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food and wine meme

Beth tagged me for Basic Juice's Food and Wine meme (read her entry)! Ooh, I don't usually get tagged, but just have to pretend I was so I can do something. ;)

Unfortunately, I'm a poor candidate for this meme, seeing as I don't drink much besides water and the smell of alcohol makes me feel a tad...retchy. Maybe I can make this a post about how I don't like alcohol? Or try to think of the last beverage-enhanced meal I had.

Okay, this is going to take a while. (thinks)

I don't usually drink anything besides water with my meals. When I do drink something that isn't water, like bubble tea, it's by itself. I think the last meal I had with a non-complimentary beverage was sometime in the beginning of the year at Bon Vivant Diner near Union Square with Diana, where I got pancakes and a milk shake. Damn good lunch, I tell ya. ;)

Damn, was that really the last time I had a drink with a meal? Uh. Well, I had hot itself. I remember making chai tea at home and drinking itself. Dude, I seriously can't think of anything! I AM THE MOST BORING LIQUID-DRINKING PERSON. My Beverages class obviously isn't cultivated some hidden appreciation for all things alcoholic. Then again, it wouldn't matter seeing how I'm not of age. (Then again, being of age doesn't matter when you're in college.)

Perhaps I'll just mull over some things I used to drink when I was younger, mainly in Taiwan. The sports drink Pocari Sweat was insanely popular for god-knows-why reasons. It kind of tasted like sweat; if you've had it, maybe you can concur with me. Despite the sweat-ish taste, I drank it a few times (I think it tastes better than Gatorade-esque drinks at least).

Another quintessential drink at that time was Yakult. I never understood why the container was so small when you could drink a bottle in two gulps (er, I guess you weren't supposed to drink a crapload of the bottles, but they're so small!). Even though you can buy Yakult in the US, I can only recall seeing it in Asian supermarkets.

I also drank a clear drink (I have absolutely no idea what the name is) that had little jelly blobs in it. It seemed to just be something in Taiwan, or Asia at least. Packaged in a small, clear glass bottle, there were at least two flavors, one of which had yellow blobs and one that had pink blobs. Probably not the most natural thing but I drank it for...THE BLOBS.

At school I'd sometimes buy drinks from the vending machine (although I remember one time during my short walking-break between classes after gym, filling a cup of orange soda from the snack bar and finishing it in the time it took me to walk across the cafeteria). Some vending machines had your basic Coca Cola company drinks but there were also those with Chinese/Taiwanese drinks, like pearl milk tea and grass jelly tea. For whatever reason, they came in tin cans instead of aluminum; when you were done drinking, you'd feel like the can wasn't empty since it was so heavy.

So I didn't really fulfill the point of the meme, but there's a bit of my life in beverages. If I had to pick my favorite drink to indulge in today, I'd say hot chocolate or a milkshake, but as for hot chocolate, excessively drinking really good quality hot chocolate will make me feel drugged out and dizzy (damn chocolate!) and I'd rather eat ice cream than drink a milkshake.

...I like water. And Pellegrino!


beau / September 23, 2005 11:01 AM

How about we go with pancakes + milkshake? ;-)
Don't forget to tag a couple more foodies to keep the meme a-spreadin' Cheers!

janet / September 23, 2005 11:31 AM

man i haven't had those yakult things in like eight years. brings back memories. ha!

i still only have a very vague idea of what a meme is. it sounds like a very small organism of some sort

Beth - The Zen Foodist / September 26, 2005 5:59 PM

Haha! I didn't know I tagged someone under 21 for a drinking meme! That is funny! Great job, anyway! :)

Oh and I remember Pocari Sweat from my time in Japan. I didn't know it was popular in other countries, too.

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