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sandwich meetup this wednesday

For people who are going to Kitchen Secrets this Wednesday (or not, but just want sandwiches), I plan to go to Starwich (6th Ave and 38th Street) at around 5:30 for some dinner before heading to the lecture. If you want to meet up and would like my cell phone number, email me. Update (6/20): GAAH I've been put on a diet that doesn't include sandwiches (no wheat), Nevermind.

random food related things

Norway to house seeds in doomsday vault [contributed by HML]. A Noah's Ark for up to 3 million seeds will be smooshed inside a Norwegian mountain. "Its purpose is to ensure the survival of crop diversity in the event of plant epidemics, nuclear war, natural disasters or climate change, and to offer the world a chance to restart growth of food crops that may have been wiped out." Let's plan for our doom, kiddies!!! Now all we gotta do is stop crapping up the planet and...yeah.

Bread in a can, bread in can!!!...we're doomed.


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