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Latest Parisist post is up

Gerard Mulot chocs weenie cakes king of the macarons IMG_5660 IMG_5659 IMG_5658 heart shaped chocs
mm, tastes like diabetes

Sometimes I recycle material from this blog to write for Parisist, but sometimes I...don't. My latest Parisist post is up with NON-RECYCLED MATERIAL, O-M-G. Which isn't necessarily good or bad. I have to admit that since the Parisist post goes up Monday morning, I usually write it late on a Sunday night when the activity level of my brain resembles a stagnant lake with a layer of algae scum peacefully floating on top...because everything else in the lake has died...

It's nice that Parisist is giving me practice with writing on a schedule though. Now I'm sure that I am doomed in whatever future job I may hold, if it involves writing on a regular schedule.

On that note of having trouble writing blog entries, I injected my neglected vox blog with actual content, thus continuing the pattern of trading sleeping time for blog writing time. It won't be food based (I think I have that blog down), but I'll use it for mp3s, photos and some babbling, if that interests you.

Unless I die tomorrow, my next entry should be awesome. You will see. :)


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