if I didn't take photos of everything. My brain doesn't take notes; my camera does. Sad.

I still haven't bought the majority of my Christmas gifts (although I did make a chart of what to get for whom to help myself out) and god knows my packing plan is to do it all on Friday night. I have two more finals to go and then I can relax a smidge...before figuring out how much money I need to buy gifts. And how to carry them around. Apparently all my mum wants are madeleines (although I will of course also get her chocolates and macarons). Now all I have to do is find the best, freshest madeleines! Weehee! Uhh!

Please show commenting love on Parisist. Now I will TAKE SOME MORE NOTES, OOH YESSS, and then eat with Annie, and then not bomb my French final.


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