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I'm not preggers... I don’t really know how to explain why I’m suddenly eating EVERYTHING, mainly consisting of foods HIGH IN CALORIC DENSITY.

Unless it’s the product of immaculate conception. But I kind of doubt that. God’s sense of humor can only go so far before it crosses the line between “Haha, good one, chief!” and “Haha…um…am I allowed to laugh or are you going to strike me dead now?”

When I got home from a 1+ hour trek from Bensonhurst (not so bad, since Diana was also suffering with me, not that that really distributes the frustration but I’m sure dying with someone else is better than dying alone…unless it’s especially painful and you have to watch their face as it writhes in all sorts of unspeakable anguish), that part of my brain that decides it wants sweets seemed to attack the other parts that regulate the cravings for sweets and…


...I subsequently dug into the “package of good stuff” that Sean gave me more than a week ago. I’m rather surprised it lasted that long with me barely chipping away at it, but I was sick last weekend resulting in a decreased appetite. I opened the 22-piece box of See’s candies and have so far eaten three. Or four? ...Yeah, it was four, dammit. The creamy peanut filling (edit) brown sugar buttercream (how the hell did I think it was peanut butter?) was the least aggreeable, but the chopped-nut covered toffee was great, as was another creamy nut-filled (edit) brown sugar buttercream (OH GOD, why is everything tasting like nuts?!) one, and the marzipan was pretty good (HAHA, THAT ONE IS MADE OF NUTS, I win). I ate a few of the cookies in the bottom left of the photo when I happily realized, “Holy crap, I have COOKIES!” (I doubt the cookies were as happy as I was). I ate one and a half of the Ghirardelli chocolate squares (they’re rather small, so I tasted half of the mint one to realize I didn’t like it enough to eat the entire thing; however, the caramelized almond one was very nice) and finally finished off the Richart chocolate squares I bought a few weeks ago (I can’t believe how long those lasted either, as that whole pack only weighed 1.75 ounces).


From this food trade with Kristen (I received the package the same day as i received Seans, leading to “way too much junk food in my kitchen”), I ate one and a half of the pink frosted cookies. Why one and a half? My original craving for sugar only lasted one cookie; biting into the second made me realize I could really just go for a loaf of bread, or something sans-frosting. However, I thought I could eat two! I THOUGHT I HAD THE POWER. Limits do exist in the world of “Robyn’s appetite”.

oh jesus
assorted baklawa

Wei sent me a 3 pound package of mixed baklawa from Shatila. While I had done rather well eating one a day at the most, this afternoon I ate two of the "finger" pastries (flaky filo dough rolled around ground cashews). Dude, this stuff is really good. I was under the impression that everything would be really sweet, but they're actually not. They're just sweet enough and lightly flavored. I've never had these exact pastries before and it's a shame they're not easier to come across. I remember seeing Middle Eastern bakeries in Bay Ridge but I was just roaming around by myself one Friday afternoon and wasn't adventurous enough to buy anything.

But not enough, I suppose. Besides everything I’m mentioned so far that I’ve stuffed in my mouth, I ate a vegetable bun, two persimmons, some of those TLC crackers (which are quite good, but I doubt I’d eat again because I never crave crackers), some leftover noodles that Diana gave me from last night’s dinner, and a sacrificial goat.

Where did this sugar craving come from? There’s obviously some kind of imbalance; maybe I’m full of yeast. Yeast like sugar. WHERE’S THE YEAST?! OHHH JESUS. (looks around)...nope, not there.

I’m just imbalanced in more ways than one. Physically, sometimes I feel like I have a hormonal imbalance, unless I’m actually balanced and everyone else is at fault. Hey, it’s possible. Waait…(looks at calendar)...

GAGHARHGAmrhaahr (mumble), I think my period is coming. Well. I guess that’s a reasonable explanation. Would that explain why I had to pee so much this morning that part of my dream last night actually involved feeling like my bladder was going to explode (yeah, my dreams are really dull), hence why I woke up at 10-something AM on a Sunday morning when I would usually lay in my bed comatose until the little hand goes past 12?

I have to admit, I get very few warning signs during my period. My mood doesn’t change and I don’t get any particularly weird cravings (you know I want sweets most of time). It comes, it goes, and it sucks, but I suppose I’d still rather me female than male, and I would never take drugs to artificially get rid of my period.

This isn’t much of a confession, but while I was on the raw food diet, I actually lost my period for a while. A few months, rather. While some people would be alarmed, I didn’t care; damn, I was really happy. There was probably something wrong with my hormones to mess up my period like that, but I didn’t feel sick, I wasn’t anywhere near being underweight, and my body functions were otherwise normal. (I don’t think I fit the bill for anything on this list at least). Anyway, that’s never going to happen again so there’s no use in being concerned about it. I’d be more concerned about getting cramps during my period, which I had no idea was “normal” until when in my 12th grade psychology class we were making up guides of advice for young students (or something like that) and everyone in my group (of females) agreed that having painkillers on hand during your period was a necessity. Someone please agree with me in that it shouldn’t be a necessity. I'm sure there are some people who will always be in pain no matter what they do, but not everyone is physically predisposed to having these problems. If you get bad cramps during your period and think there may be a part of your lifestyle worth making healthier, perhaps you should look into it. Of course, if you don't mind taking extraneous drugs, then it doesn't matter. (I happen to mind. If you ever need a drug as basic as aspirin or a salve as simple as hand cream, I won't be able to give you anything. Here, have some DENTAL FLOSS.)

Anyway, I’ve argued about some pretty stupid health-related matters before, which isn’t what I want this blog to dissolve into.

Uh. I got tagged by Adam, so I’m going to do this thing before I confuse any more male readers.

Seven things to do before I die

  1. Be in a band and release an album, or just release one as a solo artist. (I highly doubt this will happen.)
  2. Visit Antarctica. For the penguins.
  3. Visit Iceland. For the…um, Iceland.
  4. Visit Australia. Just because. Not like I’ve been there yet.
  5. I haven’t been to Vietnam either.
  6. Write a really funny book. Non-fiction. Prose. (I highly doubt this will happen either.)
  7. I have another one but it’s pretty basic if you’re young, so I won’t even mention it. ...Actually I may have to clarify that. Um. Uh. ...Nevermind. It's an emotional thing.

Seven things I cannot do

  1. Lie. I’d feel really guilty.
  2. Speak up in class.
  3. Eat worms. Or any bug for that matter. (Knowingly.)
  4. Get enough sleep every day.
  5. Develop a taste for wine or coffee.
  6. Lose 20 pounds (considering my current diet).
  7. Comfortably perform music in front of anyone. (I played guitar and sang just once in front of my Japanese class for a project. Wanted. To. Die.)
  8. Oh jeez, I'm adding another one: Believe in myself. How lame is that? That should probably be number one on this list.

Seven things that attract me to blogging

  1. Meeting cool people who don’t seem to be turned off by my strangeness.
  2. Keeping track of all the places I’ve been to that I feel are worth sharing with others.
  3. Talking about random crap.
  4. Maybe sharpen my writing skills (actually, it might do the opposite…but at the very least, I may type faster).
  5. Finding like-minded people who eat a crapload of food just like me.
  6. Having an excuse to take photos of everything, before i eat it, half eaten, and afterwards.
  7. Getting an excuse to eat out more.

Seven things I say most often

  1. Crap.
  2. Poop.
  3. Like.
  4. Huh?
  5. What?
  6. Mmmm…[insert food of choice]
  7. Jesus.

Seven books I love

  1. Books by Barbara Park *
  2. Books by Louis Sacher *
  3. Books by Gordon Korman *
  4. Books by Jeffrey Steingarten
  5. Books by Bill Bryson
  6. Books by Dave Barry
  7. Don’t you all love “The Giver” by Lois Lowry? Good.

[* I haven’t books by these authors in ages, but they were my favorites during my childhood.]

Seven movies/DVDs that I watch over and over again

  1. Arggh…I’m not much of a movie person. If I watch anything over and over again, I’ll get sick of it. I’ll just say any Miyazaki movie will probably make me happy, but really, I could only watch “Princess Mononoke” or “Spirited Away” so many times.


evelyn / January 29, 2006 10:44 PM

heyy robyn, happy lunar new year! yes i love your page so if ever that book gets published, you know i'll wanna read it!

Ash / January 29, 2006 10:51 PM

I agree with you about the painkillers while on the period of DOOM...I just don't see the point. 'Course I never had awful cramps, so maybe I don't count.

...buuuuuuuuut then again I haven't had my period for over a year, and I sure as hell don't mind. :P

roboppy / January 29, 2006 11:08 PM

Damn, you guys are too fast! While I was in the shower after publishing this post, I remembered that I forgot a few things (remembered that I forgot...yeeeah). Like some additional food I ate. (cough) Anyhoo.

Evelyn: Thanks, happy new year to you too! By the time I get a book published, I'll probably be, that didn't even make sense. Of course, I'd publicize it on this site. The book. And my death. ...

Ash: I've never had awful cramps either, except one time. I dunno what was going on...I puked. Unpleasant! Only happened once in the past 10 years though so it wasn't that alarming.

I wouldn't mind not having my period for a year. If you're not dying, I guess that's alright, harhar. ;) (I've thought of reasons why it's good to have your period. Without explaining much, since my diet is kind of crappy, I think I'm better off having my period.)

Jeanne / January 30, 2006 1:34 AM

I've been lurking for a while (linked off of and I had to comment today when I read the meme. I LOVE Gordon Korman's books! Well, just his old/early stuff like the Bruno & Boots series because eh, I'm not feeling his Everest series. I'm also a huge Miyazaki fan. I just watched Whisper of the Heart for the first time last week and loved joins other faves like Nausicaa, Castle in the Sky, Kiki's Delivery Service, & Totoro. Er, to clarify, I'm 22 (not 10 despite my love for children's books). I really enjoy reading your posts, especially when you visit bakeries!

Wei / January 30, 2006 11:04 AM

Wow.. had I known that you had all this food, I would've waited til you finished it off before doing a food trade. Doh.

hxy / January 30, 2006 11:11 AM

hey, don't just write off coffee and wine...
for the sweet tooth that you are, maybe try some dessert wines for a start... ;-)

Liz / January 30, 2006 1:38 PM

I learned to love my period- built in excuse to curl up in a ball and veg, sleep, knit, or read, and EAT CHOCOLATE simply because my body wants it.

And who am I to argue with my body when it wants chocolate?

Kristen / January 30, 2006 3:32 PM

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahah, the pink cookie defeated you! OKay then, anyway, I love the Giver too, I won't believe anybody who doesn't.

roboppy / January 30, 2006 3:47 PM

one girl: HAHAHAHA, oh man, if persimmons were a baked good, I'd be...dooomed. Persimmons (fuyu variety) are my faaavorite fruit! And I guess they're kinda healthy. Because...they're not cakes. :)

Jeanne: Ahahaha, stop lurking! ;) Hooray for Gordan Korman! I haven't read any of his newer stuff (newer as in, written within the past...10 years or so) so I'm mainly familiar with the Macdonald Hall books, which ARE SO GOOD, YES. There are a bunch of Miyazaki movies I have yet to see, but at some point I'll get those DVDs. I love Nausicaa, although I've only watched it once so far. Anyhoo, I'm 20 and I'm sure when I'm 22 I'll still love children's books and movies. It's TOTALLY NORMAL. YUH HUH.

Wei: Naah it's totally okay! Good thing about sweets is that they keep for a while...COS THEY'RE FULL OF SUGAR! Bacteria don't really wanna wallow in sugary dry-ish things. And now I can fulfill any craving for chocolate or middle eastern pastries. :D

hxy: Ahhh, but coffee and wine taint the taste of CHOCOLATE, which is evil! ;) Well, for me they do. If it's just a little hint of the flavor than its okay, but last week I tried some chocolate with coffee bits in it or something and it was kind of un-good. I gave it to a friend and she loved it. And I have tried dessert wine, which...I don't really like. Out of everything I drank in my beverages class last semester, only egg nog was really palatable, but I wouldn't want to dirnk that very often. ;) It could use less rum and more milk and sugar and yummy stuff.

Liz: We don't need excuses to eat chocolate; I'd do it WHEVER I FEEL LIKE, HEHE. Which isn't actually as much as some would think., still more than the average person. :P Once I got a scary chocolate craving though and walked waay off my route to go to Whole Foods and get a container of Valrhona chocolate discs. Mmm, tasty.

Kristen: Right next to me is a plate with the crumbs from one of those pink cookies, haha! I devoured it a few minutes ago. At least now I know my limit is one. :)

hxy / January 30, 2006 7:39 PM

ha.. looks like it won't be easy to lure you to the dark side ;)
oh, and I like chocolate too! but i like it dark & bitter (higher % cocoa) rather than the milky sweet stuff

Mila / January 30, 2006 8:59 PM

I only liked coffee (black no sugar no cream) properly when I was in my late twenties. I'm only starting to appreciate wine in my thirties. So our taste buds do change and you may find yourself blogging (or whatever it may be called in a decade or more from now) about coffee and wine over time. But even if you didn't, and kept on eating, cooking, writing, we'd still read about it. My favorite is Kiki's Delivery Service. His films are not for children though, too subversive.

a l i c e / January 30, 2006 10:42 PM

From one Asian sista to another, don't write off wine so adamantly. The right wine can enhance food in remarkable ways. No need to get drunk, or to even to feel a buzz from it. I guess when I was your age, my appreciation for wine hadn't developed. Anyway, continue blogging and enjoying life to the fullest! Happy Eating in the Lunar New Year (I'm Korean...hey, we celebrate it, too!).

roboppy / January 31, 2006 12:18 AM

hxy: You'll drag me kicking and screaming! ;) I like sweet milky stuff, or rather...something in between. I have an easier time finding not sickly sweet milk chocolate than not overly bitter dark chocolate, so I stick with milk. However, all my favorite milk and dark chocolates have been Valrhona thus far, in that they're really smooth and not thing or the other (if I choose the right one). Mmmmmm. I don't like it when dark chocolate naturally tastes fruity or ...uh, "vegetal", which I think is what they're supposed to taste like a lot of the time, so...poop on me. :P

Mila: Overall I'm not really into any liquid, which is why I don't see myself getting into coffee. Sure, I like sweet drinks more than non-sweet, but I don't really like soda, juice, smoothies, bubble tea, etc. I like em a lot more than coffee or alcohol though, hehe. I don't particularly like soup either, if it's really liquidy. :P I'M STRANGE!!!

But things can change! We'll see. Maybe I'll lose the ability to chew, in which case I'll have to get used to drinking stuff.

I think some of Miyazaki's stuff is for kids, even though you could analyze his kiddie movies and find "bigger" themes. I loved My Neighbor Totoro and Laputa the most when I was little. Last semester I wrote an analytic essay about Spirited Away, but I read in one of his interviews that he made it to show to little kids. Ahh....well, I needed to find something deeper for my essay. ;) (The essay was mainly about food; I might post it on my blog at some point.)

alice: Ahhh okay, I won't say I'll NEEEVER like wine, I just don't think I will. :) We did a wine and food pairing session in my class and everything tasted like crap to me, but I seemed to be the only one who felt that way. (siiiigh) I was TOTALLY not with it during out cocktail session. :P Oh well. Happy new year to you too!

roboppy / February 2, 2006 7:27 PM

Meghan: OH YEAH, I saw that! No longer will one lone dollar get you a slab of bread; you'll have to dig around for more change! I thought it was $0.25, but either way, it's still worth it. Just. Warh. I love my pizza bianca.

From Our Kitchen / February 2, 2006 9:13 PM

Aren't those pink-frosted cookies the best? My friend brought them to a movie once claiming they were the best (store-bought) cookies ever, and I didn't believe her. They look really hard at first. But then I tasted one and saw the light! (Or tasted it?) Now I'm addicted to them.

roboppy / February 3, 2006 9:11 AM

From Our Kitchen: The frosted cookies are pretty good! I've never seen (well, not knowingly) or eaten them before but my roommate and one of her friends commented on how good they were when they saw them sitting in the kitchen. I had no idea so many people had eaten them before, hehe. Sadly perhaps, it got to the point where I found them too sweet. I probably would've been better off just eating one than trying to get through a box of em. ;D

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