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deep within Chinatown...

[voice lowers by one octave, like those freaky voiceover dudes in movie trailers who speak with a frequency that causes "organ rumbling"]

Deep within the bowels of Chinatown, near the supermarket mauled with people buying fresh produce of undoubtedly non-organic and non-local origins, snuggled between other markets of questionable sanitation standards as old dudes pass by and hawk up loogies, lies a kingdom. It's kind of small and unimpressive, but it's still a kingdom. I think.




THE KINGDOM OF PANCAKES! I kid you not. While on the NYU bus rolling up Allen Street at 8 AM, I noticed that the sign for "LUCKY DUMPLING HOUSE" around Division and Canal Streets had been rebranded into "THE KINGDOM OF PANCAKES". Considering the early time (thus, my pseudo-comatose state), it's very possible that I misread the sign. Maybe it said "THE KLINGON OF PARAKEETS" but I highly doubt that.

Of course, these pancakes can't be the fluffy golden discs you find in American diners. I guess they're like...Chinese pancakes, which is alright but not nearly as cool as a kingdom awash with pancakes and maple syrup.

So. Um. What's the deal? Someone go there and tell me what the deal is, or else I may have to go there myself. But come onnn, I'm too lazy for that crap.

Annnnd now I have class (alas, not food related) so I'll leave you to mull over this PANCAKE KINGDOM (up for sale!) and I'll have a more food review centric post later.


Jacob / February 6, 2006 2:37 PM


You are a chef and you love beck! Dammmit, i swear we were seperated at birth! You've just earned yourself a regular reader mam' *tips hat*. My name is Jacob and my flow be fresh, im a baker from Australia and you've got this amazing zest for edible creations and the funk master. You sound awesome and i can't wait to see what other crazy stunts you get up to. Well as much as this intro is spontaneous it's also short, hehe keep rockin the catskills. TC

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