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starchy crack

Even though I know I shouldn't eat/buy potato chips, without the starchy-ness of wheat, I started eating some of my brother's potato chips. I still remember the first time I had potato chips at a picnic lunch with friends after eating cooked food again.

"...damn, these are good. *munch* Wait. It's not potato, it's CRACK! JEEBUS!"

Those probably weren't the exact words but thinking I'd eat just a few chips was a joke, because you can't just eat a few, you must eat MANY GREASY HANDFULS. I bought a bag of sweet potato chips from Whole Foods (their own brand) and they're good! A little too salty but there aren't any other spices and they're not very oily. However, potato chips shouldn't be a meal, and they almost turned into that. *sigh*

Today for lunch (which I wasn't planning to eat, until my mum asked me if I wanted fruit, and in the end we were sharing Terra chips) I had a pluot, a peach, chips, and some milk chocolate. And flax seed oil. I make no claims to being healthy, although the chips and chocolate weren't of craptastic quality.

The chocolate was from Green & Blacks, and perhaps I was spoiled by Valrhona's 40% Milk Chocolate (my favorite milk chocolate so far) but I didn't like it that much. Of course, I liked it enough to eat (who a I kidding, I'd eat just about any chocolate) but it could've used less sugar. The texture was a bit weird too, maybe because of all the sugar. Yes, I like sugary things, but not so much in solid chocolate. I would've been better off trying their dark chocolate. Something nice about the bar is that it's divided into 10 rows, or 30 small pieces, while the Valrhona is divided into 8 squares. Then again, I'd easily eat half of a standard 3.5 ounce bar in one day so portion control for chocolate isn't a big deal for me.

Speaking of chocolate, you know about the New York Chocolate Show, yes? If you like chocolate, you should go. If you don't like chocolate, maybe you would if you went to the show (or you might get sick from too much chocolate, hm). They haven't listed student ticket prices, which is disappointing since they were $15 last year and this year they just have regular tickets for $25. It's definitely worth it though, if you like chocolate. I took a bunch of photos at last year's show but that only gives a small look into how much chocolate there is. Free samples are key.

My entries probably won't be that photo filled anymore since I don't have anything very photogenic to share. Not eating out much, for one thing. I've been cooking some of my own food but you do NOT want to see a plate of chopped up potato with onion and scrambled eggs. It's tasty enough, just not pretty.

My diet this week has consisted mainly of fruit, yogurt, potato, onion, egg, and vegetables (mainly from Minado). My weight has been stable, and that's all I ask for. Sure, I'd like to lose weight but as long as I don't gain, that's fine, especially after having gone to a buffet.

I was thinking about why some people would criticize my raw food diet (not many, but some) while overall most people can eat how they wish without backlash from friends and family (I'll admit, I tell one of my friends that he should stop drinking soda...but he really should). What if I ate a crapload of Japanese snacks? Would anyone say, "Those are high in refined sugars and I wish you wouldn't eat that" or "MM YUM!"

...Yeah, there are differences. If I go on a diet with the intention of becoming healthier, people who think that the diet would make me unhealthy would think my diet is bad. So what if I went on a raw food diet (or any diet) not with health in mind, but just because...I wanted to? If I ate a crapload of cake every day because I really like cake and my whole blog was about the life of someone who eats lots of cake, would I get lots of comments from people saying, "All that cake is going to kill you, stop!" Or "Mm, cake!"

I think I talked about something like this a while ago. "How come no ont criticizes me for eating so many baked goods?" I knew I was eating unhealthily but maybe that's not the first thing people think of. I must have also acknowledged the unhealthy nature of my diet, but in general I didn't get the impression taht other people perceived it as a harmful thing. Maybe it wouldn't be bad right away, but in the long run...

I guess if things don't have harmful consequences right away, people don't see them as particularly dangerous.

...that was random. OKAY, link time.

  • Beer for Kids: Hm. The funniest part to me is the slogan, "Even kids cannot stand life unless they have a drink." Whoa, slow down there! I wonder what it tastes like...not like real beer, I assume.
  • What's In Your Colon?: You might not want to look at that. I've seen it a gazillion times: COLON GOOP. If you're a doctor, tell me if people have that kind of goop inside.
  • Death by Caffeine: How much of a certain caffeinated drink would it take to kill you? When I said I didn't ingest caffeine, I realized I forgot about chocolate. Well. I ate about an ounce of milk chocoalte today. 6 or so milligrams of caffeine won't kill me.
  • The Food Loop: Cute tool, if I needed one. [via Cool Hunting]


Okay, entry stilllll going on since I ate dinner. Dinner was a plum, a pluot, plaine Greek yogurt + honey, too many chips, and some chocolate. My mum and I are thinking: "NO MORE CHIPS! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!" Not because they don't taste good but because both of us ate too many. So it's not just my problem...*phew*.

I felt quite sad tonight because I wasn't hungry. I ate dinner for the sake of eating dinner, but I wasn't hungry. It was just...habit. I didn't want to eat anything in particular.

Speaking of chocolate, my mum was eating some raw chocolate before disappointingly remarking, "This doesn't taste good." She's been eating them for a while, mind you. Of course 100% chocolate doesn't taste good; that's why they process it and add sugar. Maybe that makes it unhealthy but in the history of chocolate, has anyone ever eaten it raw without sugar consistently?

I saw bags of raw cocoa nibs being sold at Whole Foods on a new "raw junk food" shelf (also has treats made by Pure Food and Wine) and it was strange to see. I didn't know there were enough raw foodists (or semi-raw foodists) for such things to be sold in Whole Foods. I would've been semi-excited by the selection a two years ago, perhaps, but as the raw food lifestyle becomes more popular, I find it...tiring. I'm not saying I never ate raw junk food, but I felt hypocritical eating raw versions of cooked food (Whole Foods had raw chocolate macaroons and some other nut bars, although some of them were sweetened with maple syrup, which isn't raw), showing that I still wanted cooked food. Some raw food snacks taste good in their own right without resembling a cooked food, but not many. My two favorite raw snacks were oatmeal "cookies" (okay, it's SUPPOSED to be like regular oatmeal cookies but they were more like very soft ...yummy...delicious things) and spirulina earth pie, which you can get from a natural food store near NYU that I can't remember the name of right now (it's on 6th Ave near 8th Street; ring any bells?). That's one of my most favorite desserts ever. I almost never go to that store though and seeing as it's the only place you can get it at, I've rarely eaten it.

Uh. End rant. I don't have anything against the basic raw food diet but I can't help but feel skeptical about things like this book about why chocolate is good for you.

Oh, still haven't used my inhaler. I mean, haven't needed to. Or else I'd be dead. YAY.


Allen Wong / August 19, 2005 11:06 PM

Mmm, the chocolate show. I saw the website two or three days ago and mused on going. $25 isn't -that- bad, I guess. As long as there's a ton of free samples. :)

Chips have never been too addictive for me, though. Unless they're fritos. Or made with faux-cheese powder. I can't resist super-salty corn chips and stuff like cheetos. I don't have any in the house, so that I don't go insane.

Wei-yang Wu / August 20, 2005 2:43 PM

I think the reason people didn't critize your previous diet of cakes/snacks was because in the back of all our minds we're thinking, "omg.. I wish I could have the intestinal fortitude to pull off what the girl does with ease!". However, I know if I'd went on that kind of a binge, I would be hurting bad.. heh.

janet / August 20, 2005 2:55 PM

oh i am SO going to that chocolate show. like chocolatey christmas you pay $25 for...

i re-found a food addiction a la your chips... and that is.... kettle corn! sweet! salty! all in one crunchy clusterful! good thing it's not all sold fresh everywhere. whew!

YAY for not being dead!

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