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attention: I eat crap

[Warning: This is yet another food porn-less, non-review entry where I random about random crap. I know this isn't nearly as interesting or helpful (or saliva-inducing) as the food porn or reviews, but I'll get back on track later.]

Whoa, you guys really did click on the links. I made more moolah today Well, on ads. I have to admit that I feel bad; I used you for your collective mouse clicking power. I haven't made enough money to actually get paid (you need to hit $100, methinks, and I may not reach that for another year unless I have periodical "CLICK EVERYTHING!" days), but if I do I'd love to donate it to a worthy food-related cause. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment.

After a most awesome morning of waffles that shall get its own entry later, I returned to my dorm for doom-filled snacking. I don't keep snacks around because I'll eat them. Yes, I know the point of having food around is to eat them, but I seriously do not buy junk food that would count as something I shouldn't eat in one day (as in, containing more than a few servings). Sometimes Japanese snacks sneak past this restriction, but they're Japanese snacks; they can do whatever they want. Enter my kitchen, clog my veins, pillage small towns--you name it.

I went home yesterday where my mum reminded me of the package of Tim Tam Double Coat that had been sitting on my portable record player (which I use for all those times I need to play a record, which hovers around "never"), the summer. In addition to a package of regular Tim Tams, Bowb gave these biscuits to me in exchange for some Poofy wares. I can actually grant you some food porn:

Tim Tam Innards
Tim Tam innards

If you're wondering (but you probably aren't), I bought a large pink posterboard for the purposes of food photography. Next up: get some decorative plates/napkins so that Kleenex isn't my only option.

So...I've had these biscuits for--[looks at watch]--a while. The package said they expired in January. Haha, expiration? I laugh at expiration dates! (Unless it's something like meat or any highly food-born-illness prone food. Um.) No way these cookies expired! I brought the unopened pack back to my dorm last night and tried one. Or two.

[crunch] "Still good."

Today I ate four. Or five. You know you're in trouble when you lose count. No, I haven't looked at the (lack of) Nutrition Facts because this is one of those instances where I just don't want to know.

Conscience: "You ate four cookies."
Me: "Yeah, they were tasty."
Conscience: "Don't you feel bad about it?"
Me: "Uh...kinda...but they were tasty."
Conscience: "Do you have any idea what kinds of processed sugars and hydrogenated fats you just ate? And, my god, it already expired!"
Me: [stabs conscience with a fork]

On top of the Tim Tams, Jess gave me a pack of Orgran Choc Chip Biscotti among other things in a food trade (again, for a Poofy; lookit the happy couple!). Oh, so many cookies died at the hands of my gastric fluids. Since the cookies are free of wheat, gluten, dairy, egg, and casein, I can't say they taste anything like regular chocolate chip cookies, but they're pretty good, something kinda sweet and cookie-esque, hence why I ate a bucketload of them.

On top of all that eating, this is the first day in weeks that I haven't taken the subway anywhere, as in I've stayed within a one-mile radius of my dorm, most of it spent inside my dorm, which is where productivity gives up and gruesomely dies like a salted slug. I tried to work on an anthropology paper, but it hates my guts. Reading the material over and over does nothing except increase my hatred towards dead European anthropologists and the courses that require me to interpret what they're saying, a difficult feat when you just don't give a crap.

Um. Anyway. I have a point to this entry, somewhat.

Hungry Planet

I haven't finished this book yet, but it's awesome. AWESOME. You need this book. You will love this book. BUY IT NOW. I stamp it repeatedly with my approval. [stamp stamp stampy stamp]

...Okay, you need more information. The book profiles families all over the world and describes what they eat in detail along with recipes, essays about food, and the best part of all: photos. Lots of great photos. Every section starts off with a photo of the family situated in their house around all the food they consume in one week. A Mexican family had a gazillion liters of Coke and a Greenlandic family had...BABY SEAL! This stuff fascinates me.

It also disturbs me. Flipping through the photos and seeing spreads of fruit and vegetables reminded me that I haven't been eating much of these lately. Food doesn't just nourish the soul my sugar addiction, but it actually keep us alive!...unless you're living on ramen and Pop Tarts, in which case it's probably doing the opposite. I ate a persimmon today; do I get a gold star? Seriously, I am eating so much unhealthy stuff to the point that I'm kiiinda worried. It's hard to believe I was ever militantly opposed to eating "unhealthy" food when today I eat just about anything. Maybe the self-imposed restriction had something to do with that.

Unless we're obese or have major health problems, we're likely to encourage eating. It's fun! It's okay to indulge! It probably wasn't a good idea for me to eat four Tim Tams (and I might eat more before the day is over), but I think my mum would be the only one to exclaim, "Robyn, what is WRONG with you? You are not my daughter." (We don't really look alike. We're about the same height, but I could crush my mum. BECAUSE I WEIGH A LOT MORE, in case you needed clarification.) Obviously I'm not going to excessively Tim Tam myself again anytime soon, but...[mumble]

...Yeah, that thought ended prematurely.

Oh, I was disturbed! Right. I'm disturbed by all the crap I eat...but it's so fun. I try to resist the innumerable combinations of fat, refined sugar and complex carbohydrates, but then they poke in the eyes with really hot, pointy poking tools, and it's hard to ignore the searing pain of having your cornea infiltrated by really hot, pointy poking tools, so I give in while cupping my eye sockets and thinking, "You tasty bastards!" (Yeah, I know that last sentence made no sense whatsoever. I think it was "metaphorical". Or "insane".) I wish I could say that a simple banana would curb my dessert craving, but it would only fulfill my need for fruit. I'd still like a cookie, laden with butter or something butter-esque.

On that note, I'm going to bake cookies either tomorrow or Monday night (and to answer the same question I keep getting over and over again: chocolate chip and snickerdoodle). I've never baked cookies in my dorm before. Why am I baking cookies? If they come out un-horrible, I will tell you later. And I'll share em! Virtually.

And for a somewhat related question: Does anyone know where I can buy plastic bags to package cookies in? I mean, like the kind you can buy in stores, such as Dancing Deer cookies? Anywhere I could buy them in Manhattan,, tomorrow or Monday? I probably should've thought about this earlier.


aussieyam / March 18, 2006 11:07 PM

Oh... I love Tim Tams. But the original version is better than the Double Coat, methinks. Though, if you don't mind overdosing... :-)

Jenn / March 19, 2006 1:37 AM

where do you get persimmons when they are not in season? like now. do they still taste good? and do you eat the squishy kind or the not so squishy kind?

I've been stalking your blog for months now. hi. and if you've noticed that a stranger friended you on lj a while back, that was me.

all that food in my very own city and i've never noticed or appreciated it. You have opened my eyes! my stomach thanks you. my stretched out clothing do not, however. you win some, you lose some. :)

you seem to have an awesome camera, by the way. yay for you.

Samurai Nick / March 19, 2006 1:48 AM

Plastic bags? Maybe the Container Store or a stationary/card store like Kate's Paperie? At Kate's you'll at least be able to get cute ribbons for the bags.

Don't hold me to either of these suggestions cause I could be way, way off.

roboppy / March 19, 2006 3:43 AM

aussieyam: No no, double coat is DOUBLE-ICIOUS...wait, that didn't come out right.

New t-shirt: "I OD-ed on Tim Tams"

Jenn: CHINATOWN HAS IT ALL! If all you want are persimmons. I'm pretty sure they still have them...perhaps just sharon fruit by this point, but those are close enough to fuyu persimmons (I like the hard kind, not the soft hachiya persimmons). East Broadway is where I shop for produce, although Mott Street above Canal also has produce shops.

Thanks for un-stalking! ;) I'll check my LJ.

As for "you win some, you lose some", I think in this case "you gain a lot, you lose nothing." Which is a problem. (pokes belly) Oh...dammit.

Canon SD450 is a nice camera! I haven't had any problems with it yet. It's good for macro shots, but I've noticed it's not so great at concerts. Maybe I just don't know how to use it...

Oh, a lot of my photos look nice because they're intensely post processed (aka PHOTOSHOPPED!). I guess you need a decent photo to begin with at least. ;D

Nick: I've been to the Container Store and I can't recall those kinds of plastic bags there...nor do I remember them at Kate's. Ahh! AHHH. WHAT IS THIS MONSTROSITY? Otherwise those stores are lovely. Who knew containers could be so FUN.

I might just go to a bakery and ask if they'll sell me bags. :\

bowb / March 19, 2006 5:05 AM

hey, you rivalled *me* for longest amount of time chocolate biscuits sit around before they get eaten. but i still win. :) do you have any left? you can do that thing where you nibble a bit off each end, dip one end into a cup of tea, and suck the tea up through the other.

also, i think *you* are a worthy food-related cause. you should use the ad money to take yourself out to tea.

Rich / March 19, 2006 5:14 AM

Any bakery you frequent will hook you up with bags. I was in a food doldrum, in that I had had fast food for like 5 days in a row for sustenance. So after that magnet gig I jammed over to the 101 cafe and had a veggie sandwich and a salad.... (and a chocolate malt...) Gold stars for everyone I say.

Also, the poofy shirt works, I wake up in a daze post st. pat's on a friends couch to the words
"Do you want pancakes?"

At that point I displayed the shirt (which I was sleepin' in). Say no more.

Also, re plastic in general, on canal st. there is that industrial plastics place... i'm thinking w. of broadway... but I really can't recall... prolly not food grade. Fun place to go, though.

serena / March 19, 2006 5:26 AM

i want that t-shirt! (i like dark tim tams the best, but that's because i think they're slightly less sweet so more conducive to mass on-the-spot carnage.)

i eat junk, but it's mostly balanced out by generally healthy eating habits (i like fruits & veggies, & try to take a multivitamin supplement everyday, consume relatively small amounts of red meat, supplemented by lots of soy products which i love & grew up on anyway). what does concern me is how little nutrients are actually to be found in intensively farmed and processed crops & meat products - so we aren't actually getting as much nutrients from our 'normal' food as we should be. along those lines, don't beat yourself up over your eating habits, eating is one of the greatest of life's pleasures! :)

as for the bags, try a kitchen supplies/baking equipment store? (if you don't know one, walk into your nearest bakery & ask where they get their supplies from.)

(& yes, i clicked, i CLICKED! heh.)

santos. / March 19, 2006 8:01 AM

new york cake supplies, 56 west 22nd st, 10010. ask them to point you to cellophane bakery bags. they also have foil ties to close them. i'll bet you'll find them at broadway panhandler, too (just not so many sizes).

do you really want to go that route, though? 'cause i'm all over waxed paper sandwich bags these days, stitched closed, or maybe a well-placed poofy sticker...? just really into that milky look right now.

Dina / March 19, 2006 8:57 AM

I am actually having fun clicking on your ads. I guess because they're all food related and I share your food obsession ; ).

That food around the world book looks so awesome!

Anyway, just wanted to say I LOVE your blog. I'm grateful to you for doing it! I think it's my favorite blog out there.

I love your writing style, your pictures, etc.


P.S-I think I also share your love for hot chocolate.

one girl / March 19, 2006 9:50 AM

Here's my two cents: I think that with the money you make from your ads you should go out to a really expensive restaurant in the city that you wouldn't normally go to. However, a few days before you go on you expensive feast, post four or five options of places you want to go, let us vote on them, and then go chow down at our top choice. This way you're happy and get great food and we get an awwesome review of a place we want to hear about and some good food porn! Yay!

John / March 19, 2006 10:19 AM

I second your hearty endoresment for Hungry Planet. My fiance bought a copy for her father for Christmas but I was the one who spent the most time with it - I made it a goal to read the book cover to cover (I did it!). The pictures are really wonderful and just plain 'neat'. Although it was startling to see how disproportionate the amount of food we (i.e first world nations) eat compared to poorer countries. Seeing the german family, then the african family knocked me off my chair.

roboppy / March 19, 2006 2:19 PM

bowb: You beat me? DAMMIT!

I have some left, but I don't drink tea so I won't be as fun with spring water. "Mm, watery cookie!" I like stuffing em in my mouth. Mm!

I am a worthy food-related cause? Heehee! I CAN BUY MORE TIM TAMS.

Rich: I'm trying to think of bakeries I freqent that would have plastic bags. ... ...Is it weird that I can't think of any? I mean. Hm. I can go to a bakery in Chinatown and see. Like a bakery where I don't think the people will want to kill me. They don't have the same kinds of bags I want though, I thiiink. Hmm. Mraaaaah!

Oo, sandwich, salad, and CHOCOLATE BEVERAGE. Sounds good to me! (slaps you with 100 gold stars)

I never thought the Poofy shirt would come in handy like that. :) I hope the shirt will bring people together. From afar, one person will see the shirt and go, "Oh my god, I love pancakes!" And then they will approach the t-shirt wearer and go, "I love pancakes!" And then they will eat some pancakes and be best friends forever.

...I need to come up with a better story.

Oooh that store closed! I never went there but my art-school friend was like, "OH GOD THEY'RE CLOSING!" and bought stuff. Those probably weren't her exact words, but...yeah.

Serena: I bet I'd like dark Tim Tams too! I EMBRACE ALL TIM TAMS.

That's a good point you have about nutritous food not being very nutritious anymore. I should probably go for organic/locally farmed stuff more often. But...persimmons! Mmm! I hope those are somewhat nutritious.

I may go to a bakery supply store or just ask a bakery if I can have some bags. And I suppose I'll buy some pastries at the same time!


santos: Ahhh, I've never heard of that store before! Thanks! I've never been to Broadway Panhandler before, although I've thought about it. I went to Sur La Table once just to kill time. This cake supply place sounds intense.

Your presentation skills are 10000 times better than mine. I've never packaged cookies before! :O Hmmm. Hmmm. Crap! Now I don't know what I want to do. I like plastic bags because you can see through them.

Dina: Oo, you clicked! Sometimes I click on them just for fun, which led me to this live lobster thing with a bizarre Easter theme. The lobster has bunny ears!

I'm glad you love my blog! :) YOU PERPETUATE MY OBSESSION. Woo.

Man, I could go for some hot chocolate today.

one girl: I actually had an idea like that, but thought, "Man, do I need MORE reasons to eat?" ...YES. "Determine Where Robyn Eats" could be pretty cool! So maybe ever time I make $100 (which I don't think would be very often, unless I get more hits and clicks) I can use it to pay for a two-person dinner? I should invite a blog reader to come with me, hehe.

John: I'm glad someone else has read the book! The other books by the same authors are awesome as well.

I was freaked out by the disproportionate amounts of food also. :( It's weird to live in an era when there is so much abundance and scarcity at the same time. But then...I feel powerless to do much about it. I hope the two extremes will become more equalized someday.

Molly / March 19, 2006 5:45 PM

Hey Robyn--I found your blog the other day and wow I am so much like you in regards to food issues--except you are brave and honest enough to write about it. Im in college, was vegan all last year and became really orthexic about it to the point that I lost waay to much weight and got sick. So I went off veganism and all I wanted was cheese. And butter. Like, plain butter. I gained the 15 lbs back but guilted myself for it until I realized that its just my bodys reaction to being way to strict for so long. But Im still super into food and nutrition and agricultural issues, I go to a rural school and manage the farmers market in the town. So on one hand I had a positive relationship with food but sometimes I just really hated it.

And I love reading about all your big city fooding, your writing style is hilarious. Ive never lived anywhwere with more than 10,000 people or ethnic food beyond Italian and Chinese. The cool thing about living in the country so close to all these farms though is I get 70% of my food locally and really good stuff like fresh eggs and milk. And I made friends with all the farmers who are awesome awesome folk.

Kristen Hudy / March 19, 2006 6:11 PM

Party stores will definately have them, in the goody bag section. If Wal MArts party section has plan cellophane bags (which I, coincidentally, used to bag christmas cookies for friends) then a New York party store surely will. Also, I am highly jealous of your Tim Tam's :) My step sister brought a few home from Australia and I got ONE! How could I have only gotten ONE!?! ::Tears:: Oh well, lessens the gluttony...

Zoe / March 19, 2006 8:11 PM

so here's a suggestion with tim tams, which are pretty much my favorite cookie of all time. bite off a little bit of diagonal corners, and put the bottom end in a cup of tea. suck through the hole on the top corner you bit off and let sip the tea. the second you feel a little tea, take the whole tim tam out and eat it one bit REALLY QUICKLY! dont let it melt!
its the best thing ever.

Kathy / March 19, 2006 9:57 PM

I've bought packaging from Broadway Panhandler before, but they're on the more expensive side. Or give the restaurant supply shops all over Chinatown (not the big manufacturing/cooking equipment shops on Bowery but the smaller ones). I had so much fun eating together during break - pearls, wd-50, l'ecole, bathlazar, luzzos, sugar sweet we really should have been roomates (imagine how fat and full we'd be)!

roboppy / March 20, 2006 12:11 AM

Molly: Ahhh, orthorexia!...not fun. Not that it's the worst thing in the world, but when you realize that such a thing exists, it's kind of weird. I gained weight SO quickly after ending my raw food diet, haha. Ah...crap.

Even last year I sometimes really hated food. This blog didn't really jump into gear until the end of last school year. This year has been fooding-crazy! I don't know why. :O

It must be awesome to be so close to your food. I feel hypocritical for loving food, but not actually...growing it. Or making much of it. I've rarely been on farms and doubt I could ever work on one, but I want to support them. And eat their fruit. :)

Kristen: Party stores!...duh. I guess I never go to party stores because I DO NOT PARTY.

One Tim Tam isn't nearly enough Tim Tam action.

Zoe: I read about that Tim Tam eating method online before! :D It sounds pretty cool, except that I don't have, what if I did it with hot chocolate? Or is that overkill?

Kathy: I heard Broadway Panhandler was expensive. Booo...well. Bags can't cost a lot anyway, eh? I'll try the party store first. I don't recall plastic bags in Chinese kitchen supply stores, but i never looked for them either (I'd just buy random little kitchen wares).


Cathy / March 20, 2006 8:57 AM

It seems like you're having a food dilemma. My advice (if you want it, if you don't move onto the next sentence) would be when you have a "bad" meal, counter it with some exercise later on. Thanks for the book recommendation. It sounds really interesting, so I'll definately check it out.

BTW-I'm going to click on some ads right after I post. :)

Jane / March 20, 2006 11:31 AM

your blog is my favorite mode of procrastination!! it gets me so sad when you miss a day!!

Sue / March 20, 2006 3:27 PM

hi robyn,
great blog! i go to nyu, so you're doing so much of the legwork i'd have to do myself otherwise =P this has become yet another way for me to avoid the growing pile of work i have to do...yay college!

roboppy / March 20, 2006 6:45 PM

Joanne: Sweet jesus, I was looking for another soul! I'll email you about this soul trade.

Cathy: Counter with exercise...well, today I walked a bit whlie drinking a milkshake. That DOESN'T count. That negative counts! Dammit.

Click the ads! :D That'll fund my future fooding!...wait, is that a good thing?

Jane: Thanks! It's a major source of procrastination for me too. ;) I'm sad when I don't post every day...I'll try to do one today though.

Sue: Woo, another NYU-er! There's only like...40,000,000 of us. Gotta stick together.

I'm avoiding my work too. Uhoh.

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