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Hi, I love you

I interrupt this study break of Japanese snack madness for wheat based mind control.

pizza bianca
pizza bianca, I love you

That isn't a photo of the pizza bianca I ate today (I forgot to bring my camera to school, for shame), but it still looks the same. I've eaten pizza bianca from Sullivan Street Bakery maybe twice before, despite its close proximity to campus and the fact that they sell inexplicably delicious bread for $1! $1, DID YOU HEAR ME? Oh, but it's worth so much more. Dare I say...$2!

No, more than that. It's worth my unborn babies.

At around 8:15 AM (at which time I say delivery men piling totem pole-sized bags of breads into their bicycle baskets) I procured my delicious bread blanket (doesn't it look like one?) along with three little biscotti and an olive roll (which I'm eating now and while it would've tasted better earlier in the day, is still delicious...oops, I just finished it) for $3. THAT'S KUH-RAZY! They're practically giving it away! For 300 pennies! You could stuff yourself silly (albeit, in an unbalanced, wheat-heavy way) for cheaps!

I bought three things for the sake of variety, but the pizza bianca is the winner. If you've read Jeffery Steingarten's books (forgot which one exactly), he writes an essay about making pizza bianca (well, trying to at least) and employing the help of the Sullivan Street Bakery to reach pizza perfection. I read this essay after I had tried it for the first time on a whim (because the $1 price tag is very attractive) so I was very happy to see that I was not the only person absolutely crazy for this bread, this perfect manifestation of extra virgin olive oil, rosemary, and salt atop an air-pocketed strip of leavened wheat. You taste just a bit of each component, but they all combine to form a smooth, perfectly balanced flavor that will make you wonder "WHY DO I SUDDENLY CRAVE THIS BREAD, FOREVER?", although the bread may not be ...smooth. If you're me and eat it over a 3+ hour period, it gets crusty (don't even think of saving it overnight; in the morning, you will sadly be faced with a nearly inedible, airy plank of wheat), but it's still good! Yes! STILLLL GOOOOOD.

In conclusion, I really enjoy pizza bianca.


I also enjoy Poifull, which looks like an American jelly bean but is really a candy coated Japanese-style gummy the size of a jelly bean. Surely you like Japanese gummies, as they are a common "favorite" among...humans. (When I was little, I'd eat craploads of Kasugai gummies. Yes, loads of crap translates into a very large amount.) This Poifull is apparently "season's flavor". I didn't get the memo, but apparently it's yogurt season, and according to the expiration date of March 22, 2006, yogurt season lasts A HELLUVA LONG TIME.

The flavors are strawberry, orange, aloe (which tastes a lot like melon) and plain in yogurt-esque forms. The only one I'm not very into is the strawberry, which tastes too candy-like (yes, I'm aware it's candy). The best in my opinion is the orange, which literally stabbed the inside of my nasal passages with its strong citrus aroma. And then I guess it stabbed the inside of my esophagus. However, the nasal effect was more pronounced. Good stuff, that is.

...yeah, I'm diabetic now. You don't even want to know what else I ate today.


Allen Wong / December 13, 2005 12:56 AM

Carol sure is excited. :)

Oh, those kasugai gummies bring back memories. I went through a bag in two days. Of course, I was limiting myself. About those poifuls: I tend to stay away from anything that stabs my nasal passages with you know - anything.

You're so lucky to get good bread so easily. I'm stuck with bagels (really good tasty ones, but they go stale unless I inhale them all in one sitting) every morning. I've been eating bagels for the last 3 months. It's maddening.

clever da Silva / August 14, 2009 12:16 PM

can you sendo for me the recepi of the pizza bianca? I am in Brazil, thank you!

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