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I'm squishy and full of various meats

Whoa, man. *poke poke* Fat is squishy. My fat is squishy. The skin in the area above my hip bone? Squishtastic!

I don't know why I felt the need to tell you that. Did it catch your attention? Are you disgusted now? HUH, HUH? TELL ME, OH MIGHTY READER, or I shall poketh you like my hip fat.


Dude, it's too late. I'm tired. Despite that, I'll keep on blabbing in a semi-cohesive manner.

banana chocolate pudding
banana chocolate vegan pudding

I'm sure eating a whole container of pudding doesn't help to slim one's waist and it's probably for the best that the nutrition information wasn't listed on the container. This banana chocolate vegan pudding from Life Thyme was AMAZINGLY GOOD. I mean, when you're expecting something to taste like tofu but instead experience the taste of normal, moo-juice enhanced pudding, you think WHOA! YUM! And it's not often you find the combination of banana pudding and chocolate pudding. DOUBLE WHOA! MY MOUTH, IT GOES WHOA! I don't know how else to describe the pudding besides that it was like regular pudding, except better because I knew ingredients didn't suck and that Life Thyme made it. Sweet. If you like pudding, you must go there NOW and get some pudding. Or bring me along.

Oh, I had one problem with the pudding; I think it left a funny taste in my mouth, like a film. Unless that was from the food I ate before it...

steamtable lunch
lunch of many food groups

Although their selection is small, I like Life Thyme's hot food bar (nothing is wheaty, woop!). I didn't load up on too much food (it's more expensive than most places, even more than Whole Foods, I think) but I got a bit of chicken, turkey, rice, potato, sweet potato, and bok choy. The meat was too dry but ye know, still edible (dude, what isn't edible in my world?), hence this:

I ate it
I ate it

Yup. I also bought a bar of Green & Black's caramel bar to reach my sugar and fat requirements of the day (or week, if you're a normal human being), which I unfortunately didn't like that much. That's two hits for G&B and I'm not itching to make it three strikes. The chocolate isn't bad but it's like I keep coming across stuff I don't like, yet think I will (the previous strike being the dark chocolate mint goo-filled bar). The chocolate was my dinner, so I ate most of it, save for one 3-piece row I shared with a friend.

Wednesday's advanced food's class was semi-deserted due to Yom Kippur. I had one partner in the beginning of class, but it whittled down to zero after she had to leave early for the holiday.

Robyn. Left alone. To cook. This stuff:

pork chop with enriched porcini-miso broth sauce
pork chops
other pork with reduced porcini-miso broth sauce
seared bass
porcini mushroom powder crusted bass in Port wine butter sauce
steamed mussels with Pernod and Star Anise

It all came out good, although I didn't have the time/mindset to follow recipes perfectly. I forgot to reduce the enriched broth and I'm pretty sure I didn't do the Port wine butter sauce right. I forgot to pull out the beards from the mussels, but most of them ended up being beard-free. Shellfish are super-easy to cook; you basically just steam them for 5-10 minutes in some kind of sauce, which becomes flavored with the shellfish juice. The recipe I used called for clam juice, white wine, Pernod, star anise, and shallots. Most of my mussels ended up uneaten since I finished cooking them at the end of class. :\

Pork! Chops. Are quite good. I don't eat pork much aside from tonkatsu (Which I don't eat often, although I love it) so I wasn't familiar with pork chops...which basically taste like tonkatsu (yes, I know they're the same meat; my brain doesn't work). I seared them before shoving the whole pan in an oven to cook the rest of the chops. Of pork. The Chops of Pork. Mm.

Overall, I ate a gazillion types of meat at the end of my lab: mussel, clam, duck, beef, buffalo, bass, and pork. Good stuff. *pats belly*

Time for bed. I wonder what I'll be eating today...

...yes, I'm still squishy.

BUT WAIT! Last things:

  • Bento moblog: Whoa, awesome! or whoa, scary! In my food & society class, we just read an essay about Japanese mothers and the meaning of making bento boxes for their children. I'd describe it but that would take more thought.
  • Egg cosies!...uh, why? They're cute, but huh?


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