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Hi. Today I decided to try popcorn since I haven't eaten it in a few years. It tastes the same as I remember it: airy. So I ate some. And then more. A little more. And a little more than that. And before I knew it, I was full of popcorn, although "full of porcorn" means you ate 2 ounces of it. I don't know about you but 2 ounces of most food is nothing, or almost nothing. 2 ounces of popcorn is like having a balloon in your belly.

But I also ate potato chips. I've probably mentioned that my brother doesn't eat like a cow, or that he keeps food around for a long time. He's had a 15 ounce bag of delicious Whole Food's lightly salted chips for a few days. Unopened. Sitting near my mum's computer like The Holy Altar of Thinly Sliced Fried Potato (bow down). So I cracked that open.

Me: *crunch crunch crunch* So mom, blah blah blah?
Mom: Yeah, mmsmdf *crunching noises echoing in my skull* mmaamcxpfkof.
Me: *crunch* ...uh huh... *crunch crunch*
Mom: And then, 2344nsfdsf *more echoing crunching noises* fgmloo
Me: *end crunch* I have no idea what you just said. For the past 5 minutes.

Potato chips taste better than popcorn in my opinion, but the oily translucent nature of kettle cooked tato chips is a little disturbing and the crunch is skull shattering. Popcorn is like soft angel puffs. ...that come as a result of heating corn until it EXPLODES, forcing the inner starch to turn inside out. It's kind of grotesque.

Food is violent.

So today I ate crap. I make no claims to being balanced. Overall, I had too much popcorn, too many chips, a bit of dark chocolate, two pluots, a peach, and some plain Greek yogurt with raw honey. (rubs belly) Oh, and my daily dose of flax seed oil. It tasted gross but you get used to it after a while.

Asthma is still looking good, although it acted up just a smidgen last night. Hmmm. HMMMM. This is un-good. Hopefully things will be alright tonight. Maybe my asthma was not-so-good because I ate this:

mm, sundae
mm, sundae

It was totally worth it, if it did make me a smidgen asthmatic. I went to Ben & Jerry's with my mum, who watched me eat a chocolate fudge sundae with mini M&Ms and whipped cream atop Wavy Gravy, aka "Caramel and Cashew Brazil Nut ice cream with Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge Swirls & Roasted Almonds". Lordy. It was delicious (although not sinfully so), but I found that the chocolate fudge overpowered the ice cream. But. It was so good. Damn. I guess chocolate fudge is best eaten with a less complex ice cream. However, it was nice having the nuts in the ice cream so I didn't have to get them as a topping.

I have an ice cream memory that I hope someone else can related to. When I was little my family would go to Friendly's all the time. I would order the clown cone sundae, which consisted of a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of some Reeses pieces, topped with a cone hat, chocolate fudge, whipped cream on the sides, and a face composed of Reeses pieces. Obviously, this was all in a sundae container, or else it'd be upside-down ice cream cone. Even if the ice cream wasn't great (like I'd care as a 5 year old), I loved it and now, for the first time in ages have I thought about eating this. I'm sure I haven't been to Friendly's in more than a decade but they're still around.

Eerily perhaps (because my memory is usually akin to poop), I can still remember collecting the Reeses pieces in my metal spoon along with melted ice cream soup as the end of the sundae's life came closer. That's a powerful memory. Really. I can also remember tasting the thick chocolate fudge.

Another memory of a childhood dessert was the tartufo at a nearby Italian restaurant we would go to all the time. I didn't absolutely love tartufos but I liked them more than whatever else the restaurant had for dessert.


For no reason, here's a page out of my Japanese pancake recipe book:

pancake mountain
pancake mountain


Tomorrow I hope to come back with a report of German meat. BE EXCITED! STARTING NOOOW!!! (Now dance! Heehee!

  • Chippery Potato Chip Cooker: Now that would've made my potato chip making attempt much less disasterous.
  • dog town bites: It looks like human food. I guess it's like good quality junk food for pets. SOMEONE EAT THIS! COME ONNN! You know I'd eat it if it weren't wheaty. (I've eaten dog biscuits, not any regular kind you get at the supermarket. They were handmade and very cute. I was curious and they actually tasted really good. DON'T JUDGE MEEE! Anyway, I can't tell you what the brand is since i don't think they have a website but it didn't kill me and I doubt it was any worse than eating Chinese take-out.)
  • game inspired cookies: ...whoa. Fright. [via boing boing]


Wei-yang Wu / August 25, 2005 11:10 PM

Popcorn has barly any calories. You can eat a whole ton (literally) and would only be threatened by too much salt vs. too much calories.. heh.

That Japanese anime reminded me of a manga that a friend of mine had. Instead of baked goods, it was about sushi. I'd never thought that something as mundane as cooking food would be over dramatized like that... heh.

anthony / August 27, 2005 12:48 AM

Hotto Ke-ki tabetai! Reminds me of breakfast at Denny's.

Take care of your asthma, those purple hockey puck inhalers are the business.

suze / August 27, 2005 7:33 AM

heh icecream memory. man i wish we got those huge scoops of icecream over here... with mounds of cream... and mmm a river of chocolate fudge...

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