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UPDATE (8/5): Thank you all for the contributions! $400 in less than 4 guys are amazing. My website shall live for another few years. :)


There's a first time for everything. (Or maybe I'm getting desperate.)

Explanation is on the dropcash page, but I'll post it here too. If you're not with Paypal's merchant fees, they charge 2.9% + $0.30 for every transaction. Translation: if you only have 30 cents, you should keep it.

Update (8/4): Holy crap, you guys are fast! You contributed 50% of my goal in about 24 hours. I don't actually need to get new hosting until next year—I just started the campaign now since my birthday is coming up. And even that is a few weeks away.

I'm surprised by everyone's quick generosity, mostly from people who I've never heard from before! But I shouldn't be surprised, eh? My readers are naturally sweet people. Maybe because they're happily carb-stuffed. :] Thank you!


I've been funding my website-making endeavors for the past 5 years without ever intending to make money from my websites through the use of ads or selling pieces of my soul. My websites don't get enough page views to make ads worth it (besides that they're ugly) and my soul...well, it's not worth much.

But then I thought that maybe, juuuust maybe, someone would want to give back. "Someone" as in one person. Or more than one, I'm not sure.

August 27th marks my 21st birthday, aka "the big one". ...No, wait, I think that's 50. Or 100. 21 is also significant though because now I can *legally* get drunk! Not that I want to. I'm just excited at the prospect of not being turned away from stupid 21+ venues.

What am I talking about? Uh. Oh yeah, birthday time! If anyone wants to wish me a happy birthday in more than just words by donating a smidge of moolah to my website fund, that would be awesome to the millionth power. I'm planning to use Media Temple as my new host and go with the 5 GB plan, which is about $15 a month. $400 is my goal because it's a nice round number and will cover at least two years of hosting plus some domain names costs (I own six domain names, yes'm).

Do I expect to make $400?, not unless my readers are insanely generous. It's not like I'm raising money for any great cause, unfortunately. If I didn't raise any money, then I'd just pay for this stuff like I usually do: from the ol' bankeroo! Sweet sweet bankeroo. Blogging and building websites takes a buttload of time, but it's not as though it's a job I expect to be paid for.


...I mean, I love the Internets! And you.

Thanks for reading this far and perhaps considering giving me something. I just hope it's not out of boredom.


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