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sorry, this isn't food related

It's unlikely that many people reading this would be interested in this post,, it's my blog. And it's shilling time!

I'm selling a gazillion (er, okay, about 20) Beck related magazines on eBay, along with a gazillion Radiohead magazines and Bjork magazines. There's just too much stuff in my room and I need to start dumping the goods. I don't know if any of it is valuable, but I'm counting on some crazy fans to buy my junk. Isn't that what eBay is for? Yeeeah?

Also, I need some moolah. It turns out that going to Norway costs a lot. Hoho!

So. Erm. If any of these things interest you, bid away! Indulge in glossy stacks of outdated periodicals. Links and images follow:

20+ Beck mags
20+ Radiohead mags
8 Bjork mags

Also, I decided that I'm going to return the Sigma lens and not get a new one until I've made more money. Which is going to take forever at the rate that I'm going. A nice lens can wait. Hell, I have two cameras...(shakes head)...yup, that's excessive. Thanks to the photographers for their suggestions!


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