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mysterious brownies + lots of Japanese food

My new roommate told me a sweet little food related story involving brownies. GATHER �ROUND, my food loving children.

Last year she found freshly baked brownies in her dorm�s kitchen that her roommates had made. Ooh! Brownies! �To eat or not to eat?� Since no one was around, she decided it was best to not eat them. When her roommates came home, she found out that they were pot brownies.

Lesson: do not eat mysterious brownies. Perhaps you should never eat brownies. I know I haven�t had one in a long time (not that I eat brownies very often anyway).

This might be a stupid question, but why is pot usually associated with brownies? Do people make pot cookies? Cake? Muffins? Truffles? Why brownies?

I�ve been eating out too much lately, probably trying to cram in the last days of freedom before school all the possible eating opportunities available. Or I just felt like eating. I think it�s a mix of both.

container of katsu sauce
container of katsu sauce

On Sunday I dragged Melanie out with me to try out Katsuhama, a restaurant that specializes in katsu (or as I like to called it, �FRIED MEAT CUTLETS of TASTINESS�, or as wikipedia says is a mispronunciation/bastardization of �cutlet�) after spending most of the day debating on what to do. Like so:

Mello: Wanna do something?
Me: Sure! What?
Mello: Eat!
Me: YAY EATING! Where?
Mello: �you�re supposed to know that?
Me: �oh. �um. I dunno.
Mello: ROBYN! Choose!

Of course, I always have some possibilities in my mind, but it took a frustratingly long time to figure out what to do, which is why I spent most of my Saturday inside before making the trek towards�Midtown.

Because Mello stole some of my soul when I wasn�t looking, we ended up getting the same dish at Katsuhama: porkloin curry rice.

Me: Wait, you want the curry too?
Mello: Yeah, is that a problem?
Me: I feel like we shouldn�t get the same thing.
Mello: �I�m getting the curry.
Me: So am I.
Mello: Okay.
Me: �maybe I should get something else.
Mello: Okay.
Me: But I like curry.

We have great conversations, eh?

Each table comes with a large container of katsu sauce, which neither of us used since we BOTH ordered curry. Just about everything in the restaurant seemed to come with a big pile of shredded cabbage, which I assume is a traditional thing.

katsu curry
katsu curry

The curry smelled delicious, as curry should (and all food, for that matter). It tasted slightly sweet, somewhat spicy, but not too much of either. Basically, it tasted like�curry. Which is should. But I can�t tell you much else. I thought the pork was more tender and with lighter breading than other katsu I�ve had. Overall, I wouldn�t say I was blown away (I don�t think curry is supposed to blow you away) but I thought it was better than other katsu curries I�ve had and would gladly stuff my face with it again (and it�s $10, so I could do it often if I wanted to).

I almost finished it
I almost finished it

As you can see, I ate all the meat and basically all the curry. I could�ve finished the rice but figured it was best to leave a smidgen (in this case, a sushi or two�s worth of rice) behind. I can easily eat a lot of rice, even without any seasoning. See why I don�t have a rice cooker? :\

Yesterday I waked from my dorm to the Puma store on West 14th Street. That�s almost 3 miles, if anyone cares. You probably don�t. Well! It was upon Mello�s request, as she wanted shoes. However, the Puma store mainly sells non-shoes, so that didn�t go so well. In the process of walking seemingly forever, I passed by the Jacque Torres Chocolate Haven and Chocolate bar, which were both closed since it was Labor Day. Damn day of labor�damn you. After the failed Puma shoe search, I passed by a certain donut place.

The Donut Pub
The Donut Pub

It puts a little ray of sunshine in my heart. And if I eat there, it may do worse things to my heart. However, I�m not a donut aficionado, so if I went, I�d spring for something else. Perhaps�

oreo muffins
oreo muffins

VOLCANIC MUFFINS! Dude. I need to try these, or some comparable muffin. Who�s with me? You�re smart. DON�T YOU WANT VOLCANIC MUFFINS?!

At some point I met up with Mello, our friend Jamie, and Jamie�s roommate, Hey-Jin. We had no idea where to eat so we ended up taking another person�s recommendation to go to the cheap sushi restaurant, Zen, on St. Mark�s Place. For some reason, all the sushi is 50% off (minimum of $8). It�s probably best if I don�t know why it�s 50% off.


I was thisclose to getting katsu curry for the second night in a row but I figured I�d try the 50% off sushi. And�I liked it! Didn�t see anything wrong with it, at least. I tried two unconventional rolls; the left one has cooked chicken with some miso-nut sauce and what looks like (I don�t remember what the menu said) cucumber and lettuce while the right roll has imitation crab, asparagus, and avocado topped with eel. I liked the eel one more than the chicken, whose sauce wasn�t as flavorful as I would�ve expected (it was slightly nutty, looked kind of like mayo). I liked the crunch the asparagus gave the roll (also, I like the taste of asparagus) and the avocado was super soft and�well, avocado-ee. Also, I love eel to death. (The death of the eel.) Together, the rolls were $8.50; not bad.

Nothing very exciting has happened today yet. I ate lunch at M2M with Diana and decided to try the eel donburi since I�ve never eaten their hot food before. Sadly, it wasn�t that great. It wasn�t really crappy (because I love all eel) but I wouldn�t want it again. If you go to M2M (on 3rd Ave near 11th Street), stick with the sushi or other cold food items. They had eel kimbob that looked pretty good.


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