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Grimaldi's and Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (and a bit about sweetriot)

When is it okay to eat pizza and ice cream? If you don't care about your health, it's totally fine when it's awesome pizza and awesome ice cream (actually, if you really don't care then it's fine to eat unawesome pizza and unawesome ice cream...but that would suck). I was about to say that it's not a combination I eat much, but then I remembered that my last pizza outing to Luzzo's was accompanied by a stop at Il Laboratorio del Gelato. Now it's a theme. Crap.


I went to Grimaldi's for a flickr food meet. When I got there, I realized....wait, I don't know anyone; how is this going to work out? I only knew Allen, who couldn't answer my calls because his cell phone died. He called me from a payphone to tell me he'd be late.

DEAR HUMANS: Please have your cell phone. I've missed three fooding opportunities in the past because someone didn't have their cell phone (one was last night). If you have it, charge it. Plug it in. Embed it in your skull. I don't really care. Allen did meet up with us so it was fine, but you have no idea how much it stresses me out when I try to contact someone through their phone and they don't answer because they don't have it or it died. Besides that I'm sad for a missed fooding opportunity, I also have to alter my schedule around the supposed fooding opportunity. When it doesn't happen, I feel like I wanted a chunk of my life. I don't think I've mentioned this pet peeve of mine before,, remember it now. I'm not saying I'm always punctual, but I think I always have my cell phone when I need it most. Hell, people don't even call me that often.

I was worried because everyone was late due to crapped up subways. I wanted to leave when the 1 PM meeting time came and went, but since I knew Allen was coming, I stayed put. Most of the people eventually turned up though, resulting in MASSIVE FOODING, OH OH OH, HERE IT COMES!


...But first! Grimaldi's is rather small, hence the line outside the door. Our party of 10 was split into four and six, but after a couple next to our 6-table moved, we shoved our detached party of four into our row. Six of us shared two pizzas while the other four people shared one.

garlic and basil

If you order a pizza with basil, you get a smattering of basil. If you order garlic, you will get a bucket of garlic. Hm. I'd prefer more basil, but that's okay. I was burping garlic all after the meal. Did you need to know that? Of course not.

slice upskirt
slice, upskirt

Keeping in mind that I haven't eaten that much pizza in general, this is the best crust I've ever tasted. "Smokey", as Allen said. "Un-floppy and a bit crispy", as I said. My determination to finish every last bit of crust resulted in a sore jaw, but that's alright, COS I LOVE MY CARBS. The cheese was great; it had substance and sweetness, not like that tasteless semi-transluscent goop. I ate three slices of this pizza. Yup.

another pizza!
another pizza!

Our other pizza was topped with sundried tomatoes and sausage. Good stuff, of course. I'm not sure what else to say. If you like sundried tomatoes and sausage, THIS IS FOR YOU. If you don't, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. I don't care, so THIS IS IN THE MIDDLE FOR ME.

last slice
half a slice

The other four people couldn't finish their one pie. How is it that six of us finished two while four couldn't finish one? I can do the math, and that math just ain't right, kind of like my grammar. Although I could've eaten the whole slice, I split it with someone else to be that much less gluttonous, which admittedly isn't ...much. Hm. This pizza had more deliciousness and heart-stopping qualities than our two pizzas, as it was topped with extra cheese, basil, pepperoni, sausage, and garlic (and god knows what else). The extra cheese really does make a difference. I may as well just eat a blog of cheese topped with bread and tomato sauce. All the meat made it uber meat-tastic (embracing swine and cattle!).

I ended up eating 4.5 slices of pizza. No one else ate that much, apparently. I beat everyone? That's bad. Although I'm a college student, perhaps at the peak of my metabolic performance for the rest of my life, my metabolism isnt't that good. One thing I've noticed is that my skin is strangely clear (don't worry, I went through a pizza face phase in 8th grade) despite that it shouldn't be. Or am I just healthier than I think I am?

...HAHAHAHA, god, I doubt it. My intestines are literally full of crap. And dead bacteria.

But we must move on, as there is more gluttony to be seen.

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

Somewhat evil-y down the street from Grimaldi's is the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. You can't just step out of Grimaldi's and not notice the cute ice cream filled house at the end of the street. Can't. Unless you're lactose intolerant, perhaps. Even then, you'd still be drawn to the creamy delights against your digestive system's wishes. None of us was lactose intolerant, so we made our way to the factory of ice cream (perhaps the best kind of factory).


Even though there are only eight flavors, I still had trouble deciding. "Vanilla? Chocolate? VANILLA AND CHOCOLATE? Butter pecan? CHOC? MY BRAIN IS OVERLOADED." There was also the problem of deciding between one scoop or two. Tough choice, eh? I'm sure you can guess which path I took.

vanilla chocolate chip and butter pecan
two scoops for extra death

Yes, two scoops. EAT THAT. Wait. Don't eat that; it's mine. I went with vanilla chocolate chip and butter pecan because I can't recall the last time I got either of those ice cream flavors. How was it? SO FREAKIN' GOOD. Softer and creamier than the leading competitor, whoever that may be. I attribute these qualities to good ice cream factory-ing, good ingredients, and loooove. While Il Laboratorio del Gelato wins for my favorite flavors, this might win for my favorite texture. Creamy. Smooth. Fat. Things that end in -icious. I tried Allen's peaches and cream and it was just okay (could've used more peach flavor), but butter pecan is good.

chocolate covered double stuffed oreo

Alice, who coordinated the flickr meet, made a crapload of delicious chocolate covered white chocalte drizzled double stuffed Oreos for us. Aww! We each got three...meaning that I ate three. (hangs head in shame) That stuff is full of jittery sugary goodness. Thanks for the dessert, Alice!


Speaking of sugary things, sweetriot was nice enough to send me some of their chocolate covered cacao nibs. They're officially the first food company to ever give me free stuff. Although I've hoped for it, I never thought I'd actually get offered food, especially chocolate, through sharing gluttonous babbling with the world. Sweetriot is on top of the game--they even have a blog. As you can see, their packaging is very cute and well designed. I don't need these little containers, but I'm going to keep them anyway, to store...something. Hell, I'll find a use for em. It's a simple design, but cooler than a standard cardboard or tin box.


The first time I tried sweetriot was at the Chocolate Show last fall. They stood out as having the most enthusiastic chocolate team clad in matching lab coat-ish coats (...yeah, that was the stupidest description ever) while weilding "protest" signs. Cute, eh? My friend bought a few containers and really liked them.


I like em too. They're crunchy little chocolate bits. Do you not like chocolate or crunch? Hells no! The only problem with this snack is that you can eat the whole thing waaay too quickly if you're not conscious about your consumption. Then again, all tasty things are like that. Dammit.


Therese Sua / April 2, 2006 3:02 AM

if I were totally serious about losing weight, I really wouldn't be reading your blog. But there you go ;D

I checked out sweetriot, and the About page is simply amazing. I wish they sold it here, or I wish I could go to the US, but sadly, I am already a corporate junkie....well, not so corporate, 'coz I work for PETA, but...yeah, my time is no longer my own.

Wants to lose weight+wants to eat all the yummy food=NOT possible, LOL

Keep on blogging! :D

one girl / April 2, 2006 10:32 AM

Good to hear you enjoyed Grimaldi's! I forgot all about the Ice Cream Factory... Have you been to Junior's for Cheesecake? Another important Brooklyn food stop :) Thanks for the great food porn!

Adam / April 2, 2006 12:13 PM

"Six of us shared two pizzas while the other four people shared one."

Say wha? Three pizzas among ten people is WEAK. You needed five pies at least! Especially thin, thin Grimaldi's. Roboppy: I hope you did your part at least! ;)

Adam / April 2, 2006 12:16 PM

OMG. I don't even want to think about the photo-nerdiness that went on before you could even eat! Ten Flickr-ers getting shots for posterity!?! My friends find it bad enough when it's just me taking pre-eats pix. Looks like it was fun, though. Now I'm hungry for Grimaldi's.

roboppy / April 2, 2006 1:33 PM

Therese: If I were serious about losing weight, I WOULD GET A NEW HOBBY THAT DOESN'T INVOLVE FOOD BLOGGING. :(

Oh well! Um.

You work for Peta? Not too corporate is it?

one girl: Forgot about the ice cream factory? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!!??!! Seriously! ;) I went to Junior's once and recall being unable to finish a slice cos IT WAS SO FREAKIN' HUGE, OH GOD. Tasty though.

Adam: I thought the group of four was going to get two pizzas; I was surprised when only one came out! Granted, their one pizza had a gazillion toppings on it, but..!!! I agree, weak. But can you believe that I ATE THE MOST SLICES OUT OF EVERYONE? What is this monstrosity?! I didn't think it was a lot but then everyone was surprised by how much I ate!

Yeah, quite a bit of photo nerdiness went on. There was an action shot of a slice being pulled away with the cheese stretching in betweeeen...mmmm...


Kathy / April 2, 2006 4:00 PM

Oh, hoho - you're pictures never cease to amaze me, not to mention make me hungry! I haven't had a good pizza crust in a while, gah, basil and garlic, bring it on! (still lusting over that truffle one at Luzzo's) I wish I was there to watch all the flashes go off as soon as the pizza was set on the table. It's always funny to watch the waiter's reaction :)

Ani / April 2, 2006 7:32 PM

There is a Flckr food group? How does one join? Are the people nice? How often do you meet and what not? Thank you.

roboppy / April 2, 2006 11:18 PM

Kathy: That truffle pizza is still my favorite. If only it had Grimaldi's crust! Ooohhh...

I think I've gotten to the point where I don't notice other people's reactions anymore. Today when I went to Grey Dog though, I overheard someone say, "She's taking a photo," while I was ...uh, taking a photo of my french toast. >__RONW: Glad you like em. :) MACRO PWNZ.

Ani: Ohh, it's not a real group per se. It's the first time we ever met. The meet was open to...well, anyone on flickr who wanted to go (like those of us who take too many food photos, hehe). People were awesome! How could people who like pizza and ice cream not be nice? ;D

thdad / April 3, 2006 4:02 AM

Have you been to a place called "Brick Oven Gallery" also in Brooklyn? They are also known to serve a good pie, but I think that the sauce is too concentrated in flavor. Personally I like the original Patsy's better because of their sauce. Are you Korean btw?

roboppy / April 3, 2006 8:03 PM

thdad: Nope, never been there. Shall I put it on my list? ;) I've never been to Patsy's doh..

Nope, I'm Chinese. Well. Taiwanese-Chinese...uh..yes.

roboppy / April 4, 2006 9:04 PM

Aaron: That got your attention, eh? ;D The upskirt shot is a permanent part of the pizza eating experience...oh god.

Ani: A flickr friend pointed it out to me, although if he didn't do it...well, hopefully someone else would've. If there are more meet ups, I'll mention them here!

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