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Cookies? Check. Donuts? Check. Cocoa? Check. These and other foods are the makings of A DELICIOUSLY UNBALANCED MEAL THAT WILL WREAK HAVOC ON YOUR PANCREAS.


Beans? Check.


...BEANS. I'm sorry, but as cute as they are, beans do not fit into this 3x3 representation of HAPPY LUNCH TIME!! items. I guess that's what makes this stationery so awesome. Surprisingly, I didn't buy it, but I guess I have to retain some maturity. Things that says "HAPPY LUNCH TIME!!" (the exclamation marks are crucial) don't fit into the "mature" category. Shucks.

pork katsu set
pork katsu set

I got me some pork. My mum and I went to Mitsuwa for dinner. I drove there and back, amazed as usual that I didn't crash into a truck/something else that would kill me. It was crowded, although not overly so. I wasn't hungry but it's always katsu time in my stomach, so I waited around 20 minutes for my plate of Berkshire pork katsu accompanied by a miso-based vegetable soup, a block of tofu, pickled vegetables, and some canned fruit.

Mmmmmmmm. It seems like a lot of food, but then you eat it all and YOU WANT MORE. JESUS, THEY PUT CRACK IN IT! While my mum is usually against fried foods, she told me to get this since I love katsu.

"Why did katsu become the only fried food that's okay to eat?"

"...Because it's Japanese."

Hey, I like that reasoning. My mum doesn't particularly like pork or fried food, yet here were the two evils rolled into one deliciously thin, golden, slightly crispy slab o' pig, thoughtfully served on a metal rack as to not make the underside undesirably soggy and fill your mouth with moistness where moistness doesn't belong. Next to the pork was a pile of shredded cabbage, a scoop of potato salad and a plop of mustard. I skipped the mustard and dipped the pork in the katsu, both kinds. They both tasted good, not to the point that I'd guzzle them down in a cup, but I'd eat them with any savory food. Rice. Noods. Tato chip. Chicken. Biscuit. Bread. Squirrel. Etc.

Mitsuwa's seating area for the food court didn't have a barrier around it like the last time I went, but it still wasn't ready. There were "WET PAINT" signs around the perimeter and the tables and chairs looked set up. I can't imagine it would take more than a week to complete, but I didn't see any notice of the day it would officially be open. Until then, there's still two sections with temporary seating. It's kind of communal, but not!

My diet since I've gotten home has mainly been chocolate and things made out of chocolate. Gee, why is my waist getting mushier? Could it be...the sugar and fat based diet that will probably clog my arteries among other things? Sure, it's great having padding in case I fall down the stairs (uh) or someone throws a ball at me (double uh) and I need a protective fat layer to keep my organs from exploding upon impact, but it doesn't do wonders for my self esteem.

Chocolate's so tasty though, especially the kind with milk. Yeah, hold your tongue, I know what some of you are thinking: "MILK CHOCOLATE ISN'T REALLY CHOCOLATE. YOU MUST EAT DARK CHOCOLATE TO REALLY APPRECIATE CHOCOLATE. I AM SHOUTING, YES." Trust me, I've eaten a lot of dark chocolate and it turns out it's like alcohol to me. Too much and it tastes kinda...not good, besides making me queasy. (I don't really like any alcohol, but the more there is, the more I will hate it.) In particularly, I don't like fruity dark chocolate. The non-fruity kind is okay with me, although too much dark chocolate tends to make me feel like my innards have declared war on my brain, decreasing my ability to focus on anything. If you love chocolate, try eating 100%. EAT A GODDAMN CACAO BEAN. (I have.) Love it, you will not. If you do love it, you can wear my homemade sign that reads, "I AM INSANE, PLEASE HUG ME."

Funnily perhaps, I've eaten raw cacao beans because they've been marketed by raw foodists as a healthy food, or something like that. I know the worst part about chocolate is the sugar and milk (hoo boy, my favorites; bring on the death!) but it's just one of those things about raw food that makes me think..."Naah."

steamed fish
steamed fish

On a totally unrelated matter, I made this steamed fish for Christmas, one fillet for each of us (four in all). Season it however you want, put it in a parchment paper or foil pouch whose inside is brushed with fat (kind of like my insides!), leave it in a 400 degree oven for 20-25 minutes, bask in fish fumes (the good kind, not the "oh, we're by the Fulton Fish market" kind), and eeeat...preferable after you open the package. As usual, I didn't season them enough, but they were perfectly cooked in a bit of white wine and random stuff, in my case dill, lemon, and thyme. As far as easiness goes, it's one step away from a microwave but a gazillion and one times better.

For no reason, here are some random links, probably food related:

  • Kathy ate chicken fetuses! Five! "It tasted remarkably like a fine cut of foie gras, buttery rich and smooth." Liver of force-fed duck or undeveloped chicks? It's your call. (Hey, why not combine them for twice the fun? :D)
  • Down with percentages! A funny little comic...if you can relate to it.
  • The only 149 chocolates you need to know about!...uh. Man, couldn't they have narrowed it down to at least 50 for the sake of those of us who are actually considering eating all these chocolates? This list needs a surgeon general's warning; 149's gonna give me cancer. Chocolate cancer. [via David Lebovitz]
  • Elyse Sewell got a book deal! She's not a food blogger, but she's the funniest blogger who writes about food, in my opinion. Unfortunately, she wouldn't qualify for a food blog award. SHE IS THE FUNNIEST. I THINK. That's my opinion. Annoyingly, her book is only going to be available in Hong Kong, but I'm sure it will have food related things and assorted model-related debauchery. Surely the Internet will help me get this book. Otherwise, I'll smack it with...something heavy and blunt. Sorry, I'm not very familiar with heavy and blunt objects. Goat?


Marvo / December 27, 2005 2:00 AM

Hey, do they call the pork katsu, "tonkatsu?" I think that's what pork katsu is called. Just trying to represent the Japanese in me. :-)

Oooh, two types of sauces. I'm jealous. We only get one. :-(

Kathy / December 27, 2005 3:35 AM

Hi Robyn!
Your diet is based on sugar and fat and my cholestrol level is off the scale - shall we celebrate our achievements together? At least we can say we eat well!
Thanks for putting up the link to my chicken fetus! :) That was some buttery goodness.

janet / December 27, 2005 10:26 AM

A friend of a friend was telling me about her favorite tonkatsu place in tokyo and said it was called tonky (how very japanese!)

So in the vein of my imaginary openings of eating establishments, I will next open a restaurant in america which serves tonkatsu and japanese snacks and call it ... honky tonky!!!

bwamp bwamp bwamp... bad joke sounds...

hope you had a nice christmas! :)

Wei / December 27, 2005 5:29 PM

That's quite innovative putting fried foods on a wire rack so its not soaking in the oil. Some Japanese restaurants that I've went to also put shredded cabbage underneath.. quite yummy.

Oh, don't ever microwave fish. They turn out to be hard pieces of rubberized chunks.

stormiii / December 27, 2005 9:15 PM

Hey Robyn!

Thanks for visiting my blog :) I'm constantly amazed at the events you manage to squeeze into each day! Do keep the luscious food posts coming!

roboppy / December 28, 2005 1:01 AM

Marvo: Ooh yes, tonkatsu! I guess I should call it that, but in English they just list it as pork katsu. I didn't bother reading the Japanese bit but I guess it'd say tonkatsu. And MMM, SAAAUCE, TWO KINDS OF SAUCE, MMMMM!

Kathy: Let's celebrate with chicken fetuuus! Eehee. I could check my cholesterol for fun...I think my mum has a blood test thing. Or maybe that tests sugar. I used it once and I had normal levels of...something, which was really surprising.

Janet: HAHAHA, oh god. I'd totally eat there! I feel like in America it would need a more Japanese could just spell it Honki Tonki. Then people can say it and be like "HAR HAR, okay." Hope you had a happy Christmas too!

Wei: Eww, rubber chunks. Microwaving = bad! I rarely do it, although when i was little I sometimes lived off TV dinners. :|

stormiii: Ahaha, you'd be amazed at how many events I manage to not squeeze in too...because I sleep until 1 PM. Err! But I won't blog those. :D

Ani / December 28, 2005 12:40 PM

Yeah I'm not a fan of dark chocolate either. I like your comparison to alcohol. LOL. Which I cannot take much of either. :)

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