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Shake Shack, Dodo, Crosby Connection, and Alidoro: SANDWICH WEEK

You know how you brush your teeth as soon as you've decided that you've eaten enough for the day to deter yourself from eating during the time you shouldn't be eating (like around...[looks at watch] because god forbid you brush your teeth twice in one night? Just agree with me.

Well. That didn't work. The night seemed to progress as it should--I brushed my teeth and all was fine. My body didn't need any more food and I wasn't especially hungry. Then I passed out on my bed for a while, woke up, and decided that 11 PM would be a good time to finish off the last of the Bouchon Bakery muffins Sarah had so thoughtfully saved for me.

[pats belly] This must stop. Not the free food, but the random eating. You know how I periodically update you on how much of my arm has converted into Jell-O? My arm is not only turning into Jell-O, but the parts that have already turned into Jell-O are generating more layers of Jell-O, seemingly from thin air. I know everything comes from something else, but maybe it's divine Jell-O...from another dimension. An evil dimension. Owned by Kraft.

If you're wondering, no, I haven't been getting enough sleep. Tuesday night resulted in a grand total of zero hours, Wednesday afternoon maybe an hour, Wednesday night a couple of hours, and Thursday night about three, which actually seemed excessive by that point. Today I got a few little power naps in between eating and trying to read blogs and answer emails after getting back from work and roaming around for foodstuffs at 6 PM. After my sleep deprivation this week, which is worse than any other sleep deprivation I've ever had (oh, I've stayed up really late before, but usually with the idea that I could make it up the next day, as opposed to this past week where I've just had to wake up in the wee hours of the morning every day), I can safely say that it's a really bad idea to stay up forever, even if you think you can. The result will be incomprehensible notes and squiggles in Anthropology class and getting whiplash from jerking your head up repeatedly when your brain inevitably drifts off every 5 seconds. (I actually apologized to one of my professors for this, to which he jokingly replied that I should drink coffee.)

Besides the lack of sleep, I've just had other things on my mind (if you know me well enough outside the foodie sphere, you probably know what I'm thinking about...and what music I'm listening to right now). Yes, things that aren't food related. It rarely happens, so my mind's as blown away as yours. That it rarely happens is probably a sad reflection of my life; I'll admit to that little else happens. A few days ago a student interviewed me about my blogging habits and my feelings about Internet anonymity related things, but I didn't realize until now (apologies to the interviewer) that there is actually plenty I wouldn't want to write about (in a public blog, that is). In some cases, the most basic, serious emotions are the ones I don't want to put out for everyone to read, but that's not always true. Also, I wouldn't want to write about things that I don't think would have any value to anyone else. Disregarding everything you've read so far in this entry (if you are reading the food porn-less sections--no offense taken if you don't), I use my food blog mainly to write things that I hope would be useful other people. "Eat this muffin! Eat at this restaurant. But not this one. And yes, I eat out of the trash."



Shake Shack is notorious for long lines of crazed burger fans foaming at the mouth for made-to-order, moist meat patties. Or something. The crowd was sparse last Monday because they opened a day earlier than their publicized opening date. One office guy in front of me was really excited:

"I love this I missed these burgers."

I couldn't miss the burgers seeing as I had never eaten them before. While I've been by the Shake Shack many times, mainly during the summer when I'd walk from the Port Authority terminal to the School of Visual Arts on Monday nights for a class (say hello to my only exercise of the summer), I hadn't tried the infamous burger. The only thing I had tried was a concrete, which was disappointingly not very concrete-esque. A better name would've been "thin cement". Perhaps it was too hot that day.

shack burger black and white shake
shack burger, black and white shake

Since health is of little importance when dining at a place with the word "shack" in it (unless it's called "The Health Shack"...uh...right), I indulged in a Shake Burger (American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and SHACK SAUCE) and a black and white milkshake (half chocolate, half vanilla) for about $10. The friendly cashier gave me a $2 gift card, which will encourage me to indulge in more lactosey drinks later.

If you think this looks tasty, keep in mind that my germs are all over it

This burger is good. Is it "wait in line for an hour" good?, I'm lazy; few things are that good. Luckily, I had a very short wait for this small, but satisfying burger. You won't hear me say things like this very often, but the first and last bite left me thinking, "Whoa...that was good." My first bite was of buttery bread and crispy lettuce, while the last was of...meat. Moist meat. Beefy meat? Tasty meat? IT'S A FREAKIN' BURGER; I can only describe it so much. Oh, as for what I tasted in between, it was "all of the above", but I ate kinda quickly so I don't remember it very well. (Nope, still haven't mastered the art of chewing.) Every component was good, and for better or worse I couldn't taste much of the tomato. (I dislike tomato. Huzzah!)

I also highly recommend the shake, even if it's freezing and you have to wear gloves to prevent your fingers from getting frostbitten. Thick, sweet, and deathly make for a good shake. I considered getting the caramel flavor one, but I suppose I'll just have to try it next time.


On Wednesday I went to Dodo for lunch, a little cafe-esque place on Peck Slip and South Street. Why would you ever be in this area? I have no clue. I happen to live around here, but I'd never even know that this place existed if I didn't pass it on the NYU bus. However, with a name like "Dodo", WHO CAN RESIST? What's up with the name? Their maninfesto reads:

Like the DODO which fell extinct from the earth because it was too kind, simple and good for the New World, DODO cafe stands out in its integrity, friendliness, and pure mission to feed people healthy, handcrafted food in an engaging, creative, and genuine environment. Wherever possible, local organic ingredients are used. Food is prepared onsite or with the help of local artisans using traditional craft.

The interior is bright (well, if the sun is out) and warm due to the wooden furniture and decor. Kinda colonial and modern at the same time, if that makes any sense. And it probably doesn't since colonial furniture isn't my forte. The environment lends itself to hanging out (and they have wi-fi, so I don't think they mind people lingering), as demonstrated by the other customers there...hanging out. However, I was there alll aloooone, so my purpose was just to eat and not do the socialization thing.

big plate veggie sandwich
veggie sammich

I ordered a roasted vegetable panini on sourdough bread (organic sun-dried tomato, cheese spread & organic spinach) since I felt like I needed something containing a vegetable. Sandwiches come with a side of mixed greens or fruit salad. And altogether, they come on what I thought was a too-large plate. Sure, I don't want my sandwich flopping over the side of the plate, but I felt like the plate dwarfed my food. The sandwich, it''s shrinking!

Nah, I just ate it quickly. The sandwich was alright, but for some reason I was disappointed. It tasted good and it wasn't something I'd be likely to make myself, but...I don't know. Maybe it was the bread, which wasn't bad either, yet disagreed with me. Bread is uber important to me when it comes to sandwiches--it's more crucial for the bread is good than the fillings. So what was up with this bread? I don't knoooow. There probably wasn't anything "wrong" with; rather, I'm just not used to that kind of sandwich bread.

I don't think I can rate Dodo based on one sandwich. My first impression was that it was kind of pricey for what they give you, but after reading their manifesto, perhaps they just use better ingredients than most places. Their menu includes salads, COOKIES!!!, less-great-than-cookies type pastries, soup, wine,'s small and diverse at the same time. I can't say any of the food is stuff I typically eat anyway, but from what I gather, many people like sandwiches. And beer.

Crosby Connection

On Thursday I went to Crosby Connection for a quick lunch...and yes, by this point I figured, "Hell, I'm eating craploads of sandwiches so I may as well continue the theme, as I may never repeat it again." This slight-larger-than-a-hole-in-the-wall has a nice selection of sandwiches, which I could see the two employees making inside (because it was like..a foot away from me) and neatly wrapping in paper for us to take away.

the avocado brie dill teeth marks
the avocado brie dill, teeth marks

After staring at the menu long enough for it to have adequately burned itself into my skull, I went with the avocado brie dill sandwich, consisting of "avocado, brie cheese, honey mustard, sweet roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes, red onions, topped with fresh dill". I've never even heard of that kind of sandwich before (not that I'm paying much attention to the sandwich world) and remembering my love of avocados in a previous life (just a few years ago, really), I went for the fat-bomb fruit of deliciousness, coupled with...bovine fat-bomb deliciousness and other things. For $5, this is a freakin' sweet sandwich. The only thing I would object to is the raw onion component since raw onions leave me feeling with a pungent onion-gassed feeling all day long (caramelize those suckers). Otherwise...SO TASTY! Fresh dill! Mooshy cheese! Fat-tastic avocado! And other stuff! On bread that doesn't gouge the roof of my mouth! Ahh, happiness.


Behold, for we have come to the end of the "eating stuff in between two slices of something wheat-based" week. Yesterday for lunch, I met up with Mike of Twenty Bucks a Day for sandwiches at Alidoro, one of his favorite sandwich places. While I've passed it many times (the first time i noticed it was in the summer when the had a tempting looking gelato case...oooh), I almost walked past it until Mike noticed that I, walking past it. OBSERVANT, I AM NOT.


If there's anywhere else ordering a sandwich while you're there, you may have to wait a while. It worked out fine for me since I had no idea what to get from their menu of sandwiches that mainly contained mozzerella, some kind of cured meat, sweet peppers, arugola, and sun dried tomatoes in a gajillion combinations (even more if you factor in the six types of bread). It's like looking at a pizza menu that lists everything as having mozzerella and tomato sauce, plus a few small differences. Since I'm mega-indecisive, I decided to go with the Max Special of sardines, sun dried tomatoes, and M. Bel Paese (a soft cheese); unless I didn't look carefully, it was the only sandwich with sardines. Alas, when it was my turn to order...

"Sorry, we don't have any sardines."

Doh! My plan was thwarted. Mike went with the Cortino special (speck, provolone, dressing, and arugola) and I went with the other special, Il Capitano with tuna (mozzerella, Italian baby onions, sweet peppers, olive paste, and arugola), both sandwiches on semiolina bread. After watching the guy behind the counter carefully layer the crapload of ingredients in the semolina log, I was presented with a GINORMOUS SANDWICH OF DOOM.

saanndwwiiccheeesss CHOMP
sandwiches, I chomp on

Well, you definitely get your money's worth. The sandwiches are pretty big. Yeeeeah. Look at me stuff it into my mouth. Very becoming, yes? I make my mum proud.

Il Capitano Cortina
Il Capitano, Cortina

I liked both sandwiches, but definitely enjoyed my Il Capinato more. Oh, of course we shared 50/50; it's a great thing about eating with people who love food. WE SHAARE! We can eat twice the variety in half the time!...or something like that. The mozzerella tasted so fresh and moist, like it was pulled fresh from a tub of curd water (mm, cuuurd waterrrr). I loved the baby onions, because I like onions and the idea of eating things that are babies, and, all the ingredients tasted great, for lack of a better description (and there is always a lack). OH, THE SWEET PEPPERS! They were sweet. (nod) As someone who is very unfamiliar with Italian sandwiches, this one made me verrrry happy. The Cortina was good too, but flatter and not really as satisfying to me without the thick slabs of mozzerella. Still good though.

Many thanks to Mike for the tasty enjoyable lunching and introducing me to Alidoro! I'd definitely go back, whether for giant sandwiches, individual servings of Nutella? Yeah, they sell those. It's for those times you just want a shot of Nutella. Dammit, who wouldn't want that?

Oh my god, this entry is finally over. Now I will to sleep for a stretch of time that extends beyond the length of a movie, and perhaps you will eat a sandwich? DO IT.

OH I lied, I have a final note. Many thanks to people who have emailed me lately with comments about my blog. I don't usually get many, but this week I've gotten a few and...that's sweet. For some reason, you've emailed me in unison. Maybe I have mind controlling abilities..."You shall email me now" [wiggles fingers]

...Probably not.


santos. / March 25, 2006 4:38 AM

>My arm is not only turning into Jell-O, but the parts that have already turned into Jell-O are generating more layers of Jell-O

it's jello 1-2-3! oh wait, you might be too young for that reference.

don't you think you'd be jinxing your business if you name it after an extinct creature? and the fact that it has a manifesto, that's just annoying.

Mar� / March 25, 2006 8:32 AM

"it tasted good and it wasn't something I'd be likely to make myself"
that's an intriguing sentence... sounds like my boyfriend's definition of what qualifies as art or not: "If I can make it, then it's NOT art."
I totally relate to that, why go out and eat something you can make yourself? well... laziness!
Your blog is a source of endless amusement during my long, dull, boring working hours. Thank you so much!

lutkie / March 25, 2006 11:08 AM

Damn, the crosby connection looks so tasty! I am so going there for lunch. The other day I was walking down Clinton street in aphabet city and I was like 'that looks like a good restaurant...that looks like a good restaurant too...wait...why have I not eaten at any of these places. I can't stand for this!" What do you think about clinton street baking co or something in that areat for brunch or dinner? Or 7A?

Jane / March 25, 2006 11:34 AM

Hi!! I am a lover of fresh mozzerella as well...when i went to italy i went on a fresh mozzerella binge as if i would never get to eat it again...although when i got back, i just resumed my mozz gorging :) the best appetizer i had there was when i ordered the "fresh mozzerella" from one restaurant..usually they give you slices sandwiched between tomatoes and basil, but this time, they just gave me a huuuge LOG of cheese. wow.

please get some sleep!! thanks for writing despite your crazy schedule!!

roboppy / March 25, 2006 11:57 AM

santos: Oh my god, I am too young for that reference. (googles)

...Whoa, Jello 1-2-3! I'VE NEVER HEARD OF THAT BEFORE. And yes, that is exactly what my arm is doing, kinda. Maybe. Wow. Now I'm scared. That sounds like a good product though...if it tastes good. And it's not around anymore? Hm.

Yeah, naming a place after an EXTINCT CREATURE doesn't seem like a very good idea. If i open a place, I want to have a manifesto! It'll be something like, "WE ARE DEDICATED TO MAKING TASTY THINGS FULL OF SUGAR AND FAT: ENJOOOOY!" (Someone else will have to edit my manifesto.) I tell it like it is.

RONW: Yes! YES! It is! And your head feels so heavy when you jerk it back up, it's, what the hell was that? Like your brain turned off. Which happens to me a lot, actually.

Maria: Haha, that's funny what your boyfriend said. I'd almost think the same thing, the problem being that even though I could make something like a pile of dirt and put it in a museum of art, I probably wouldn't come up with the idea. Cos. I have a little bit of sanity.


Thanks for reading! Sorry about your long, dull, boring work hours. :(

Sarah: AHH WE SHALL DISCUSS FOOD PLANS!! Clinton Street is ridiculous and full of tasty things, yeaah. I hadn't heard of 7A before, but I'm totally up for that. Or down for that. ...Wait, do "down" and "up" mean the same thing in that context? What the hell? Stupid English.

Jane: Fresh mozzerella is loved by all! That's sweet that you got a mozzerella log. Mozzerellog? Ah, now I'll know what to expect in Italy. :)

I did get sleep! Thanks for reading my blog, hence encouraging me to write DESPITE CRAZY SCHEDULE, harhar.

violet / March 25, 2006 5:12 PM

what? you? a vegetable panini with fruit salad? not smothered in bacon/gravy/cheese/greasy fat of some sort? it will snow in costa rica this year.

Amy / March 25, 2006 7:01 PM

you know what would be cool? if you tagged your entries for easy archival retrival. tags like burger, and then BAM, all your entries about burgers. but i dont know if movable type is tag-friendly.

also, sorry to hear that you aren't getting enough sleep. maybe cut back on the blogs? or you could try uberman's sleep schedule. basically its like you're awake for 4 hours and then you sleep for 1 hour and wake up for 4 hours and so on. ken told me about it. from the what i read it sounds hardcore. i wouldn't try it because i like sleep but since you're like nocturnal, maybe one of these weeks you could give it a try? here's the link

So this guy gets like four hours of power naps per 24 hour period and he's like "I'm A-OKAY! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

Kathy / March 25, 2006 11:44 PM

good choice - that's my favorite Crosby sandwich! Still pooing over the fact that I missed Shake Shake opening by ONE day! PS. The snickerdoodles you made the other day look awesome :)

gamin / March 26, 2006 12:15 AM

I love you and your blog! I bet I could out-eat you.. I've almost devoured the entire lifethyme bakery.. keep writing or else I'd cry. also I want to meet you someday.
oh I go to NYU but I've never seen you around! :(

roboppy / March 26, 2006 2:56 AM

violet: ...Wow, you're right, WHAT THE HELL DID I ORDER? That's really un-Robyn. Hmmm. Maybe my body wanted to balance things out a bit. :)

Don't worry; yesterday I ate bbq pork and fried catfish. All is right with the world.

Amy: Alas, MT isn't tag friendly. :( I wish it were (the next version will come with it). There's a search bar on the left side but I don't think anyone uses it, hehe.

Yes, I should cut back on the blogs..but I think it's more that I don't organize my time well at all. Man. After three years of school I'm really starting to suck. Uberman's sleep schedule is SCARY, whoaa! AhhhHHH.

Kathy: Man, do we have a knack for eating the same things? IT'S SCARY!!! We're food twins! PS. Thanks!

gamin: Thanks for reading my blog! I think a lot of people could out-eat me. :( Sometimes I get full much more easily than I'd like to. LIFETHYME, YAHOO!

You go to NYU? SWEEET! I guess the other gajillio students makes it hard to like...notice people...funnily though, I have run into friends randomly around campus. Rarely. Uber rarely. We should totally go out to eat, just let me know where and when! :)

Adriane SantaCroce / March 26, 2006 11:22 AM

i took a shuttle van to the airport a few weeks ago and we drove past Dodo and I thought the same thing, "this place looks great, but when would i ever be around here?" i guess i won't go out of my way to go there. maybe someday.

...and i still love your blog

roboppy / March 26, 2006 11:59 PM

Adriane: Maybe if your van broke down RIGHT OUTSIDE THE RESTAURANT, then you'd be like " I can eat here! Right on."

Thanks for the love. :)

Georgia / March 30, 2006 11:53 AM

You inspired me - I'm working on 23rd St, just a block from the park, so yesterday I hit the "shack". 35 minutes in line to order, another 20 minutes waiting for the food, and this was starting at 2:30! It was surprisingly good - even good enough that I want to go back soon. The caramel shake was great too, though kind of mild. But I did get to thinking: if I had to wait for an hour for a two minute meal at a restaurant, I'd be pretty pissed, not matter how good the food was. So why am I planning another trip to the Shake Shack next week?

roboppy / March 30, 2006 1:30 PM

Georgia: 20 minutes to wait for the food?! Eeek! And 35 minutes to wait in line! :O

You're planning to go back because YOU ARE NOW HOOKED, FOREVERRRRR. Burgers and shakes = destiny.

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