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food blog directory: chef's blogs

Yes, it exists!

Chef's Blogs is easily "the ultimate food blog directory", my only complaint being that the title can be misleading if you think of "chef" as a professional cook. If the definition is stretched to "someone who can turn on a stove", then I suppose I'd qualify. (For whatever reason, I don't count the food I make in my cooking class as representative of my cooking abilities. It's a large, professional-grade stainless-steel glittering kitchen, with everything one could need right at her fingertips. And of course I have a teacher. You can't screw up too badly.)

The website has only been online for about a month, but I'm surprised I hadn't heard of it yet. If I look through this site for too long, I'll end up adding another 100 sites to my rss subscriptions. Let's not do that.

I don't know if you've read my about page, but it's seriously outdated. For instance, I don't eat in Chinatown nearly as much as I used to (working on a semi-regular basis has cut down my Chinatown jaunts and trying to cut out wheat has drastically lowered the consumption of suspiciously cheap baked goods, at the same time encouraging my intake of gourmet chocolate bars). Also, I'm no longer a teenager and I did manage to finished "The Man Who Ate Everything", which showed me (not that I didn't already know) that I'm no where near being "The Girl Who Ate Everything" and never will be due to a few important factors, such as my lack of a magical pot of money that keeps refilling itself (remember, it's magical) and those genes that let you eat whatever you want without getting fat (I ate a plum and a scone for breakfast and now I feel fatter I have after eating ...REGULAR MEALS).

Oh. Grocery shopping. I did that this morning since Whole Foods and the farmer's market open at 8 AM and I start work at 9. What did I get from Whole Foods? Keep in mind that the name contains the worlds "whole" and "foods"; I bought a spelt currant scone (the last kind they have, meaning I probably won't buy any more), a bar of Lake Champlain chocolate (never tried it before), and a bag of cough drops (once again, I am sick). It's not as sad as buying a bottle of coke and a pack of Pop Tarts but...gee, I wonder why I'm sick. (Not.)

At the farmer's market I bought five fuji apples and two red plums. I didn't know there were still plums out there, but these were soft and ripe. I should've bought more.

Oh, I'm at work. I suppose that means I should work.


Wei / October 26, 2005 8:12 PM

They spelled your name wrong! Also, I thought for a bit it was alphabetized.. but turns out to be somewhat random? Hurry and get better. Drink fluids. Eat vitamin C. :)

Kathy / October 27, 2005 3:03 AM

If you ever have a real bad whea cravying try the pretzel croissants from Whole Foods (they get them from City Bakery) or better yet get it fresh from City Bakery with a cup of hot chocolate! oh man oh man.

Lisa / October 27, 2005 7:33 PM

I just found your blog last night and spent hours reading through it. I found it so interesting reading about your food quests and struggle with your weight and self image. Like you, I have had some binge eating problems, and it's good to know that others have gone through what I have. I used to live in NYC, and I think that food-orgy of a city fed (no pun intended) into my problem. There was constantly endless amounts of food around, many samples (which is my weakness), and I knew all the stores and markets where they gave them out. This definitely added to poundage and an unhealthy eating habit, which has since gone (mostly) away.

Keep the writing going!

Alle / November 5, 2005 2:20 PM

Hey everyone check out this website...

Great way to get your brand's name out there.

Let me know what you think.

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