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I'm taking preorders for the Poofy pancake shirt until this Saturday. Or. Sunday. Eh. Whatever. I need to set a deadline so that 1) people actually send me their orders instead of procrastinating, like I would do (you're not PAYING for the shirt now, so don't worry about that) and 2) I can get these made ASAP without gouging my bank account. It's a reasonable request, eh? Despite the initial excitement over the shirts, I haven't gotten as many pre-orders to match. I'll order them no matter what, but I just want to make sure that the shirts pay for themselves.

Je Bon
Je Bon

Here's a cheap food event for NYU students (which might person reading this, or none at all). I'll go if I can find someone else to join me. Not going for mingling, of course; I just want food. Full info:

HKSA will be hosting our upcoming event at Je'Bon Noodle House, a new restaurant on St.Mark's between Taisho & Kenka. Please come try out a sample of its signature dishes from Hong Kong, Malaysian & Japanese for an unbeatable price (normally just the oxtail noodle costs $10).

Braised Oxtail noodle soup, Kinchinabe (special Gyoza-like dumplings), Hong Kong style Aberdeen Noodles, Pan-Fried Silver Needles, Hong Kong style Lotus Wrap (dim sum), various meat skewers etc

Date: 2/23/2006 (This Thursday)
Time: 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Location: 15 St.Mark's Place
Cost: $3 All-you-can-eat buffet & unlimited soda
Invited Guest: HKSA, ACU, CMS, KSA, Singaporean, Malaysian, TASS, Thai-SA

Please show your NYU ID as this is an NYU-exclusive event.

P.S. Just a small tip for you guys, try to get there as early as possible because we'll be capping the capacity at 50 people. You can't find $3 dinner anywhere else on St.Marks!! ; )

Washington Square CSA
Washington Square CSA

Tomorrow the Washington Square CSA (which I'm not on the committee of, but am involved in due to being the webmaster and that it's one of my class's projects) is having this event to promote next season's CSA:

12:30 PM-2:00 PM
"Meet Our Farmer"
Pless Lounge (82 Washington Square East)

I think they'll also be selling eggs, if you want some FARM FRESH CHICKEN EMBRYOS! I'm not sure if I'll go since I already do intend on joining the CSA. If you live around the area, it'd be a great idea to join. There's loads of products during the season (I got to take a lot of it home for free last year, bwahaha) and you support farmers. WE LIKE FARMERS! They give us food! My teacher said it nicely today: "We like the idea of having farmers...just as long as we don't have to actually be the farmers." Yeah, I gotta admit that I don't see myself hunkering down on a farm anytime soon so that I can be one/imprisoned with the land.

Today I went to the Union Square Whole Foods for pesto-making supplies. To my surprise they even sold mortar and pestles. Two kinds (stainless steel and stone). If they didn't have em, I would've had to make my way to Chinatown, which despite its proximity I was definitely not in the mood to walk to (it's probably the same distance from my dorm as Whole Foods is from campus, but walking to Chinatown requires going up an incline...damn, I'm lazy). Since my bottle of olive oil is almost gone (all ingested by me, yes'm), I got a new bottle. many choices! Crap! After staring at the oil section long enough for people to come to the conclusion that I was lost or didn't know English, I settled on Coltibuono. Mid-priced, and sounds promising.

The results of my highly unprofessional tasting (I used it as bread dip and chomped away; how uncouth) is: mmmm, good stuff. It has a mellow, bitter taste that despite my dislike for bitterness I actually liked. It also had that slight "throat tingling/burning" sensation that I also like with olive oil, but don't usually taste. Mm, tastes like burning. Otherwise, it tasted like olive oil. I think. I should probably do the olive-oil-shot tasting, but maybe later.

On the bus, I heard a guy talk about White Castle:

"Don't ever let anyone tell you that White Castle is good. I couldn't even finish one burger. It's only good if you're high."

I don't know when was the last time I went to White Castle.

And's pesto makin' time.


roboppy / February 23, 2006 7:41 AM

Ash: Oh, I forgot to link's the White Castle homepage. It's a fast food chain that specializes in sliders, or somewhat miniature-sized burgers.

santos: ...Good question. I also was wondering about the silver needles.

Antti: Meat...ooh, I ate an egg yesterday (on top of toast)! Does that count?

suze: I send to Australia, no prob. If the US Postal Service goes there, POOFY WILL TOO.

roboppy / February 23, 2006 1:55 PM

Ash: Oo, I've never heard of that. :O REGIONAL FOOD, OOH.

mini: Did you click on the link in the first paragraph? It's just a t-shirt based on my Poofy character. I felt like making a shirt, it is. :D

Rich / February 23, 2006 9:12 PM

Krystal and white castle are similar. Sadly the main white castle I would occassionally frequent SE of the empire state building closed down. The white castle burgers are punched in a fashion so that the patties resemble the 5 side of a die. Less meat per burger, supposedly lets them steam better.

The idea of not being able to finish a single white castle burger is like not being able to finish a shot of jagermeister. It just doesn't compute. That said, whenever I did go on a white castle run, my coworkers made fun of me for attempted food suicide. These days there isn't one within ten miles of me, but I think they are in your grocer's freezer as they say.

The microwave ones could only be worse though, I suppose.

roboppy / February 24, 2006 7:55 AM

Rich: Ah yes, punched burgers for steam-age...I remember that. "Mm, holes are tasty!" I'm sure I could eat one burger, although...I wouldn't want to. ;) The frozen ones are NOT GOOOOD, from what I remember. Anything that sticks in my head as being sad since I was in elementary school is not a good thing.

Rose: The

I mean, a result of doodling in high school. :P Many doodles. I don't doodle anymore, sadly. Not bored enough, perhaps? ...Which is probably a GOOD thing. Bunnies are easy to doodle. :)

Liz / February 24, 2006 5:24 PM

So did you get the mortar and pestle (the marble one I hope?).

I wonder if I can trademark "good stuff" like Paris trademarked "That's hot."? Something to consider...

roboppy / February 24, 2006 10:34 PM

Liz: I got the metal one. >__ I got the metal one. >__

I've seriously thought about trademarking "Poofy" or something like that. And I should. But. Uh. Mm. At some point, perhaps. Just need a few hundred bucks.

jesi / May 14, 2008 1:48 PM

i realize this was like, two years ago [im reading backwards], but are you ever going to make more poofy shirts? *want*

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