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Pommes Frites, Indian Bread Co, and Crosby Connection: I haven't had a piece of fruit in days

Fruit. I really need fruit. An orange? An apple? Something that has phytonutrients? Knowing my laziness, I probably won't make that 10-15 minute trek to Chinatown for oranges tomorrow. But I should.

frites of the pommes

Especially after eating potato sticks cooked in a large, frothing vat of hot oil until golden, crispy, and heart clogging-ly delicious.

Pommes Frites
Pommes Frites

It wasn't planned, but after seeing the mind boggling Drawing Restraint 9 (if you have a vaseline fetish, this movie's fer yewww!) Nathan and I went to Pommes Frites, the legendary french fry hole-in-the-wall that I had been meaning to go to for ages, yet never found the right opportunity for. It's not a meal, and it's not a dessert (actually, if they had some kind of sweet whipped cream topping, it could be a dessert...a gross one). I wouldn't say it's much of a snack either. After passing the overly crowded Japan Town block of St. Mark's, I decided this was the time to disregard everything my mum told me about the death-filled properties of heated oil (once you cook it, the oil particles acquire little daggers and nunchucks and they kill you, ninja-style...oh yeah, I am not a nutritionist) and see what all the fuss was about.

vat of oil
vat of oil

Potato sticks from the ginormous bowl go right into that equally ginormous vat of frothy oil. It churns with anger and the anticipation of crispifying little helpless potato sticks. I wouldn't want to be near that thing. Hell, once I burned myself pan-frying eggplant with just a weeny bit of oil. Because kitchens do not like me.

sauce dispensers sauces
sauce dispensers...and sauce

There was no question that we'd share the regular size (which is the smallest size, so make sure yo bring someone with you to share the calories with if you ever go here), but with what sauce? Uh. Crap. There are more than 25 choices, which is 24 more than I'm accustomed to. We ended up getting sundried tomato mayo and "War Sauce" (frites sauce, peanut satay sauce & onion). I think I liked the tomato mayo more, but they were both good. I mean, you can't go wrong with mayo, right? But to whoever invented mayo, what the hell were you thinking? "Boy oh boy, I bet this egg and this oil will go swimmingly together!" Ah well, hats off to you.

Nathan eats
Nathan eats

For once you don't have to see an action shot of myself stuffing my face. Because I DO NOT ALWAYS STUFF MY FACE. Sometimes I just sit here and breathe air, unobstructed by food. At that second, Nathan's air passage was obstructed by ginormous golden crispy tasty fry. Mmm, breathe in the oil...[rubs belly]

The fries were large, crispy, and burst forth with the, "Oh man, I shouldn't be eating this since it's so unhealthy, but it's taste so good, and I'm probably going to get cancer someday anyway so why deny my fate?" idea, although disappointingly a large percentage of the fries were uber-short and not very conducive to being comfortably dipped in the sauces. The bottom of the cone of fries, at first looking like an explosion of fat potato sticks, left us with small, brown crispy potato nubs whose other purpose was "oil capsule". Hm. Well. The fries were definitely better than what I've had elsewhere with its uber-crispy-outtards-and-soft-innards thing going for it, so if you haven't tried it and you're not afraid of death-by-deep-fat-fryer, go to Pommes Frites.

Indian Bread Co seating
Indian Bread Co

Due to Piccola's recommendation, I decided to try Indian Bread Co for lunch yesterday. As a sign of my devotion to this blog, I went despite not being hungry and having a funkily upset stomach overall. Which didn't get much better after the meal.

this photo is screaming to be photoshopped

This is NOT what I ate yesterday; this is what I ate when I first went to Indian Bread Co on January 15th, 2005. (You probably didn't notice this, but I have an uber old gallery of crappy photos, a relic of my non-flickr past. And then flickr came into my life and all was good! Rainbows and unicorns appeared! ...No, I wasn't under the influence.) I forgot what the exact name of this was, but it had lamb. What I do remember is thinking that it was alright, but kinda disappointing. It was really thin and didn't have enough of the bread or meat part for one to skew it in the direction of, "Hey, that meat was good," or "Hey, that bread was good". It was just "...Yeah, that was okay."

spicy lamb vindaloo naanini
spicy lamb vindaloo naanini

The spicy lamb vindaloo naanini (like a panini, but Indian, GET IT?!) was a lot better than whatever I got before. The bread was like a cracker in that it was really crispy (you could snap it) and thus was able to support the weight of the meaty innards when other flatbread might flop over, but it still retained bready qualities, such as...having moisture. Being chewy. Not being a giant cracker, which wouldn't make for a very satisfying sandwich.

spicy lamb vindaloo naanini
glistening meeaaat

There was plenty of spicy, chopped lamb meat (with a bit of potatoes and onions) in between the flat, crispy carb planks. I could only eat half of the sandwich since I wasn't very hungry, but I suspect that the spicyness also prevented me from eating too much. When something is labeled with the word "spicy", they mean it. It won't make you cry, but I think something in my burned away at the inner lining of my mouth. Yeah. It wasn't that bad (the inner lining of my mouth still exists!), but there is definitely some mouth-searing action to be suffered if you get the spicy lamb. Obviously, just get one of the non-spicy options, unless you like spicyness, which I do. Besides the mouth searing part.

And then...more suffering. My slightly weird feeling stomach continued to feel weird after eating the sandwich, possibly increasing my body temperature by a few degrees. I don't know what spices they used, but you might have a reaction to em. Your gastro-intestinal system will feel toasty. Keep in mind my stomach wasn't in great condition before then, so you might be find after eating this. I'm just a wuss.

panini press

For Thursday's lunch, I went back to Crosby Connection. Yes, this place requires multiple I can try every sandwich.. I decided to go for a hot sandwich instead of cold like I have the past two times. See their panini press? I liked the bricks. ;)

panini 56
panini 56

The panini 56 contained smoked mozzerella, sundried tomatoes, sweet roasted peppers, fresh basil, and other stuff I can't remember. It was so good that despite not being very hungry I ate the whole damn sandwich. One half of a sandwich is already enough for a meal (last week I split one sandwich between lunch and dinner), but I ATE THE WHOLE DAMN THING. Yes, I did suffer the consequences; my stomach felt like a bloated whale...had exploded inside my stomach. That's worst than just feeling like a bloated whale, by the way. Besides that, I was really thirsty, thus drinking lots of water, thus adding liquid to whatever chewed up sandwich goo that was already in my stomach, thus giving my stomach something else to churn while trying to digest the sandwich goo. The result was the release of Italian-flavored vapors whose only method of escape was through excessive burping. (Okay, the burping was more the result of my inability to eat at a slow, reasonable pace. When I eat alone, I practically hoover my food.)

...Why am I telling you this? Well. As tasty as a sandwich may be, control yourself. Don't eat the whole thing unless you're really hungry (perhaps you should fast the day before). Don't add a layer of water to your stomach if it's already filled with sandwich goo. Or you may get Italian burps.

...Damn, that sandwich was good. Fresh basil is one of my favorite things, and those layers of soft, smoked mozzerella? [drool] It's a dangerously tasty combination.


jane / April 8, 2006 2:22 PM

ohhh this post is perfect for elaborating on the grease trucks @ rutgers!! there is a series of sandwiches with derogatory names such as "fat (female dog)", "fat (insert ethnicity)" late one night this guy was drunk and went to a grease truck (mobile kitchens, kinda like the kabob people in the city) and asked the man to make him a sandwich with everything he was craving bc it would have been wayyy too expensive for him to order each thing onto the roll were placed french fries, mozzerella sticks, steak, chicken cutlet, marinara, some kind of other sauce...and then angels sung...these sandwiches are prob the worst things you can eat but THEYRE SO GOOD!! who knew that drunk people could have such an impact upon society?? and good taste??

Tokyo / April 8, 2006 3:54 PM

Good call on Pommes frites. That's been on the unwritten portion of my NY food to-do list for some time. And thanks to your prodding I'm adding it to my written list. And i really should give the Indian Bread Co. another try.

chochotte / April 8, 2006 3:54 PM

Those aren't fries...

...they're chips! Proper British chips! Or so they look, anyway. Was one of the options salt and vinegar? It ought to be; it's the best way, believe me!

So do you not usually eat fries? Cos they're all made that way, those aren't any more 'dangerous' to health than most.

Jenn / April 8, 2006 7:04 PM

this is not sandwich related or fries related, but it is food related.
I am going to tell you about one of my more favorite dumpling places, because you like dumplings, possibly more than I do. Mandoo Bar. They be Korean dumpling places. There are two in nyc. One is on 32nd St. in K-town, The other is somewhere on the lower eastside (10th st,?). The lower east side one has more veggie options and a less "natural" feeling in decor. I don't know. don't ask. but go and enjoy. :) there's also other yummy korean foods.

also, if you like Indian bread, and I think you do, there's an Indian chain restaurant called Baluchi's that has 50% off their entire menu everyday between 12 and 3 PM. eat-in only. Go with a friend one day and jsut order all of their bread. totally. I wanted to try that one time, but the samosas and vegge jalfrazie called to me with their siren-like voices. and they were good to me. :) I'm not knowledgable about Indian food so i can't guarentee authenticity, but it tastes good.

also, you probably don't care, but i'm going to tell you anyway, i tried these new fruits called tangelos. they are tastyyy. they're a hybrid of grapefruit and tangerine, apparently.

piccola / April 8, 2006 7:31 PM

oh nooooo - so sorry you suffered naanini-pains. i must now return my foodie badge of honor.

lutkie / April 8, 2006 7:40 PM

I HATE Indian Bread Co. It's way overpriced, and NOT authentic. However, I do want to go to crosby connection.

Mahar / April 8, 2006 8:53 PM

Oh Robyn....

My heart stopped for you. Really. For just one nano-second, I thought I was suffering cardiac arrest. Maybe it was the description of deep fat frying that did it.

Or maybe it's because I read you ate THE WHOLE SANDWICH. Yikes.

Me wants yer food.

roboppy / April 8, 2006 10:01 PM

Jane: Thanks for the grease truck overview. ;) That sandwich actually sounds familiar, although I don't know where I read about it. It also sounds really scary. I mean...that's not a sandwich. That's a buffet table in a bun. Probably tastes good, eh? Maybe I'll eat one (giant) bite. :)


chochotte: I think it's easier for me to call em fries if I'm catering to a primarily American audience...which I think I am? :) (Not that I mean to imply that Americans don't know what "chips" are, but it can be a confusing vocabulary difference. I remember in Taiwan I had some friends who called fries chips, but then would Americanize their vocab for me...yeeah.) There are many kinds of fries, but I don't really differentiate between em. Cos. I don't care, bwahaha!...I'm lazy.

Yup, salt & vinegar was an option. A free one, I think. :) That is good stuff!

Oh, I don't eat fries much, and I didn't meant to imply that these were worse than any other. All fries are bad for you, haha. But so delicious. :)

Jenn: Mandooooo! I've actually been there once (the non K-Town location is actually around the West Village/Central Village area on University Place; LES is below Houston Street...sorry, I don't mean to get so techincal, hehe) and I remember trying a yummy dumpling. Come to think of it, why haven't I been back?! Insane. I should go back, yesm. Maybe the K-Town one is cooler and probably has better decor since the one closer to me is quite small and minimal.

I've passed Baluchi's a lot (I work right near one) but...haven't tried it! I should order all the bread, good recommendation!

Tangelo! I think I've had that before. I like all citrus fruits, but I tend to like navel oranges the most. Boring, eh? Actually, i'm not a huge fan of grapefruit, but I think that's more due to the messiness factor than the taste.

piccola: NONO, you can keep the foodie badge! I'm a wuss for having a weird stomach. It was a good sandwich, just a little too spicy for my stomach lining, hehe!

lutkie: Aww, hate? It's not that bad or expensive...I mean, that sandwich lasted me two meals, hehe. As for authenticity, ooh that could be the subject of a food debate. But that reminds me of school, so I won't go there. :)

Man, if we could go to CC together, we can try TWO SAMMICHES.

aussieyam: [hands over a tissue]

Mahar: Dude, I dunno why I'm still alive. I kinda wish I knew what the insides of my blood vessels looked like,, I'd also be scared to see the build up of CRAP.

The whole sandwich. Yes. (hangs head in shame)

lui / April 8, 2006 11:41 PM

hi i read your other blogs and i got the links from your beck site.
i'm from taiwan. tas is the best school ever! :]
fries and panini are my fav hi i read your other blogs and i got the links from your beck site.
i'm from taiwan. tas is the best school ever! :]
fries and panini are my fav

Adam / April 9, 2006 12:09 AM

I think my girl and I saw you and Nathan walking to Pommes Frites. Did you walk through Washington Square Park around 9:30, 10 p.m.?

ed / April 9, 2006 4:37 AM

hmm..i've been craving for panini lately. even tried making some eggplant panini at home...except i had to use very unconventional methods to press the bread...

Leslie / April 9, 2006 4:48 AM

Oh, sweet Jesus, get me outta Paradise & on a plane to NYC ASAP!!! This Maui girl is so tired of 'plate lunches'! :)

RONW / April 9, 2006 3:34 PM

BTW, how large are those fries in comparison to regular fries....can't tell by the pics alone. Just out of curiosity, how much were they? And the sheer number of sauce dispensers.... "Tangelos" have been around from the 60's.

roboppy / April 10, 2006 12:20 AM

Lui: Whoa, from my beck site!...that's a new referal. Fries and paninis are awesome! Too bad they don't usually come together. And yes, TAS = BEST PLACE EVER!!!

ADAM SPOTTED US, WHOA. Unfortunately, I did not spot Adam.

Ed: ...I guess you don't want to elaborate on the unconventional methods.

Leslie: Dude, I'd love a plate lunch! Let's switch!

RONW: The fries are...larger. Twice as large? Sorry, I didn't have a measuring tape on me. ;) They're pretty chunky. It was $5.50 for the regular size with two sauces, $4 just for the fries.

Cathy / April 10, 2006 8:57 AM

I hate that "overstuffed whale" feeling too. I felt like that on Saturday when I went to the Chinese buffet and gorged like I was preparing for hibernation. But with a sandwich like that I'm sure it's hard not to eat the whole thing. I understand completely. Sometimes it just can't be helped. :)

Ani / April 10, 2006 12:39 PM

Oh my gosh. Genius! A store that sells only Indian bread. MY FAVORITE!!!! I must go. Why are all the good restaurants downtown? I was sad to see the Plumpling house close down:(

roboppy / April 10, 2006 9:43 PM

Cathy: Oh no, buffets scare me! God knows I used to go to them all the time in NJ, but in NYC, definitely not. In Taiwan I went to them all the time, but buffets in Taiwan aren't full of Chinese-American food. :) Anyhoo, strangely perhaps I don't usually eat THAT much at buffets, but I eat a lot of crappy things I wouldn't normally eat. All that variety is scary.

Ani: DOWNTOWN IS AWESOME! :D Oh yeah, the Plumpling House...I wasn't sure what to think of that. The chocolate one was interesting, basically a block of chocolate wrapped in dough, hehe.

mike / April 11, 2006 2:36 AM

wow, at first it was your funny tshirt, then it was presstoast,,, but now i must try indian bread co,,, i've been meaning to but never pushed myself to go.

i had the best pommes last week, i was drunk and ready for some greasy food so sop up the alcohol before i had to drive back =/

mike king / April 11, 2006 4:56 PM

Pommes Frites are pretty okay, but they don't compare to the best that Belgium has to offer, unfortunately. Nonetheless, when I have a craving and no ticket to Antwerpen in hand...

roboppy / April 12, 2006 12:01 AM

mike: PUSH! ...Actually, I was so planning to go to Taim today. And then I totally didn't. Eh. Late night at Pommes Frites seems to attrack the drinkers, ehe. (Actually, I had rarely ever been out on a Friday night and really had no idea that so many people were out and about...drinking. The loud shouting and whatnot from the bars was new to me.)

other mike!: I'M SURE THEY DON'T. (sob) Belgium is on "The List". Fried stuff...oh yeah...

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